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  1. Lubriplate 130AA is the recommended grease for MaxProp feathering sailboat propeller ($$$$$). I perform this maint every fall when I haul out. I like it so much I also use it on my sailboat winches, works awesome. Mineral based, very moisture resistant, cheap.
  2. This whole thing is nuttier than a fruitcake....copied from news article I found online. The Mikash is a boat in the center of a storm. It was taken from outside Mike White’s shop in Barnstable, Massachusetts, on Tuesday. White has seen survelliance video. “It shows him backing up to my boat early in the morning and driving down the hill with it,” White said. Jason Kokosinski doesn’t deny that part. He also brought it to his house. But he said he bought the boat off Craigslist from someone who said he was Mike White. “It was sold to me as a salvage boat and that’s what the title says on it as well,” Kokosinski said. He’s got a title that’s signed by a Mike White, whom he paid $3,000. But the Mike White who had the Mikash before Kokosinski said: “I don’t know who he bought it from because I have the title sitting right at my house.” When he found the boat was missing, White put out the word on social media and it was spotted in Kokosinski’s yard. White got the Mikash back and Kokosinski was arrested. “When I was arrested and booked I told my story and after the end the first thing the detective said to me was… I don’t believe you,” Kokosinski said. Because of all of this, Kokosinski can’t work. He’s a security guard at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power station and, because he’s been arrested, he can’t carry his gun. He’s in the process of getting a lawyer, hoping to get this all straightened out. “I think I got scammed,” Kokosinski said. “I think someone saw a target of opportunity.” Police had no opinion on Kokosinski’s guilt or innocence, only sharing the fact that he was arrested on charges of larceny and receiving stolen property.
  3. Now that the boat has been found I guess I'll keep an open mind about the suspect's guilt or innocence. Everyone deserves fairness under our justice system. That said, the actions taken by the suspect who was apparently "scammed" in the short time since the he had the boat, don't comport with what I would think are reasonable actions. Ripping off the swim platform and cutting out the engine with a sawzall are the last things I would do to a cherry boat that I think I got scammed on. Will be interesting to see what happens.
  4. If you Google Mikash and Silverhawk they have a mugshot of the gem who stole it.
  5. I can't post a link but if you look up his instagram handle ( nantuit) you can hear it's pretty healthy. Not sure it was worth going to jail for it but obviously the thief panicked and made a mess of his boat vs just doing the right thing (after he did the wrong thing). The video I saw had it hitting 50 mph.
  6. From what I can tell by the Capecod online article..the boat never left the town. BPD found it in a local driveway. Capt Mike's * page has some cool videos of it running, I bet the thief heard that engine and had to have it. I'm getting all my info from a good friend whose wife grew up with Mike in Cotuit. He worked at Crosby's for a long time and surely can fix it up proper. Just a pain in the rear. I hope the restitution and insurance allow it to come back mint.
  7. Hopefully the guy who took the Sawzall to the boat gets the ball kicking. Better now than May i guess.
  8. Well since i started this i might as well keep riding it out lol. Latest message from my buddy, hopefully BPD corroborates the Facebook posts *
  9. I can't argue with that. Just passing on what I've been told. I do know the owner and he's a straight shooter. Pretty well known around Barnstable. Hopefully when dust settles there's a reasonable explanation. I'll check Barnstable police log tomorrow when it posts. Don't mean to engage in speculation was just trying to help someone find their boat.
  10. My friend told me that the boat was found. When I asked for the back story he said: "I'm hearing social media went nuts so the guy started to cut it up to get rid of it" Will update when I have some more concrete details but man that must be a heartbreaker to restore a Silverhawk, have it stolen, then find out the thief was cutting it up because the rozzers were chasing him. Since he only had a few hours, hopefully it's not too bad.
  11. Just to be clear, my good friend has the 26 Regulator, his good friend Mike has/had the red stolen Silverhawk. I know Mike with the stolen boat but not that well. Speaking of towing a 26' Regulator, we pulled his boat 3 weeks ago in Cotuit and towed it back to Hingham in a F150. Brakes/grease caught fire about 2 miles before Sagamore bridge. Clearly about the limit as to what a F150 can manage. He towed it to FL and back last winter and said it was fine. Surge brakes = not fun.
  12. Can't say conclusively although based on my friends story it was stolen. Don't think a lot of repossesors drive around with a Honda pilot as a tow rig.
  13. I know I'm a n00b but a friend of mine keeps his Regulator 26 in Cotuit and I know Mike White being the launch driver in Cotuit. Guess his sweet Silverhawk was stolen this morning in Hyannis. Pretty boat and going to be hard to hide. My friend told me that Mike restored it himself. Keep an eye out please. Thx.
  14. I literally just got one of these today and broke it in proper on some snapper blues. Was really windy fishing from boat today and it outcasted both my 7' Lamiglas and Epixor. I also have a 7' 6" Mojo Inshore coming this week, would be interesting to see how they compare. 7' SG1020ISM paired with Penn Conflict II 4000, $100. I bought it as my new Albie rod, hoping to get down to Cape this week.