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  1. Dodged a bullet with some frozen pipes. I have a section in pantry that is impossible to get at. The small sink in there the drain goes directly through the wall and has a standpipe outside going into ground. No idea where it goes, dirt crawl space I can't fit in, 1815 build. The drain always freezes but I don't care about that I just don't want pipes to burst under the floor where I can't get them. I've replaced these pipes before in sections and it was a mess soldering. Anyways I left the doors open to cabinet, insulation on the pipes. Sure enough the drain freezes like normal but the H/C pipe froze too. Fluke thermometer said -1F in the cabinet haha. Got the heat gun on it immediately and went to garage to find the heat tape I keep on hand. By the time I got back my wife was hollering about water flooding over the sink. Happy was I to see that! Got the heat tape in place and insulated over. Probably won't get below 40 now.
  2. I think the black widow popping rod I have is way mismatched with a 4-5K reel. I just put my 6K gosa on it and it felt OK but the rod is heavy for that type of reel. Feels like more of an 8K-14K rod to be honest. Couple weights if they are helpful: Black Widow 200S- 335 grams Lamiglas 7630S- 255 grams Twin Power 4K-241 grams Saragosa 6k- 478 grams Stella 14K-723 grams
  3. Doesn't scream deal to me but they are nice boats. Market is def softening.
  4. I'm a Dynabrade guy. If you know, then you know why.
  5. Just weighed a few of my heavier setups out of interest: 7' 10" ML Grappler with 6K gosa- 720 grams 7' 6" Black Widow 200 with 14K stella-1060 grams 7' 6" Proteus PRIN76XHXS-NE with 10K BGMQ-935 grams 7" IMX Pro Blue with 6K gosa-692 grams Lami 7630S with 4500 Spinfisher VI- 632 grams Some reel mismatches in there but I move things around and that's what was there. I recall throwing a lil doc with the Grappler last summer, not sure if I ever tossed the 9" though. The 7" doc throws fine but the larger 9" might be too much for a ML Grappler. I think you are right re Proteus and IMX Blue being too stiff in the tip for plugs.
  6. The black/purple 7'6" medium mojo is what got me hooked on albies a few years ago. And that started a long and expensive ultimate inshore rod search. But that rod will always be special to me. Have it setup with a Stradic 3K and you're right it is super tough.
  7. I have the 7630S, I really like it for the price. They made some compromises but overall it's a great rod esp given the task of throwing big plugs. The Loomis is a lot more, IMX Pro Blue 844S F. But it's pretty dang sweet. The Grappler is a 7'10" GRPCS710ML. 2 piece up to 3oz. They make a full range, I have a few more for tuna popping up to the Heavy. I don't have a Century Weapon, have a bunch of the Weapon Jrs though. I bet a Weapon would work well too but getting up there in $$. Had good luck with Daiwa Proteus series. Always manage to find them on a 50% off sale and have picked up some conventional and spinning. Good components and price. Just picked up Jigging World Black Widow popping rods in 200&300 haven't used though. The 200 might work well at 2-5oz? Maybe a Ghost Hunter 100? Just a few other ideas, I don't toss stuff at 4-5oz unless it's to tuna.
  8. I love the smaller Twin Powers, I have a pair of 4K XD. They are much nicer than a Stradic, have a pair of 3K of those too. I got mine for $290 from Digitaka when USD/Yen was favorable. Not sure I would pay $500 though.
  9. Thanks for reminder. Just drained the outside spigots and closed barn doors. Secretly hoping we lose power so I can fire up my diesel generator.
  10. It was the new style. 7'6" M. Broke first time fishing each time. I kept paying the warranty and finally on last one I said I'm not paying this again. They sent me a new one and I haven't used it. If it breaks I'll pay the extra fee and get a Legend. I love the old mojos.
  11. If it's at all helpful I'm driving an F-250 from MN to Boston around Feb 16-18 and headed thru Albany. Happy to facilitate saving a drive for someone. I love slab lumber made a bunch of cool stuff in my younger days.
  12. I have an 88p. Actually 2 just got a new one last week. My old one was having a spotty connection with the brushes and it broke when I disassembled it. Overall it was a nice compressor but not sure about doing 4 tires. I much prefer over cig plug as it can handle higher amps.
  13. I have a Lamiglass Black that I really like for a big plug rod. Reasonable price too. Gets bad reviews but I don't understand why, I like it. Other rods that I like for big plugs are Shimano Grappler (2 piece tho, $$), G Loomis IMX Blue ($$), SRT Inshore (only have MH not the H, but I love the rod for the money), Daiwa Proteus NE. I've had bad luck with Mojos, broke 3 of them. Of all of these the G Loomis and Grappler are my faves for something like a Doc weight, never fished for jacks. But I want to!!
  14. Not probably the project you want but I built a custom center console for my 17 Whaler. I had all the fiberglass, woodworking skills. I'm glad I did it for the experience but I'd never do it again. It's a ton of work to do right and not have it look clapped together. I did a bunch of mockups until finally getting it right. Used 3/8" marine plywood and epoxied the inside and fiberglassed the outside so I could gelcoat it. Probably a wash on materials and a ton of work. Came out nice though. There's a marine salvage yard in Quincy MA, if they have something I can go look at it for you
  15. I bought this "Kast King" vertical rod holder as I like to keep my current rotation easy to grab and tie leaders all from sitting at my office desk. It's well thought out just need to be careful with it, some of it is flimsy. But the rest of my rods I have stored above my desk in my office and I need to stand on a chair to reach them. Keeps them out of harms way but not for every day. I like to tie fresh leaders with FG knot and have a great system just leaving rod in holder and using Quick Grip clamps seated at my desk. When I switch from inshore to trolling to tuna I keep my top 10 rods in the vertical holder. Everything else I store in Homey D totes labeled (Jigs, Tuna, Line, Tools, Plugs, Albies)