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    Love all types of fishing here in the west coast
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    Fishing,hunting, drum making , jewelry making, stone carving, surfing, diving, spearfishing,
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    Help people

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  1. That trout is yummy looking holy hell
  2. I think those are fish grippers .
  3. Could have already spent her babies
  4. I know for myself a lot bigger fish in may have babies falling out of them when I land them .I try to squeeze all them out into the surf before bringing home
  5. Nice fish
  6. My Jointed eel tail cowboy
  7. I have 1, 2,and 3 will get used
  8. Was looking for suggestions. Have any of you guys converted your plug bags that have for instance three 3 inch tubes to hold instead eight 2inch tubes instead ? If so where did you get the materials to do it yourself or is there someone who makes em ?
  9. Century surf machine elite 12ft
  10. You can keep the line
  11. I’m waiting for the new saltiga 4000h to come out . But I’ll take this for $400 if you’ll part with it
  12. Offer $400
  13. Ouchie . I’ve slipped a few times and come pretty close to my face but never connected .
  14. I’ve heard of big perch being caught all the way from baja to British Columbia
  15. Geeze Louise uncle Stu now That’s a fatty. There is some hungry jumbos around lately nothing that big yet my buddy caught a fat 15 on the dot and gave it to me it fed me and my wife and 2 year old son