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  1. Yes - that's what I should be asking! Thanks - exactly what I was worried about! Good info. I bought a Star Stellar Inshore rod mostly based on price. I love it. I think the lure rating is accurate, it feels great, and there's something that's just cool about it. Probably just superficial stuff - but the finish looks great, the logos are cool, the guides are done well. It's a cheaper rod - but it doesn't leave me wondering what more expensive rods would be like. Every time I use my Triumph I think to myself "I should really upgrade". I don't do that with the Star Rod. Might have to get one of those Star Surf Rods. That makes sense....
  2. I'm in Portland. Very short drive to Casco Bay - so I fish a lot there before work just out of convenience. I go to Scarborough a lot. When I have more time, I like to head to beaches I mentioned above. Starting to explore a little north too - Falmouth/Yarmouth area. Shoreline access is difficult there. I'm still new to this, so I'm spending a lot of time just scoping out spots trying to figure where I can park my car!
  3. I was looking at that. I saw his video on it and it seemed like it would do the trick. It's a lot more expensive than the other two rods I mentioned. I could swing it - but then it just opens up shitloads of options...
  4. Nice!
  5. Got this on my last cast right before I had to leave for work... Wanted to stay so bad because they were biting...
  6. I have a 9' St. Croix Triumph. Rated .5-2.5. When I throw heavier lures (like the SS Popper at 2 3/8) - it just feels so whimpy. It's great for 1-1.5 but anything over that, I feel like I'm going to break it... Anyone have any experience with the 9'6" Tsunami Airwave Elite or Star Stellar Surf? They are rated up to 3oz... Wondering if it would make a difference.
  7. Thank you so much! This was so helpful! This was encouraging because I think I actually was able to read some of those cuts. In fact - I caught 4 fish in one outing and I was fishing right in one of the cuts. I had a few times out where I didn't catch anything - but that probably happens. It's great to know that 1. there is actually structure there! and 2. I'm on the right track to finding it - just need to keep practicing. Thanks so much. Can't make the 2nd because of work - but I'll be out there on the 3rd!
  8. Anyone had any luck with the Transparent Amber color for the Super Strike Popper? It looks pretty cool, but it's not, ya know, white...
  9. This is my first season fishing for stripers. I heard the fishing is generally good until mid October. OnTheWater's most recent report said "there's at least two weeks left"... I know it changes, but can you remember when things started to slow down in the past few years? Fall fishing has been crazy. I got 11 this morning in the span of an hour! They were hitting the plug as soon as it hit the water!
  10. I thought the same thing when I saw this. Then I went out to the beach and thought... Yeah, I don't see anything like in the video... Ha! Still... It's a great video. But it's still hard to read the beach.
  11. Korkers ordered! This is the kind of thing I was thinking. (Not a spot burn - random image from google) There are tons of good looking spots in this area that have big rocky coast like this.
  12. I'm going to get some Korkers! Rocks are definitely another structure I need to get more comfortable with. I see a ton of guys in this one spot near me often. I've tried to fish there, but the footing is hard and the waves are big... Definitely need the Korkers. What would you throw in that situation - Big Waves, Large Rocks? Bucktails?
  13. I'm just a beginner... So confidently catching, navigating different settings, and being able to match lures to situations is my goal!
  14. Yes - although most of the coast is rocky - the specific areas I mentioned are open sand beaches with few rocks. There are a few really nice beaches in Southern Maine. It's pretty relaxing to be fishing on a nice sand beach.
  15. I'll try that. Thanks.