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  1. ocean 2 days this week and freshwater 2 days. nothing anywhere although I did actually see trout swim up to my lures yesterday and ignore them. Beautiful morning at the beach today.
  2. wading around frist trip, Nice day to get the reminder that the waders have a leak. bait but but nothing on them
  3. Head up to the Baxter state park region, Lincoln area. Beautiful and great fishing. Salmon, smallmouth bass etc. Heading up next week.
  4. finally got the new yak on the the bay, found out the 8 foot rod is not ideal for casting from it. No luck but tons of bunker around
  5. Thank you sir, will check that out.
  6. Got the 2021 Compass, I believe or 2020, has 180 drive. Purchased from dealer about 3 weeks ago. Have only had it out in the local small lake 4 times, very stable so far, next trip will be the back bay, Lacking in storage room is not fake news, looking to get a fish finder also, this one is prefit for the Lowrance. I know nothing about them. Any suggestions on Brands, looking for simple and ease of use.
  7. nomoco 530-700pm nada, got there just as the wind started blowing. Did see some horseshoe crabs riding piggy back though.. so theres that.
  8. gave it 90 minutes on incoming last night, no luck but rays I think and horseshoe crabs all around.