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    Love all types of fishing here in the west coast
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    Fishing,hunting, drum making , jewelry making, stone carving, surfing, diving, spearfishing,
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    Neuromuscular massage therapist

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  1. Closing this
  2. Offer $370 shipped
  3. Odm surf bag received ! Item as described great looking bag my daughter thanks you
  4. Price drop $215 shipped
  5. Thanks really appreciate it
  6. Yes I’m in monterey bro
  7. Would you take $95 for the bag I’ll try and find a clip for it
  8. Thank you looking for a bag for my 9 year daughter who is taking up plugging
  9. Penn slammer 3 4500 Just bought a few weeks ago and used 5-6 times comes with box , shims, extra soft knob $230
  10. Do you have pictures of plug bag ?
  11. 30lb power pro . It’s new braid used once I was going to remove it Unless buyer wants it kick in $15 for it
  12. Penn slammer 3 4500 Just bought a few weeks ago and used 5-6 times comes With box , shims, extra soft knob . Bought a bigger reel so someone should be able to enjoy this asking $220 buyer pays shipping
  13. What’s the specs on that one ? Do you have pictures ?
  14. Ended up slapping a saltiga 8000H on this rod and works great . Also gonna try a saltiga 4000h and see if I can get away with that
  15. So I took the slammer off and put a diawa saltiga on there no more problems . So i think maybe it was just to small of a reel for that rod nothing wrong with the reel Cause I put the slammer with 30lb power pro on a smaller rod and no more problems no wind knots nothing wrong.