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  1. Tried for albies today on Cape. Didn't see much but i did see a few. Very short lived and no hookups. Think I'm hanging up the rods for season. Maybe make a drive to NC in a couple weeks.
  2. Yeah I forgot my cooler and ice or I would have kept it. Fight was decent. I knew immediately it was not a striper. Just pulled hard but didn't run, thought it might be a blue at first. I think I will take one more stab at cape albies. RI fishing has been fun, but all I seem to catch is tons of schoolies and maybe a few other species but not what I want. Plus it's a lot closer!!
  3. Got my first bonito today. No albies.
  4. I'll be hitting it hard today
  5. I've been running all over RI by boat in the last 2 weeks. The amount of bait is crazy. I keep expecting to see the pods like I was used to seeing in MA pop up but haven't seen it, just stripers. I've caught albies in RI but they were 100% blind casts, where in MA, 100% of my fish were caught because I landed one in front of them breaching. With the amount of chovies I have seen I would think the albies would be jumping in my boat. Hasn't been the case but I'm not giving up yet.
  6. Yeah broke 2 of them, doing same thing both times. Small fish right near boat just like i do all summer. Snap. 1 lasted a week and was on its second trip. The replacement for that rod got here monday. Snapped first thing tuesday morning. Called St Croix yesterday will see how they want to handle it. I paid the $50 warranty last time but I'm not paying it again. Bought 4 new St Croix this summer and have a dozen total. Never had a rod break until this Mojo.
  7. I have both, old and new. Old is SCII graphite and i like it better for albies. Bit softer tip. New is SCIII which is same as my Avid. I also dont like the grips as much as older style. I want to like it the new Mojo but man am i having bad luck. Both rods broke on small fish. I watched my dad because it was our first trip in months and it was first cast, first hookup and i was driving. Nothing special just snapped. Not sure what the issue is but i really dont think its me. I have 2 older Mojos and an Avid that have caught 100s of fish this summer including some beast albies with no issues. Will probably upgrade to a 7'6" Avid but i really wish i could get in moderate fast action.
  8. Broke a new style Mojo 7'6" M inshore within a week of getting it. St Croix sent me a new one. Got it Monday. My dad broke it on first cast, first fish. Neither were high sticked. These rods hate me I guess.
  9. yeah yeah. Being new to RI fishing the seas make it difficult to spot the breaching albies. Both times I have been out in RI it's been rough. Add to that the acres of distracting stripers on top... I've adopted a hybrid retrieve that's fast enough for albies but not too fast for stripers. Hopefully I get back into them, missed hearing the drag scream today.
  10. I might need to switch back to MA. No luck in RI today, no signs of them either. Caught 2 Friday in RI on blind casts. At least in MA i can see them jumping.
  11. Went out today on the normal beaches. Silly amount of fish. We made it one cut further than i did Friday. Slot fish and smaller at will. Caught a couple blues, a black seabass and a bunch of shad. No macks. No albies. My dad broke my 23 hour old St Croix mojo inshore that was just replaced for breaking in exact same scenario on a small schoolie. Not high sticked, just bringing fish to boat. Have not had issues with my older mojo or avid doing same fishing.
  12. Well this didn't go well. St Croix sent me a new Mojo inshore, got it yesterday. Took my dad out fishing today and i put on a new Penn Clash 3k. Broke on the very first fish. I watched him catch it too, was textbook. Not high sticked, just bringing in a small schoolie to the boat. Rod snapped right where the old one did although 1 more guide down. Pretty annoyed with this as i take good care of my stuff. My old mojo inshore has caught 100s of fish and still works great. Same with my Avid. For whatever reason I'm not having good luck with these rods. Waiting to hear back from them how they want to handle it. On the plus side, we had spare rods and caught 50 fish today
  13. I have a week old Mojo Inshore 7'6" MF rod that broke today while catching a small schoolie. This is the new style 2020 Mojo in SCIII graphite vs the SCII graphite in old style Mojo I have. We were hunting albies. I was shocked. Fortunately I had another Mojo Inshore and a day old Avid so I kept going. I submitted the warranty with St Croix and I'm sure they will get me taken care of. The rod broke 9.5" from tip. Literally everything else is brand new. Is there some way to salvage what is left? Rod measures 6'9" to the broken tip, and the guides line up. Was thinking of just putting a tip on it. I know this will probably be stiffer than a regular rob but could probably be useful as a jigging rod or backup. Doable? Not worth the effort?
