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  1. Great to hear from a young man. Im in my late 50s and learn something new everyday because I allow myself to. Many people think they know it all. Most of the people around them know they don't. Keep learning,keep fishing and keep sharing.
  2. Awesome.
  3. Berkley fireline will last 4-5 years easily. You can splice new line on to the old when needed. Braid splices are almost unnoticeable.
  4. Has it been service by you or anyone that might have opened it up or loosened the srcew?
  5. That was my next question. There has to be something that raised the spool even just a little. And extra drag washer or something. You might try tightening the nut that holds the rotor in place. Penns usually are just hand tightened but check it anyway. Let us know how it goes
  6. whithout the spool on there does the knob attach ok?
  7. That is good to hear. Penns are a little heavier than others but solid and simple.
  8. Not familiar with this particular model but the spool shaft may have come detached from the crosswind block. Cant think of what else it could be. good luck
  9. Was the temp in garage really hot all summer. That grease will dry up if not moved for long periods of time. Probably have to open.
  10. If it doesn't come out then you can fish it as is. They all get a little loose after a cleaning but penns have the best bail wires. They don't bend like shimanos do. Good luck
  11. I agree. Bearing has to be replaced. braided line will make a little noise but not like you are describing. you can find on ebay. 3.00-10.00 those little things are expensive. Good luck
  12. You might check the shims under the handle bearing. Try adding one or removing one. Sometimes the gears don't mess just right on older reels and doing this has helped me more than once.