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  1. New Triumph vs. Mojo vs. Avid inshore rods. What are the major differences and advantages for each and any comparable rods? Looking at the 7'MH for boat and back bay stripers/fluke tossing .5-1oz bucktails and soft plastics
  2. I'm in! Merry Christmas bud
  3. Sounds good, already dying to get out there and fish...
  4. Thanks man, really appreciate the insight. Are you typically using spinning or conventional reels for most of your inshore slow pitch jigging? I have some lighter spinning setups that might be better for the lighter jigs, a tsunami slim wave and centaur constellation. The BH and SGN combo could then be used for heavier jigs/lead or toggin For terminal tackle, assuming braid to 4 feet of 30lb fleuro w/ a split ring at the end for swapping jigs? Or do you tie direct to the jig?
  5. Do you have some favorite jigs where you've had success with stripers? Does 60g-120g weights sound like a good start for eastern LI? There's a lot of videos on slow pitch jigging but very few for our NE target fish. I've heard of success with sea bass & porgies as well but not much on fluke. I picked up a BH charter special slow pitch paired w/ a SGN so hoping to give this a shot next year. Would be super helpful to hear from someone that's been using them more around here. Thanks in advance
  6. appreciate it guys! Will let you know what I book and if we have any luck
  7. Hey guys, anyone have a recommendation for a blackfish charter on the east end? I've had some bad luck with captains double booking and last minute changes so trying to find an honest and reliable boat. Also open to a party boat if it means catching some giants
  8. How heavy and what brand of jig heads are these? Looks solid
  9. Has anyone had success fishing sluggos at a inlet? If so, are you using a heavy jig head to get deep such as a 3oz and any recommendations for those?