  14. OK to be fair I did not catch this fish in MA but it is def the fattest albie I have every caught so I'm posting it anyways. It was def a workout for my Avid and Stradic 3k. Made 2 high speed full circles of the boat.
  15. Judging from your video, we were out in the same stuff. I was on a 17 Whaler and wishing I had a bigger boat!! Although it handled it fine. Worth the squeeze, although the day started out wet and miserable without a fish in sight. Sure didn't stay that way for long though.
  16. I went out fishing in RI today on my Whaler. Was probably not advisable considering the waves were 4-6' and steep. That said it was epic conditions. I stopped counting at 50 stripers, probably closer to 75, tons of anchovies. Was almost every cast. A few slots, everything else smaller. They were not picky, all Hogy epoxies, mostly echix and anchovy/shrimp. Foul hooked 1 albie and landed another fattie. Went out Wednesday in Newport area and it was perfect. Tons of birds, I think I ended up with 25 fish that day, all schoolies.
  17. 7/8oz Hogy epoxy in electric chicken has caught 95% of my albies this year. I did catch one on an anchovy color in 5/8oz too.
  18. I'll take it, sending you a PM
  19. My dad tows his 18 lund with a 4cyl Subaru Forester and mainly beach launches.
  20. Yeah I love the Avid. With a 3k Stradic, it's almost too light. OK not really but it almost feels like a toy compared to the Mojo. It has plenty of backbone though being a MH vs both my Mojos are M. I fished all of them today just to try everything out. As well as a Shimano Teramar I picked up on BST this week. Each feels and throws a bit different. I wish I had bought a 7'6" M Avid though, the MH is a bit too fast for my liking although it is very nice. St Croix is sending me a new Mojo in 7'6" M with SCIII graphite which as I understand is same as Avid? Maybe the difference is in the guides although the blank colors are different shades of green so maybe they aren't the same.
  21. Went to RI today, didn't talk to anyone but Mr Striper so i think I'm OK without quarantine. No hardtails but a lot of stripes and bait.
  22. Going to change it up a bit and head to RI tomorrow morning. Even if there are no fish, it will be cool to see some different houses lol
  23. OK so St Croix shipped me a new rod today and I don't need to destroy the old one. My gut says just throw on another tip top and have a real fast action MH/H ~7' rod for whatever. Sleeving the rod makes me a bit nervous with the hard spots. I called Mud Hole and they seemed to agree that sleeving it that far towards tip top would not work. He said just get any Fuji, measure, and throw it on there. Rod won't resemble the old rod at all but might be a good boat rod.
  24. Thanks for all the tips, appreciated. I'll keep hitting MA for another week and then set my sights a bit further away. If a weather window opens, I'll gun for Montauk just for the experience to close out my season. This year has been, without question, my most productive fishing season ever. Caught PB in every species, new species and pure numbers are a 10x what I have ever caught before. The albies were the highlight of 2020 though.
  25. My dad has a 1989 Lund Alaskan 18, spent its entire life in Maine being ruthlessly abused by his 3 sons. Fished and hunted out of all year. Been through 9 outboards, just recently with a 25HP Suzuki tiller. He's always has 25HP outboards on it but they work great. When he bought it, Lund didn't even have a dealer in Maine so he had to buy min of 3 boats for Lund to ship them, got 2 buddies together and they all bought the same hull. The Lund is showing its age but for how old it is, and how much abuse I have personally put on that boat, I would only buy one of those. Never even had to replace a rivet but it lives on a trailer. Zero maint.