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  1. Thanks man gonna look into what he can do.
  2. That actually sounds amazing. What’s the best way to reach him?
  3. That surf machine looks like a hell of a rod but I can’t spend that much lol maybe if I find a brand used one I could afford it.
  4. Haha I wish I could say money is no issue but trying to keep it at around $450-$500.
  5. How do you guys feel the genesis casts on the top end of it rating? I’ve casted the 10’ and felt it was too soft. But no experience with the 11. Saw one for sale on her wish I went and looked at it now lol
  6. Hey everyone first post here been surf fishing for about three years now and I’m hooked. I’ve been using a vs200 with a 10’ odm dna and I wanted a vs250 for the windy and rougher days but got a sweet deal on a 275. And now idk what rod to get. I’ve casted a buddys lami 132 1m that he had a 275 with and loved it but I can’t do a one piece rod due to my living conditions. Anyone have any suggestions on a rod that’s similar in 2pc. Also I mainly fish montauk but plan to hit the canal in the coming years.
  7. Any idea where this chart could be found? Really looking to switch to singles for blue’s dam things always swallow smaller trebles.
  8. Buck tails during the day!
  9. Try a A Super strike little neck. I’d like to know how they would hold up.