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  1. If your looking for a rod that will excel in throwing lighter lures longer distances but can still handle the larger stuff, i can recommend the TFO SP 11ft. Rated 1/2 to 2oz. Def not for fishing the lip but when there just on the cusp of reach, it has been a deadly tool for me.
  2. Congratulations! Dont ever look back.. Report...just completed the moco gauntlet. Started inside at 3am, busy spot nothing going on. Moved outfront and made my way south stopping at several spots. 1 dink on a bone darter and a fluke for the effort..did hear of a couple keepers caught.
  3. Do you know anyone with a 3-D printer? I had inserts made for an eel pouch that came out super cool. Even made it out of glow in the dark material.
  4. Gave it a shot outback moco in a new to me spot tonight.. Managed to sneak my way out to what should have been a productive spot but not much going on. Didnt see much bait either.
  5. Acres of bunker in somoco that periodically came within casting range. Didnt appear to be much on them. So switched up and raked up some big bugs. Three scoops yielded all i needed to switch over to tog. Pulled a few out, all shorts though. Had greens but the freshly molted almost soft shelled bugs were like tog crack today.
  6. Anybody else sick of strictly a rainbow stocking? Never really rebounded from furunculosis. I miss the violent strikes from browns! And why do think the fall stocked trout are always lethargic and hard to catch compared to the spring.
  7. About to go on my yearly fall trout overnighter wed to friday. Without fail, everytime i go, the fall run takes off outfront leaving me wishing i never went. So everyone get ready!
  8. AH Perry...thanks for the suggestions..i have used the vmc's before, there ok. I have to give the owners a shot.
  9. Ive got sooo many hooks to replace due to neglect, i admit it. I do rinse my tackle, but guess not enough. Can anyone recommend some of the most rust resistant quality replacements? Mostly 3/0 to 5/0 size trebles. Also where to get cheap in bulk if you know..
  10. Great story, thx for sharing! Hope you get a chance to come back. Id wait another couple weeks..pretty dead around here lately
  11. I wonder the same. Ive caught a few on the dressed bucktail, but wonder if i could be missing out due to technique. From what ive been told and after getting schooled by others near me, is to slow the retrieve alot, like painfully slow. Somewhat hard for me to adapt too, being used to fluking with a rapid jigging motion. Love to know if you sharpies agree with what i was told.
  12. Worked a large stretch of beach in moco this evening. Stiff southern breeze and stained water. Narrowly avoided a skunk with a dink fluke on the teaser. Had a solid strike on a whip it shad but missed it. Had to kindly remind a group of bait fisherman that fluke are out of season and to release the pile of shorts they had floating in a puddle. Should of just called the authorities.
  13. I saw it, thought it was kinda weak honestly. I mean a dude with 120k subs could put a little more effort in, those were some slob porgies though
  14. Hit smco outfront 5-7pm. Wife and daughter came along to play in the sand which was great! Water was flat, clear and void of any visual bait. Tossed sandeels, d-jig and small bucktails all with teaser. Went 0 for 3 on hits for the skunk. Did get a visual on a rat swiping at the teaser, that was cool. Several other guys out, didnt see any hookups. I did bring the flea rake and sifted up some massive bugs. Daughter likes to play with
  15. Shbeachbum..thanks that would be great!..all i have to do is figure out how to a newb as you can see. Or maybe im not privy to that yet.