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  1. Just curious how easy was it to get the second top from st croix?
  2. I just got it at the end of last season and felt like it was a little stiff for the lighter stuff. I'll have to try more this spring. Thanks
  3. Decided on bigger tins and another setup for the lighter ones. Whats another combo right?
  4. Looking for some recommendations on adding weight to tins. I have some great sized 3/4 oz tins I want to be able to cast on a 10'6" mojo surf but I find them to light. Has anyone used lead wire to add weight to tins and if anyone has a better option im all ears.
  5. This is very attractive how thick of a rod is it? Easy to cast all day?
  6. $100-$200 and it will be used in saltwater yes
  7. Hey folks, looking for a 9 ft light rod that will cast 1/2 to 1 1/2 oz. it will be used for lighter spoons mostly. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. If I can get my hands on any USA made Penn I would be excited haha I’m up in Canada and the older guys hold onto them like gold.
  9. Thanks for the replies. First time posting as I’m usually just reading threads. Great bunch of anglers for sure here
  10. I’ll have to give that a look for sure. Thanks
  11. I was looking earlier and was finding a lot of older posts and with the newer reels out was wondering if things changed at all. Fathom is what I was looking at and will probably end up going with.
  12. Wouldn’t want to go over $250
  13. Hey folks, I am looking at getting a conventional reel for throwing chunks. Looking for recommendations on reel, size and level wind or not. Will be throwing it on a 12ft rod.