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  1. It is a worthy cause to get behind. The impact would be severe. Sounds like there is some traction in DC with the current (and hopefully future) administration to block the project from moving forward.....
  2. I was told that any variety of chard has more potassium than bananas (which actually arent that high in potassium it turns out - and lots of sugar)....I try to just get a bunch of chard and sautee it down in some olive oil every couple of nights with dinner.....it seems to have helped quite a bit (and I like the sharp/bitter taste too...)
  3. great stuff.....I figure it is like anything else, everyone has their own experience and opinion, but looks like some good recommendations in here. I hadnt really considered Orvis and they dont seem all that expensive either....I suppose there is a lot of competition out there. I have historically been a Ross man but it has been years since I have looked around. thanks everyone!!
  4. Looking for recommendations for Reel and Line for summer/fall saltwater fishing with 7 or 8 wt rod.....
  5. I had similar foot problems and used to run Asics and NB, I switched to Brooks and really like them. I believe they were one if not THE first real running show focused company....