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  1. At around 1:30 you can see videos of a number of civilian vehicles mowed down. This is basically day 1, they went in with intent to kill.
  2. First of all, you are and will be paying for this too, you don't really get to decide where your taxes go. If we had a republican president who chose to cut taxes on the wealthy and increase on an average Joe, I'd just have to pay up. Things are already very much spiraling out, I am more amused every day seeing people argue about petty bs in 20 different threads, instead of talking about the war. This is serious, this is not a joke. This is not about Biden. We have to make no mistakes, and staying out of it is not an option. I personally know several life-long republicans who are very concerned with the rhetoric coming out of some conservative media recently.
  3. This is some pretty new stuff, should help in exterminating russian cockroaches en masse. 182,000 tungsten fragments per warhead. I understand they pierce armor, vehicles, everything.
  4. Thanks for contributing, every little bit helps. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
  5. Look, I get your point. I know it isn't an attack on the US, and you feel like we should stay away and maybe give in this time. You are wrong. Putin is as close to Hitler as he could be. The only difference is that they are not exterminating civilians in designated facilities. The rest is there. They are executing undesirables, anyone who fought for their country or many that were found to be consuming anti-russian media. Torture and unnecessary killings are everywhere, mass graves all over in liberated areas. Putin is annexing land, after breaking Russia's own promises. He is not looking to stop if his nuclear blackmail works. What was the lesson we learned from WWII? Appeasement does not work, Hitler needed to be stopped in the beginning, while he was annexing Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland. It feels like Ukraine is very far, but this is still Europe, and the new Hitler needs to be dealt with NOW. If it does lead to thermonuclear war - that only means they were going to use nukes no matter what, just at a more convenient time FOR THEM. Buckle up, we are in this now, no getting off this ride. Trust in USA.
  6. I got mine in February. Might be a bit more expensive and hard to find now, ha ha.
  7. Not really. You need prior military experience.
  8. Let the games begin!
  9. Most of our users are up there in age, it is only natural they regress to that state.
  10. I support a full military intervention in Ukraine to secure its borders, followed by UN/NATO peacekeeping mission. Russia can suck my d1ck.
  11. Some become legal, and they also have children here, instant citizens. Takes time, but we are already starting to feel the effects from decades of this happening.
  12. I've been telling you all these immigrants benefit republicans, but no one likes to admit it. They are religious and anti-abortion, this is the backbone of their worldview. This is one of the only ways for republicans to stay afloat in the face of their dying voter base.