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  1. If you decide to break this up, dibs on yellow ss needle, black redfin and chicken redfin (dressed). For a good price ofc!
  2. Nice fish, on a door knob too!
  3. I've used my phone before and I'd say it wasn't very accurate. One time I came out a good half mile below where I expected. Also, any electronic device might require you to move around for as bit before calibrating, depending on the area. I could be walking the opposite way until it catches on.
  4. Looking at the pictures, I really like Suunto, but I also read it could be flimsy and needs to be held a certain way. Would you say it's fine? I definitely would like to find out what's the compass in the image I quoted above, looks solid. Edit: Found it. Not cheap, it's Oceanic SWIV Compass with Rubber Wrist Strap
  5. What was his economic plan, did he ever say?
  6. Social security went up by 5.9% to account for cost of living adjustment. Everything is going up, you can't expect post office to stay broke.
  7. I know this is an old thread, but I thought this looks useful. How accurate are these and what's the name? I read that digital compass, like in g-shocks etc., isn't as good and may easily be off by ~10 degrees on average. Anyone uses them, would it be enough for wading or nothing beats analog?
  8. Does anyone know why bass from Stage Harbor smells different (worse) than bass from CCB? Is it their diet or the water? I would expect it to be the opposite in this case tbh - and maybe it's all in my head.
  9. How would it get amended if they are now going to vote against that? Maybe there's a way to just sneak the changes in since these reps are not good at reading? Congress does it, might as well try.
  10. Thanks for the info, I caught hickory shad the same way earlier in the season, was really surprised. Until today I've never caught anything of size on a danny plug, and it's as fun as they say - huge topwater strikes!
  11. I've been dying to eat some mackerel, were they off Nauset? Is it a daytime fish?
  12. Please post more about what each of these morons have to say at meetings, along with their names. At least we will know who to blame when **** hits the fan.