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  1. 8' Tica Dolphin TC3 1/2 - 2oz and Penn SSVI4500, love that combo!
  2. If your ‘friend’ ever finds a service please share with me as I also have a ‘friend’ that needs some help.
  3. Spinfisher 4500 would be my recommendation. Have one on my 8ft Tica and its great, weighs in at 12.5oz. I'm looking fo another similar size reel for my 9ft setup and very interested in the VR75 but the Visser #4 is also interesting.
  4. This thread really is to do with rod pairing. I’m going to pull the trigger on a VR series reel but I’ve never really had the opportunity to properly hold and assess one. The reels primary home will be on an original 9ft ODM Genesis. I have a 4500 Spinfisher on it now which works well but wanted some input on recommendations on which size VR to pair with it. I’m considering the VR75 - VR150 and understand weight is going to play a large part in my overall decision. I fish Jetties and open beaches and mainly come into to contact with schoolies and blues but occasionally I run into some decent slot+ fish as well. SOL please let me know what your thoughts are?
  5. My first surf bag - used for a season so shows some signs of wear but still plenty of life left. $30 shipped Venmo or PayPal
  6. Had this reel for some time now and never gets used. From what I understand it’s similar to the Calcutta except they are cast and not forged. $50 shipped Venmo Preferred but PayPal okay too.
  7. Bought recently from here but not using as my mini two tube has been taking up the real estate on my belt. $70 shipped, Venmo preferred but PayPal is fine also.
  8. Used this for 1 season before upgrading to an SSV. Has been cleaned internally and regressed etc so is running smooth. Looking for $60 shipped CONUS.
  9. I will be posting one in BST shortly if you are still looking.
  10. ERC Hellhound is good also - originally made for Muskie but great for stripers also.
  11. Honestly I never tried the BG but heard good things about it. I come from a freshwater background and not having an antireverse switch took some getting used to with the Battle but it’s not necessary. With these reels it all comes down to personal preference, try both and see which you prefer. after a season with it, I upgraded to a Spinfisher 4500 for my 8-9ft set ups and a used VS200 for my 10ft set up. Also just recently sold a Saragosa which was a nice reel but I wasn’t using it. My honest opinion here is - if you are looking to save some $$ go for the Spinfisher. I use it more than any other reel and having the basic sealing provides me with so much more confidence than the Battle. You should be able to pick one up from the BST on here for a reasonable price.
  12. I used a Penn Battle II for a while before getting a sealed reel - great reel for the $$. Will require you to clean and service a few times a year though which isn't too difficult.
  13. I've recently started tying a loop out of leader material and attaching that to the clip then onto the reel handle.