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  1. This this this! Have had my most productive days wed-today. Excited for the chilly morning!
  2. Blitz this AM. Great morning with great friends. Nothing big besides the skate I snagged. Time to go to work
  3. Lost a good one. Broken knot! Few other people hooking up. Spending the next three days fishing OC until I pass out
  4. 4 bass and a shad for me today. Bounced around OC again. Saw a good amount of guys hooking up
  5. Not a TOTAL noob to fly fishing, I’ve been at it for 4 or 5 years. Got caught up with typical early 20s stuff, back on track now.
  6. I hear the sand eels are around...
  7. Can you elaborate/confirm what I took away from this? That it’s less likely to connect as we get later into the run at night, and the day time bite becomes more productive?
  8. OC, guy next to me hooked up twice. Couple bumps for me, couldn’t connect.
  9. Just leaving now, water was reminiscent of my toilet after a night of drinking cheap beer. personally I don’t think it’d be worth the drive. But as they say-fish when you can.
  10. Fun night using the wind to cast my flies and absolute mile. Fruitless efforts, some rain bait in the wash. Very dirty water where I was. all in all I’m having a fun season, I took a step back from striper to focus on other species. This was my first season really putting time in in about 5 years. I’ve learned a lot this past spring and more so this fall. Looking forward to many more years chasing this beautiful fish.
  11. I think I may have saw/talked with you this morning, I had the fly rod with me. Maybe not. Either way, great fish!!
  12. Took the ride after work, one chunky 26” on a new fly that just earned a place in the box. Back out for the AM.
  13. I’ll be here all night a little self deprecation keeps me at it.
  14. It’s 2020 in America, of course we whine.
  15. Blitzes in OC. Would make the drive but I feel like I burned myself out going so hard earlier this season. Time for a couple Red Bulls I ‘spose