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  1. Do you ever come near brooklyn or jersey?
  2. Around where in long island?
  3. In. Happy New Year
  4. Thanks for your consideration. I totally underatand. Wish i had the extra funds for ot right now.
  5. Long shot, but would you be interested in the new twin power sw5k+ cash?
  6. Merry Christmas everyone. May all your Christmas rods,reels,lures and gear wishes come true.
  7. @yogiiiboy I have the z belt and it really is a back saver. I have scoliosis and my back kills me when im out there. A 2 tube onthe left side and a blitz on the right side will fit. The right side is a little short so you will have to get used to it. For me the effort is worth it, to not have to deal with the back pain. I wish it was a buckle type and had more space on the right side but for now the little trouble is totally worth it. Less back pain is more time spent on the beach enjoying myself rather than being out there in pain.
  8. Thank you for the fast shipping and great condition reel. Will be an awesome gift
  9. Money sent thanks
  10. Ill do 55 if everyone before me doesnt want it
  11. Paypal sent
  12. Ill take it. Christmas present for my buddy.
  13. Any interest in a vr150b 2nd gen?
  14. Sorry, Not looking for trades for other reels.