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  1. All advice is valid I only bought material for the rod. So im bouncing back and forth should it be a conventional or spinning. But what I have available is spinning gear. But what I'm thinking is it worth getting a conventional with this build.
  2. I was thinking to put a vr 150. But I just realized that I bought a slow pitch. Would a spinning reel work or just build it as a conventional. Also has anyone built a rod using cork instead of eva?
  3. so i changed my plan on the rod I'm going to do spinning on a REVSJ66M-CW-CG with kw guides does the spacing from the reel to the first guide matter that much? also what the max size guides should I be using for the first reduction guide I was thinking something like 25-16-10-8-8-8-8
  4. Would I be able to use the ngs system for a vertical jigging setup?
  5. I was looking at a 6'6" slow pitch mxh from mudhole
  6. I'm in the market for a new boat anyone have recommendations for a center console that is 21ft something does light offshore runs and jump around the block. I was looking at a maritime 20 pioneer 2003. Does anyone have any experience with these boats what can you do and how do they handle in hair waters?
  7. Probably want to do a conventional with a spiral wrap
  8. thinking maybe 200g jigging may be going for an all-around setup that can go for sea bass to maybe small tuna.
  9. Need advice on how to build vertical jigging how to space the guides and the size guides I should use maybe it can be spinning or conventional IDK. just look for advice on this topic.
  10. it's not the guide it's the embellishment that got ruined but I don't want to remove the whole thing. What happened is that my hair got stuck when I was bending down to measuring some epoxy. I got most of the stuff out but it's all tacky so I was thinking to let it dry a day and sand and alcohol it then redo.
  11. Does anyone have any idea how i can fix my rod epoxy i f* it pretty good but i have one coat on the rod already should i just let the layer dry sand it slowly and then redo it?
  12. usually, it can fall under car insurance but check with ur carrier first. Some insurance companies don't cover for it
  13. Anyone have experience with the CRM permit. Is it even worth getting?
  14. There's Aquidneck and a guy who builds who has a boat shop next to SNUG HARBOR MARINA ask them for his phone number his been doing it for years or I would recommend trying building yourself if you got the time. Just build my first rod this year its been great.
  15. Was a good night bite every cast but 27" mostly some slots in the mix.