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  1. Once you master a bucktail, it'll be the lure you'll throw 80% of the time. Master it and you'll catch fish anywhere in the world.
  2. Hi, thank you for your interest. I mentioned in the description that the reel was bought as new-old stock and sent to Penn Headquarters for a bail-less conversion. The original Penn Torque 5, if you opted for bail-less was only be available in the black color way - hence the roller and counter weight being black.
  3. Penn Torque 5 TRQS5 Gold Bail-less Made in United States - First generation Torque. Originally bought as new-old stock - never used. Shipped to Penn Fishing headquarters for bail-less conversion and full service with all new necessary parts since it had been sitting (for preventive maintenance only). Extremely rare to come by these days in like new condition. New 30lb Power Pro Braid. From what I've seen and researched, this may be the only TRQS5 Gold bail-less. I fished it slightly this Spring Run. Price: $1,100 Location: Nassau County
  4. ODM NEX-1 1-5 9’ All Black /No Decal See build sheet below for exact rod specifications Custom built in October 2020 Extremely powerful and versatile rod, was my one rod do all. Attached video to show the action. Unfortunately, last night I fell off a rock and broke the top (tip) of the rod. Before tossing the rod - I figured I'd post on here to see if anyone may be interested in turning it into a 8' or 7' rod by trimming the tip. If anyone is interested, I'd trade it for some Super Strike plugs. Location: Nassau County 45130F98-16B4-4B9D-8DFC-12D590D53670.mov
  5. New Lamiglas Insane Surf 10' Two-piece Willing to trade for a 7' Penn Regiment or 7' Penn Battalion Location: Nassau County Long Island, NY Price: $100
  6. PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) I super glue the bottom side so it doesn’t open. Swing by if you’d like to check em out.
  7. Buyer backed out - still available.
  8. Okay, they are yours. I'll send you a private message for payment/address.
  9. These don't bend, they are from Uline.. which is a heavy duty manufacture. If you are in NY, you are more than welcome to come take a look.
  10. It looks like they are around 2mm. Not sure what you mean by bending, they're pretty sturdy .. one thing I did on my personal tubes was crazy glue the bottom cap on for extra sturdiness.