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  1. Some of my better canal catches this new moon so far. I'm gonna make some Frutti Did Mare with it
  2. The Menhaden Massacre 2022 continues anyone live-lining a bunker are able to catch numerous bass. Zero skill needed you can catch a 40lber on accident with live bait. I witnessed this first hand a family member of mine bragging about fish he caught. He knows as much about fishing as Kamala Harris knows about being a VP. 2022 is going to go down in history as one of the worst years in history for the fishery. Shame on fisheries management for letting it get to this point a bunch of spineless ****
  3. Also fish Northeast in Plymouth and MGC in Hanover
  4. So anyone think they'll be any fish left in 2023 after The Menhaden Massacre of 2022
  5. Plenty of fish? are you talking about the dating site or the striped bass population
  6. Plenty of fish? are you talking about the dating site or the striped bass population
  7. Lol I don't think I can drift my plug and backswim it all the way to where you were on your boat from the Ditch. But dam looked like you had yourself ya day!
  8. Crazy how fast technology has grown I'm sure most of these are with cell phones
  9. I'm waiting for the Mahi mahi to move inshore. One of the best fighting and tastiest game fish around
  10. I usually don't target them until September is when there up in MA. I grill them whole on my Webber
  11. Figured us fisherman/woman see the best sunset/rises the earth has to offer so here I go. Lol This is a pic of the ...Dead Sea I mean my favorite place on earth can't tell you where don't want to spot burn
  12. Haha yeah idk I'm not very tech savvy it just popped up
  13. Hey ladies and gents if you really care about the future of our beloved striped bass. The deadline is APRIL 15 2022. We need to show that we care whatever your stance is let the the ASMFC here your voice you can express your thoughts here. comments@asmfc.org