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  1. Tsunami SaltX 9'6" - Very nice and light 2 piece and a slim and sleek design. Also heard great things on the ODM range as well.
  2. My set up currently consists of a 9'6" (1/2 - 3oz) rod paired with a Penn Battle II 5000 with 20lb braid. It's been fine for the majority of fishing I do in the river/ocean jetties but based on my research it seems I might need something a little more beefy for fishing Long Island inlets and Montauk. 2 questions here... 1. Is this set up suitable for the locations mentioned considering the majority of the fishing I do is with 1-2oz bucktails, soft plastics, diamond jigs and 2-3oz plugs. 2. If I do need to upgrade what setups would be suitable? I'm currently looking at the rods/reels below on a low to moderate budget. ODM DNA 11ft MH Tsunami Airwave Elite 11ft MH Penn Conflict II Long Cast 6000 Penn Spinfisher VI 6500 Open to any and all suggestions.
  3. Peter, Great advice and i'm taking the train (and my bike) out to LI this Friday to try my luck on some of the inlets. The young guy in Capitol really helped with my freshwater central park tactics when I first moved to NY so is my go to source of information for all things fresh. Equally I'm always amused at how excited people get when I catch carp in The Lake. I've even had to take pictures holding fish with families before slipping the fish back. Again thanks for the info and maybe I'll see you out on the Hudson one of these days.
  4. Thanks Paul, I’ve been to Capitol Tackle in Midtown a number of times but very much for my freshwater adventures in Central Park. Will head there again this week though to have a conversation with them. Thanks for your words of wisdom. I’ve also just ordered some John Skinner and Zeno Hromin books to help me on my way.
  5. I really appreciate the help here, I’ve only recently joined so don’t have access to PM’s yet. That being said I think I’ll have access shortly so will catch up with you once I am approved.
  6. No access to PM’s currently but when that time does come I’ll be sure to get in touch. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, a bike is also an option that I will be utilizing on this journey.
  8. Thanks for the advice on this one - I hadn't thought about a fishing guide but will definitely look into it.
  9. I just ordered a pair of the Redington Crosswater Stockingfoot waders, so far they seem like really good quality and very affordable. You can get an additional 10% off from AvidMax too if you are a first time buyer from the site.
  10. Great thanks! Will give that a go.
  11. Hi All, Although I’ve fished all my life (mainly freshwater) I started fishing for stripers earlier this year on a trip to the Hamptons with some friends and I can honestly say after returning from that trip I’m completely addicted. I live in Manhattan and don’t have a car but am keen to explore some of the local hot spots in the surrounding areas and even venture out to Long Island. I’ve fished across the jetties at the Rockaways and had some success with Minnows and jigs but would like to understand where else I can fish in the NYC area by taking public transportation and the odd taxi ride. Does anyone have any tips or recommendations? Thanks, Tristan