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  1. I'm going to take you up on that!
  2. Well that gives me hope then! It sounds like the best of the flats fishing season is still to come too. I'm in New Brunswick, so I've been looking for spots mostly in Middlesex county, MoCo is just that tiny bit further after work...
  3. Yeah, just moved from deep inland (Colorado), and dying to catch saltwater fish on a 'long-rod' :), but I have no idea what I'm doing. I've been meaning to look into clubs and maybe even a day of guided fishing (as was suggested to me on this forum), but I haven't got around to it yet. Where in the state are you?
  4. I went out today 2PM - 5PM on sand flats either side of an area t lowish-tide, throwing a blue and white clouser, no bumps, bites or hook-ups. Didn't see any fish or bait spraying either, but did see some what I think is peanut bunker chilling unbothered on the beach north of that area. Two skunks now, but only a few hours fishing each time. Hoping my luck will turn next time!
  5. Again, thanks for the awesome advice. I don't own anything other than a fly rod so I'll be committed to it, and I'll try to stay confident! I'm not too worried about the casting, I have a lot of practice on trout and a bit of practice throwing an 8 weight at bonefish (not much experience catching bonefish, however). Do you know of any fly fishing guides that would do a walking trip that you would recommend?
  6. ND74 Thank you for that, I've saved it as a file called 'comprehensive striper guide' . I just have one question: what kind of zone does 'outback' refer to?
  7. I'm in Middlesex and would kill to catch a blue or a striper on a fly. I was going to go to Sandy Hook and give it a try this weekend but it just didn't end up happening. Maybe I'll try out the Cheesequake Creek area sometime this week instead.
  8. Thanks for all the awesome advice everybody! Much appreciated. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  9. Hi Everybody, I'm planning on heading out to Sandy Hook this coming weekend to try to catch, well, fish. Whatever fish I can. I just moved to NJ from the Rockies and I haven't done much salt-water fly fishing and none in the mid-Atlantic region, so I'm a total beginner at this. Any advice on what to do once I get out there would be much appreciated, especially what to look for and what to throw at the fish this time of year, and also any recommendations on shops in the area carrying flies and fly gear. I have a few clousers and some shoddy home-tied bunker patterns but if I want to use anything else I'll have to pick them up between now and the weekend. Have a 9 wt with intermediate line.