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  1. Heading back to my hinterland for thanksgiving. Gonna be weird being on sand beaches again after rock hopping all season. As for up here, I hung up the towel a few days before Halloween after a few great nights of fishing. Looking forward to next season, tight lines to all!
  2. I’m shocked, the last two nights in Portland, my buddy has caught multiple 40+“ fish. I’m heading out tonight with him since I have the day off work tomorrow. Hopefully I didn’t miss them!
  3. Fish the pipe where they train our boys in blue for me
  4. Got into them last night! Gonna start heading south. Still big fish around.
  5. Heading out tonight north of Portland for the first night of this moon phase. Saw some fish working on the scouting mission this afternoon. Heading out once the sun sets. Tomorrow night back to my spots close to home.
  6. Lol I’m hitting cape. 207 takeover baby!!!
  7. As is the case with most fall fishing, find the bait and you find the fish. I will say jerseys fall run has been historically awful the last few years for those of us from the surf, but the boat guys are having a field day. More fish last night, biggest probably 27-28”. I finish up work around 11pm the rest of the week, perfect time to get out to my rock.
  8. my uncle has a house in SSP NJ I’ll prob head down there in November. VA is a real possibility too
  9. Got into fish last night, with more good reports I’m just gonna keep the ball rolling. Throwing needles mostly
  10. Hopefully the ASMFC can actually get something done this year. Doubtful, but you never know. Giving it another two weeks creeping down south, if the bite is still good I’ll keep it going. Don’t know how many more years we’ll have them so might as well do what we love while we can.
  11. Plugs/flies when I feel like it
  12. D*** that’s a shame man. Fishing at night?next year could be better!
  13. ^ for what it’s worth I’ve gone to oob 3-4 times this season and have gotten fish on all of them. What are you throwing?
  14. Friend fished all day and got one. I showed up after work for s**** and giggles and managed one. After the report above I think I’ll stick around my neck of the woods for a few more nights until I head south to finish off the season