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  1. Apologies, I must have missed the reply. Are these still for sale ?
  2. If the prior Saltiga offers fall through, I'll take it
  3. My slammer IV 4500 got about 5 trips on it and after a decent redfish, it started making some squeaking noises when reeling. Just sent it in yesterday. I am starting to regret selling my 4500 spinfisher VI that had a few seasons on it with no issues.
  4. Look at Hualover canal bring some swim trunks and a light rod you’ll get into some fish. Also tarpon and snook are doing good off the beach in the Melbourne area (south of cocoa).
  5. Would you consider $60 shipped PP?
  6. I have one and use it for sharks off the beach in FL. Pretty good rod for the price, got it on sale for around $160 and have no complaints yet.
  7. Bump. Still looking for a few 165s.
  8. Any idea on a release date for the 5/6k saltiga or how it compares to the certate sw 5/6k?
  9. I’ll take them, please pm me!
  10. How much for both shipped ?
  11. It should say on the top of the baits. Do you have a rough estimate in inches ?
  12. Orlando, FL
  13. No problem. I think ill pass for now, thanks though
  14. Vinny, can you do $45? I'll get the money sent over ASAP
  15. Yes, how much are you asking shipped? If you have some others I’d likely be interested as well