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  1. What lb test line do you use to make furled leaders. I made one using 6lb test Suffix. Seems to be ok but is that too much? What applications are you using different leader material (mono, fluro, and braid)?
  2. I have used the same techniques as Matt and had the same experience. The coffee filter application works very well.
  3. I will let you know. Waiting to hear from him for meet up.
  4. Sold to yakaholic. I will send you a PM so we can set a time and meet up. I can do next weekend. Mid to late Saturday afternoon or Sunday.
  5. Rainshadow SW 1207 10' 1pc rated 1-4 oz $100.00American Tackle fly rod blank 10' 9 wt 2pc $65.00Meet local (lower Camden county) or possibly LBI/Tuckerton area.
  6. I've been to his shop, and have seen his work. The man is a true craftsman.
  7. Going on the bench this week is a Rainshadow 1507. Debating on going with an old school guide layout or NC.
  8. Walk on. Will get a permit next year though. Gonna try an evening trip on Sunday. In a blue Burban with rack on front.
  9. We r here now. Did a little fishing yesterday an today. King fish and other panfish so far. Can't wait until tomorrow we will be the zombie group.
  10. Thoughts and prayers sent.
  11. ...seal great memories in his freezer.
  12. Look forward to the to the Classic every Fall. This will be my 22nd! I'll be down to get my registration and permits next week. Good luck rockfischer! I hope it gets into your blood like it does for many others.
  13. RIP, Bill