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  1. Awesome, thanks! Do you mean the outermost rocks that are more or less spread out, or the pile/wall? I tried and I could wade pretty far at lowish tide.
  2. I realize the season is over, just wanted some insider info - is there something living around those massive rocks by Corporation beach? Would adult stripers frequent it at all, or just schoolie sized? Could sea bass/tog be caught there as well?
  3. No boat and holy surf today, with no wind whatsoever. I could barely find the beach...
  4. Guys, is it worth it to get up early this morning to try Outer Cape (not as far as Ptown)? Be honest, please... Is there any ****n fish left or not!
  5. What happens if you hook a seal by accident, or are they too smart to get hooked? I assume with good gear your could eventually wrestle it out of the water?
  6. Shark versus Lobster
  7. Nice chart. I'd like to look at the source, but this should still reflect the overall trend.
  8. Do you have the catch numbers for rec's? We do know what the commercial quota is, I wonder how much fish is kept and killed by rec anglers. I suspect it's a lot less, but I have nothing to look at to make this claim.
  9. I'm with you on all of this, I'm just saying, for someone that likes to fish this probably has some positives.
  10. More structure underwater - more stripers, fluke and sea bass. Am I doing this right? Also, when will all the fun ocean fish come up here from FL?
  11. Could you explain what this is and how do I get my hands on this elusive fluke from shore?
  12. This is the good stuff.
  13. I fish pretty hard, I think a 2 oz lighter rod would allow me to cast more without getting tired, and probably easier around jetties and structure. Should be easier to work poppers and plugs. I mean, there has to be a reason Skinner made his rod 9'2"...
  14. Sell it to me. I will give it love.
  15. Not something I would eat for sure.