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  1. Dom I'm happy to make it work so just be in touch when you're ready. No rush on my side and don't strap yourself with the cash obligation or feel like you're committing too much. I'd rather you save it and we'll work it out later. Glad this is happening and your fledgling business. P
  2. Dom, As someone who also started his own business from scratch, I'm with you on minimizing upfront costs. I can clearly tell this machine would do far more good in your hands than mine. I learned to sew as a kid too from my mom on her ancient Singer with that 1920's old electric motor smell. I didn't progress very much though although I did recently make a console cover for my Whaler that at least fits. How about $500 cash (Sales price of $1500) and the remaining amount we can do as an IOU in (cash, your future products, my projects) as determined by a gentlemen's agreement once your business takes off? Just the spools of thread are worth that and indeed the Gore Tenara thread is the best "thread" available for outdoor products as it will never weaken from UV. It's a bit harder to sew but there are plenty of videos on setup. I think that was around $140 when I bought last year. Let's make this work for you. Peter
  3. I'll offer you $450 for the TwinPower when I pick up the 2 VS rods?
  4. Dom what are you making with these machines? Maybe we can work something out. I'd rather see someone use this than it sit in my basement.
  5. Oh I didn't see the E end of canal part.
  6. I have 2 Garmins on my Whaler. An Echomap 64CV (not touchscreen, 6" display, downscan sonar, GPS, water temp) and an Echomap 94CV (Touchscreen, 9" display, downscan and sidescan). Both have the same Garmin built in maps, both came with transducers. If I could only have 1, it would be the 94CV. Does everything the smaller one does, plus the screen real estate is much larger. Sidescan is pretty cool. I like the quick access buttons on right so I can switch between nav, sonar, gauges, you assign anything with those quick access buttons. The smaller one I need to use menu buttons. You got to pay to play with screen size, gets expensive quick. For a single standalone unit I think the Lowrance or Humminbird options are pretty good. I've just always owned Garmins so that's why I stayed in family. I also hooked mine up to NMEA2000 network with my engine. I tell it how much fuel is onboard and it figures out my MPG, range and fuel left. This is very important to me as I go way further offshore than most people would think is sane on a 17'
  7. If this is the same story from hull truth, and I think it is, guy posted he got his cooler back but had to sign papers that he wouldn't press charges. Something's not right here. What kind of police/DA would possibly do this? I'm not a lawyer but I can't believe our criminal justice system works this way. I think there's more to it than just a simple theft case.
  8. I've caught a dozen so far chasing hardtails in Vineyard sound. All fairly small, maybe 14-18".
  9. As a matter of fact, I do lol. Bought this to do canvas repair for my sailboat but the sailboat is for sale so don't need this anymore. Have used maybe a dozen times. It's Juki LU-1508, I'll let you Google all the specs or Youtube videos showing it in action. Just the head was $2500, and then add the table, motor, stand. I'll sell or trade for $1800 worth of high end spin gear (Saltiga, Stella, VS in 10-18K sizes). I'm 20 min S of Boston, it's def a 2 man moving operation to get it up the stairs. This is an absolute beast compound walking foot machine, runs perfectly, will sew anything you can fit under the foot, leather, 10 layers canvas etc. It's in pretty mint shape, all in a table with wheels. I have a ton of parts for it, all the feet, full spool of Gore Tenara thread unopened, swing away binders, tons of bobbins, full spools of UV V69 thread in a bunch of colors. Probably too much to list but I can get pics of it all in totes.
  10. Decided to buy a new shaft and seal kit. At 300 hours I was due for a water pump anyways so might as well do it right. I set up the jack and dial indicator but chickened out when the first few attempts got zero movement. Plus the splines were uhh not normal when I looked closely. Even if I straighten this it feels too compromised to waste any more time on it. Found a new shaft on ebay for 500. Hate this is going to take me out this week into next but wife is gone this weekend and I'm doing dad sports driving around New England anyways. Save a few for me
  11. I'll take both rods for $300 and pick them up in Newton unless I can meet you along way from Truro to Newton. Like hopefully exit 35 on rt 3 lol.
  12. It's a 2020 etec 90hp. New shaft is $750 but backorder. One in ebay for $500. I'll try heat straightening and see how close I can get it. Should be able to get 0.002" between centers.
  13. Yeah you are right I was measuring at the shoulder. You know Keith Fenner from Tunrwright in E Dennis? He does this work all the time. But he's going to just want shaft. I have a small machine shop and know a bit about heat straightening. Might try it and spin on lathe between centers to check it.
  14. Yeah, I didn't even feel anything, thought I hit something in the water. Was in 12' of water when it happened. But the gouge in skeg says I'm a liar... Prop is bent. I put an indicator on shaft and it's showing 0.018" runout which isn't great but also not terrible. Debating trying to straighten by pushing up on prop shaft with nut on using a jack or slipping pipe over it. It's not 1/4". I have a buddy in Cape who is a pro heat straighten guy but still the aggravation of pulling it during fishing season and losing a week. NE Propellor said $500 to fix the whole mess but I need to pull prop shaft and I don't want to deal with that right now. Have a spare aluminum prop
  15. Tough in the wind today, was not supposed to be windy according to...windy. Started early with my dad and we got into fish almost immediately. Hooked up with a double, both on spin. Then he decided to use his fly rod and we got snagged up just as we had a pile right next to boat on a drift. Then I managed to hit my prop somehow, which is weird since I wasn't near rocks as far as I could tell. My stainless prop thought differently though and bent 2 blades and took a small piece out of skeg. So with limping around and the wind we were limited. Did meet up with @cjmarti3 and got to cast his Century Weapon mag. Ran into another SOL'er (I think...) I was launching 1oz jigs with my 8' Weapon and on an overzealous cast managed to land a jig about 2' from his boat. The look was not amused but I apologized profusely. He was texting me that he was in a boat with fly fishermen and that matched description...anyways sorry to that angler. We left early after running around a bit the prop thing was vibrating so I wanted to get out.