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  1. Well never said they didn't rust they rust slower because of the coating but u should probably air out ur plugs when ur done that's a lot of rust.
  2. I would say that VMC 4x inlines are better they rustless and the shape is better on hook ups
  3. Depends on the lure but I mix inline sizes for the belly (smaller 2/0-4/0) and tail (5/0-8/0)
  4. Tica pretty good I've been heaving fish on the jetty with my medium 9ft.
  5. Well, that is true just read more into the proclamation. But you can use inline hooks to replace swash hooks or trebles. I find that the VMC 4x inlines are the best.
  6. I don't think it matters if you use a circle hook on an eel skin plug because the regulation is only for natural bait. But for me, I've swooped out treble hooks on my plugs to single hooks it's easier to manage in the surf. I found out that a smaller inline hook on the belly and a large hook on the tail is a really great combo when fishing plugs.
  7. Yes but I wish there were more options than Jeep. That I can depend on and not always be in the shop all the time base on my experience. Also, I want more of a smaller 4x4 so I can park it anywhere and drive it wherever. Also I Renegades starts around 35k new though.
  8. That's true but I hope maybe if Suzuki doesn't come back to the USA market that Toyota would somehow rehatches this hole in the market because Toyota has a small stake in Suzuki and vice-versa. And the CEO of US Toyota James Lentz has said that there is a market for small 4x4's from what I have read and maybe be a possibility because of Suzuki rebranding the Rav4 for the Indian market.
  9. But wasn't the flip overs a hit job by consumer reports because one employee was involved in a crash. Then Suzuki sued and found that the testers of consumer reports were intentionally trying to flip the samurai in video footage over and over again creating harder tests for the vehicle until they finally flipped it. Also, it looks like the Jimny is really popular in the Australia market which does have strong 4x4 communities out there. Also at the price point of the Jimny is like 20k to like 30k and would be great as a beginner 4x4 so a person doesn't have to spend upwards of 40k on a truck or a SUV based on wanting a new car not an older used 4x4. Also, it did place top 3 best-designed cars in the world in 2019.
  10. Was wondering of the interest in the Suzuki Jimny if it were to come to the US market. Opinions?
  11. Would these bearings work for an upgrade? *
  12. its in the shopping plaza they don't have a sign yet.
  13. I got the neoprene cuffs top nice and warm over waders and hoodie. Easier to take off after I'm done. Also, recommend just going to the store and trying it on if you can.
  14. VS 150 spool size is 2.255" so a Visser no.6 has a 2.3 diameter would be comparable so Visser would hold about 340 yds of 30 lb braid