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  1. I don't have either the Traveler or Junior versions of these vices but do use their big brothers. Dynaking all the way for any saltwater flies tied from about #2 and upwards, positive locking of the hook and good material support for long flies without resorting to any addons. Renzetti is a great vice which I prefer for smaller trout flies and bonefish flies. For travelling I took a Danica Danvise which is lightweight and you can get a Clouser extension for it, did the job well and nice and cheap.
  2. Those John Norris lines are OK but quality control is not so good. Line weights vary a lot and I ended up getting the bloke in the shop to weigh the heads before replacing the ones I sent back. Not a very long front taper and short back taper, running line is thin but shoots well. I paid £12 or less for mine.
  3. UK called Breakaway OTG Impact Shields includes the clip but no swivel.
  4. Nice and comfy Mike you only used the bottom hand to cup the rod anyway! Your hands get so cold that you can't feel them secret weapon was heat pads in your pocket and a bottle of half Lucozade and half Scotch.
  5. Not saying the red clips are better and so far using them has not resulted in premature release, only use them with larger fish baits they offer no slipstream effect although you can buy leads with the blue clip fitted. I can see when going for extra distance that air pressure alone will trigger this clip though. My requirement was for a clip that would positively engage the hook meaning I can use OTG casts and also snoods that do not have to be tight to the clip. Info on modifications to the blue clips would be most welcome. Another choice would be the Breakaway OTG Impact shield but not tried those. Normally use Impact Shields as I like to use long tailed leads which subjectively seem to fly better. Do you actually need a grip lead for Pompano? My only experience of this was Gulfside Florida fishing sand fleas years ago.
  6. Almost certainly different line weights and smaller reels were used you will have to check the US rules. Of course there is a considerable difference between tournament casting and fishing but there are people saying they can put a bait out 200 yards, difficult to measure that one. Spinning reels are at a definite disadvantage against conventional when using mono line. Difficulty of running an open class at tournament events in the UK would be the amount of room required allowing for measuring and crack offs but nothing to stop anybody from developing their casting and tackle purely for fishing. Extract from UKSF records list some of them have been exceeded I believe UKSF Recognised World Records 7.5g/0.18mm 84.08m Jan Meszaros - Slovakia September '12 Tallin, Estonia. 18g/0.25mm Fixed Spool 120.52m Jens Nagel - Germany September '12 Tallin, Estonia. 18g/0.25mm Multiplier 116.32m Colin Howlett - UK September '08 Krakow, Poland. 100g/0.25mm 277.75m Danny Moeskops - Belgium September '07 St Cyprien, France. 100g/0.28mm 262.26m Danny Moeskops - Belgium April '06 Huntingdon, England 125g/0.28mm 270.64m Danny Moeskops - Belgium April '04 Huntingdon, England. 150g/0.31mm 278.96m Danny Moeskops - Belgium August '04 Huntingdon, England. 175g0.35mm 276.58m Danny Moeskops - Belgium August '04 Huntingdon, England.
  7. Interesting stuff keep it running. Solo clips work well but there are some problems, the blue version limits the thickness of hooks so get the red version. Clean the flashing from around the release area on the clip and some leads auto detach from the clip if the loop is not made of sufficient diameter wire, fixed with a bit of silicon tubing or use the right leads. Protecting soft baits like lugworm, bloodworm in the US?, require some rig changes as well to both retain the bait on the hook and allow you to cast long distances. Not totally convinced on the argument that the bait rides in the slipstream of the lead or clip down device.
  8. I use a pair of Zziplex V Max F2s for fishing the East coast, nice easy casting 5 ounce blank and definitely not a poker. You need at least that weight to hold out in the tide and drag a decent size bait out there. Most of the stiffer blanks seem to be used where they are fishing rough ground and kelp so they can drag a fish out of the danger zone, no worry about the fish fighting because they don't. Times have changed Mike and the match fishermen seem to dominate the rod market. I will give it another go this year for a tope off the beach but I wont be holding my breath. Used to be that some beaches where I fished did need a long cast to reach the fish but the cod are like unicorns now so pointless.
  9. That rod is all carbon AFAIK so no Dural butt involved all the other surf casting rods I own have parallel carbon fibre butts and are, for me at least, much smoother to cast with. I doubt that the average caster and certainly not myself could use that rod to anywhere near it's limits regardless of what Century say. Probably make a good Bronzie rod for Namibia.
  10. Still have a couple of rods with HT Dural butts an ABU and a Conoflex semi-carbon, both still capable of putting a lead a long way but they do weigh a lot and the Dural will corrode if not protected. Seems a much faster release than rods with carbon butts which I think are more user friendly so burnt thumbs used to be common with me. John Holden is still around writes for a UK sea angling magazine and has a quite informative website. Waste of money buying a tournament blank for fishing far too stiff and if you can't bend it you can't cast with it.
  11. This was way before the days of the Internet, forgot about it until this thread was posted.
  12. Noticed this discrepancy between floating and sinking lines years ago when tuning shooting heads cut from DT lines. Floating heads always came out slightly longer and heavier than sinkers for the same feel. Never could work out why this was so just put it down to my casting ability or lack of. Even tried casting them with my eyes closed but the results were the same.
  13. Used T-14 on 9 and 10 weights stuffed braided nylon backing heads trimmed for maximum smoke. Roll them up, roll them out, one backcast and let them go. Did the same for deep reservoirs with a converted carp rod and leadcore, not pretty and very much "chuck 'n duck" in windy weather. Reckon a TH rod would handle the line with a lot more authority.
  14. I think that Mike just likes playing in the suds Experience with UK bass has meant that while there can be larger fish in the surf they are mostly schoolies. Just about all my larger fish have come to crab baits fished in very rocky and weedy terrain or live baits fished at night very close to the shore. Very similar fish in feeding habits and location and I have caught larger UK bass than my best striper but that is down to me fishing in the wrong places at the wrong times always a problem for visiting anglers. Big baits catch big bass...usually.
  15. The usual quoted figures are in sixteenths, so an 8 weight will handle 8/16ths or 1/2 oz.