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  1. I have the 10ft genesis - your VSX150 will be great on that rod.
  2. I’m gonna stick to my guns on this one. Appreciate you working with me but I just have little need for this rod right now.
  3. The last thing I need is another rod but I’ll make you an offer anyway. $215 shipped to 10005
  4. Thanks for posting, just bit the bullet and bought something new. Will close thread.
  5. Thanks for the offer but not considering this model currently.
  6. Really appreciate you posting but I will decline for now.
  7. Beautiful reel - how much are you looking for?
  8. Looking to buy a long cast reel. Preferably a Spinfisher LC 6500 but open to others.
  9. Completely against bow fishing and think it should be banned outright.
  10. Genesis are great rods, I have a 9’ and 10’ I find myself gravitating toward the 10’ model more often as it has a little more backbone and feel it balances better with my ZB.
  11. Okay let’s do it. Please pm to work out details.
  12. I’m interested, would you take $235 for it?
  13. Doc Mueller - Surfcaster - the ultimate surf fishing guide
  14. @CharlieK Thanks for the confirmation, hoping its a 1990 as that's the year I was born . Really glad i was able to pick up one of these as I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history behind it and what you and Tony accomplished.
  15. Thanks @eelbasher and @rfc I just spent the last 40 minutes reading up on Spina and his lure companies. Sounds like he was a truly great guy and I’m very much hoping what I have is a Spina product. @CharlieK can you confirm? I saw in one of your other posts that the scale pattern wasn’t popular with Tony.