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  1. Hello. I recently started fishing the east river from the queens side. The couple times I have been out so far it has been low tide +- 2hours. Where I go I can see/hear fishing coming up and attacking the fish in the shallow water but I have not been able to catch anything. I have been using 4 inch swim shads or one ounce bucktails. I have not been able to catch anything even though I know the fish are there. With it being low tide and everything being more exposed I am finding that I either get caught up in rocks or catch a bunch of seaweed. Does anyone have any tips on what I should be doing? Do I need to get better technique with the bucktails and shads? Switch to topwater/floating lures? Move to a new spot? Thanks.
  2. So right now my problem seems to be that I'll only catch one or two over a couple hours of fishing. When you guys catch are you coming across schools of fish or just singles? Is the schoolie nickname literal? I am wondering if I am doing something to spook them after reeling one in.
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  4. I know it is best to fish at night/when its dark but all other conditions being equal does it matter if it is 8pm or 1am?
  5. Say you have easy access to a bay and ocean to fish. Are there any general rules when deciding to fish? Maybe wind direction or bay on high tide vs ocean on low tide. I know part of the answer is going to be fish both and figure out when each produces but curious if there is any advice on getting started.
  6. small striped bass. what are you catching with the floating rig
  7. just wanted to thank everyone again for all the advice. caught my first one this week. only a small one but its a start
  8. Thanks for the advice. It is very helpful. When you say mono that will break before the braid do you mean a lesser rated mono. For example usually it might be 20lb Braid -> 30lb leader where you are saying using 20lb Braid -> 10lb leader?
  9. Thanks for the video. I watched it and headed out last night and this morning. Did see some fish busting not sure what kind unfortunately didn't catch any. I was having trouble feeling when I hit bottom. I feel like I would cast out and then all of a sudden I am caught in some rocks before i know whats happening. I think this might be me having too much slack out. Put in a bulk order of jigheads and paddletails that I won't feel too bad about donating to the river. Thanks everyone for the advice.
  10. Do big fish pass through that late or is it mostly schoolies?
  11. Yeah I am in Astoria. Have been fishing around here and LIC but with no luck yet. Thanks for the advice.