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  1. Ha..maybe, big blue rod and truck? Lol..I like blue..I really need to attend a fling soon and meet some of the guys on this forum. Wednesday was great but havent had much luck since. Vacations over after this weekend, so might be it for me. Good luck out there and happy new year to all!
  2. Well, no worse than a 12 hr round trip to fish the Ditch for a morning session. Maybe you should have pushed alittle north. Had a solid bite this morning once I cycled through the bag and found what they wanted. The lowly chicken scratch SP accounted for all my fish today. Mostly small but a couple that pushed 28". Saw several better fish caught on bucktails.
  3. Wish all you gentleman dealing with covid a speedy recovery and happy new year. Yes, there are still fish outfront.
  4. Wanted to thank you for suggesting the fish monkeys. Got the fingerless and am very happy with them.
  5. Was going to give it a break till sat but couldn't resist with a light SE and all that sweet white water. Found a few outfront. 5 from 18 to 26" on SP and purple Darter. Water still feels warm to me. Beautiful night out!
  6. Been doing pretty good outback in MoCo in the yak. Took the day off to hit it again but the SE winds made condition unfavorable, so stuck to shore. Managed 1 just short and missed another. Will be trying outfront this weekend.
  7. If bunker are present, a slow sinking glider trolled real low and slow is deadly.
  8. Couldn't take another skunk outfront, so splashed the sled outback moco. Got 5 and lost a few. 18-32". Fish were on gliders and shads. Lots of bunker present.
  9. If this is legit, I'd like to know what is was feeding on. Kinda looks like a few sandeels laying there. Gave it a shot tonight on the incoming outfront, looked promising but nada.
  10. Does this include the transducer?
  11. On a several outing slump right now. Hit just about all of moco outfront yesterday at spots that have produced. Nothing at all for me. Water stained, flat and void of life. Did see a large body of bunker well offshore heading south.
  12. Kept 1 for the table on Monday. Had 2 bunker and a few partially digested spearing in its gut.
  13. Took a extended lunch break today to see what all the fuss was in OC..needless to say I never made it back..WOW just WOW! Good luck finding a glider anywhere in NJ right now!
  14. "The fish are full" as read in a current report. Lmao! This is a great topic that is sure to get more attention as the season comes to a close.
  15. Can you recommend a specific brand? Got a whole 3 trips out of my first stab at wool. Hook magnet is an understatement!