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  1. Scoob, do you know if the Certate LT has carbon drag washers or felt ones? 
    I saw your YouTube Certate review and now I’m seriously thinking about getting the  5000D. I would appreciate your feedback

  2. $65 local pick up. Jones Beach NY
  3. I found information about the 701L blank weight. But I could not find the weight of the actual rod on Black Hole or JigNpop website... Could you please tell me the scale weight of the rod?
  4. OMG... I'm so surprised by the fragility of the 2020 Mojo Inshore. On paper, it looked so much better than the older Mojo Inshore (with the new Mojo Inshore you get the same SCIII blank that the Avid Inshore has). I have the older 7MH purple Mojo inshore and that rod has been like a tank... I have not only caught but slung over many 26-28 inch stripers over the pier rail with it. That's at least a 7-8 ft lift from the water to pier rail!!! Even caught one of those big cow-nose rays with the Mojo inshore... the rod was really bent over and stressed to the max... but didn't break and was able to move the ray off the bottom.
  5. I know a lot of people use Black Hole Challenger Bank 701L for bottom fishing for fluke and tog. But how is this rod for casting 1/2-2 oz bucktails and 5-7 inch soft plastics on 1/2-2 ounce jig heads to stripers and blues? There are a lot of situations that I would want to use the rod for... but one fishing scenario would be party boat fishing for stripers in the bay on one of the Captree Park boats, throwing soft plastics on jigheads. I want to pair this rod to a Certate LT 5000. I would appreciate any feedback.
  6. Now I’m interested in buying the Black Hole Suzuki 8L... it cast that 4 oz sinker no problem... Yo Sevendust that’s the rod for you bro!!!
  7. Oh you wanna catch kingfish... I’m totally familiar with these guys. I catch’em here too in Long Island. I’m very familiar with the kingfish bite... for that type of fishing the Tica Dolphin is not it... I understand why you want a moderate fast action rod... cuz I use a moderate fast rod for kingfish too due to their small mouths and quick porgy like nibbles... a fast action rod tends to pull the hook right out of their mouth.
  8. I do like my Tica Dolphin 8mh 1piece rod. And you are right it is a fast action rod... which I use to fish to fish heavier bucktails and jig heads with soft plastics along the bottom of a deep, strong current. For that purpose it is light, strong, and sensitive. It’s not a rod that I would pencil pop with or work certain plugs with. What do you want to use your 8fter for?
  9. How does the ci4 4000 How does it ci4 4000 balance with the 76MH split grip? I read somewhere on the internet that it is a little top heavy...
  10. You already have experience with Tica rods so maybe you might like the Tica Dolphin 8ft MH. I have this rod... very light at around 8.7 ounces and I could whip 3 ounce jig plus a 7inch bass assassin no problem.
  11. I’m looking for an inshore rod around $150 range to pair with Stradic CI4+ 4000. I have been reading up on some posts about the Star Seagis 7’6 MH (10-20 line) and seems like there are a lot of positive feedback on this rod. I was wondering if the people who own this rod could help me with a couple questions. 1) Do you own the split grip or full grip? How do you like the rod? 2)Beside the butt section being longer on the split grip, are there any other major differences? 2) What is the scale weight of this 76MH Seagis? (Looking to create a really light combo) Thanks for your help.
  12. If you pick it I will take $75 for rod. I live in near Jones Beach Long Island NY.
  13. I don’t have that exact rod. But would you be interested in a Trevala TVS70ML? Specifications Length 7'0'' 1pc. Power Medium Light Action Medium Fast Braided Line Rating (lb) 20-50lb Jig Weights (g) 55-135
  14. Fin Nor Tidal inshore casting rod 7ft 1piece Rod. Some internet tackle shops sell this rod Fin Nor Tidal FNTC701M casting rod for $129.95. I am asking for $90 shipped. NEVER FISHED. Brand new with plastic wrapping around the cork with bar code sticker. I bought this rod to do light bucktail jigging (John Skinner style) for summer flounder here in NYC but the tip is too noodlely and the rod butt is too short. Check out pics to see what I mean. I’m guessing this rod was meant for people fishing down south throwing very light lures for redfish or speckled Specs: FNTC701M TypeCasting Blank TypeHSX54 Length7'0 1 pc Medium power Line Weight (lb)10-17 Reel SeatGraphite HandleCork *** It doesn’t say anywhere on the rod but it feels like a moderate action rod. (The tip is noodlely). It also doesn’t have lure rating but by the feel of the rod and comparing this rod with other rods with a similar line class I’m guessing it’s meant throw 1/4-3/4oz lures.
  15. I think it depends on how often you fish these areas: surf, inlet, pier. Surf and inlet a 9fter will help with distance. At a pier a 8fter would be better. Depending on how crowded the pier gets a 9fter could get cumbersome with no room to backcast Also you have these setups (6'6 Avid-x spinning with a 3000 Shimano, 7' Legend Tournament Inshore casting with a Concept C) which are more suitable for the pier. If you fish the surf a lot you will eventually need a 9fter or taller...