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  1. Yes, it is worth it to install a dock light if you'd like to catch snook and trout at night. The light attracts the baitfish and the snook/trout line up to feed. Cast up into the incoming tide/current, let your lure drift till it tightens and then retrieve. We use "spec rigs" available at the local Ace hardware/Walmart. White is a good color. Sometimes, if the fish are there, and you'll see them from the dock if they are, it could be a hookup on every cast. Private boats/charter boats will see your lights and hover to fish very close to your dock. A PITA but something you'll have to deal with or just let it go and share your space but those boat guys will win. Just so you know, though, the boat guys are not allowed to tie up to your dock to fish and you can inform them of that. Good luck if you do install your dock light. It's a good investment! And, when you leave your dock after you're done fishing, turn it off. The baitfish will leave and so will the boaters.Ha Ha!
  2. LLBean will now, under new conditions, with receipt, accept any return within a year, just to clarify.
  3. drmevo, I think all of us here on SOL feel if Bonefish Dick, BFD, recommends a rod or reel to you, it's with lots of personal on water experience. If I were to consider purchasing a rod/reel, like you, I'd def. go with BFD;s recommendations. He spends a ton of time on the water and is an excellent flyrisherman. I'd trust his recommendation. Good luck to you selecting your gear.
  4. Responding to an old post but the Cocahoe Minnow, 3", as touted by my Martha's Vineyard fishing friend, years ago, was "her" go to lure for albies in the fall MV Fishing Derby. Not available everywhere but, yes, H&H Lures, has them. Wouldn't hurt to buy a pack of 10 or so. Not expensive.
  5. Steve, being a "Sullivan", I've made corned beef for all our married years. A question, though: Although not always, I usually buy the flat cut of corned beef, assuming, since it's more expensive and less fatty, it's the best to buy. Sometimes, I buy the point cut, cheaper, fattier but just as delicious. My question is this: regardless of the cut of corned beef, it splits as I'm cutting it. Yes, I know I should let the meat "rest" before cutting. I do let the meat rest. I do slice "against the grain". I do use, most of the time, an electric serrated slicing knife, hoping for even slices. I've read the serrated edge knives can make for "mushy" slices meaning lots of meat fragments, but not slices. As an added note, I always just cover the meat with water before just "simmering" it for about 3 hrs. or so till fork tender. Then, let it rest in the water until slicing time begins. Why, do you think, would my corned beefs split when slicing, so as to make half slices rather than the beautiful full slices we all see in the kosher delis? Do you know what they do what I don't do? Meanwhile, with the corned beef "crumbles", I'm going to make the corned beef hash recipe seen here previously on Cook Your Catch, SOL. Thanks.
  6. I've lived in the area a long time and, as far as I know, adults have not been permitted to fish in the hatchery. Only kids, I think, on their annual Kids day.
  7. For those flyfishers planning a bonefish trip to the islands (Bahamas, Exuma, Long Island, Santa Maria, etc), this is what the bonefish like, as proven when I was there and confirmed by our guides! I used a couple that our guide didn't think would work and, yes, it did! Tied these up for me & my buddy who made the trip and the bones loved them. So, selling 75 flies in each included floating flybox, one is an Orvis box, the other is a Fairfield Fly Shop box, both identical other than the exterior color. Count each flybox: 75 flies-matched to each flybox Crazy Charlies (they LOVE!) 23 each flybox, tan or pink, fave colors for the bones! You need this pattern! Merkin Ghost Crab - 1 each (Didn't need a lot of Merkins for the bonefish but the white Ghost Merkin did catch us each a nice bonefish!) McVay Gotcha - They LOVE! 11 each flybox You need this pattern!!! Mini puffs - 5 each - pink or chartreuse Bonefish clousers-white, pink, tan- 9 each - for a bit deeper water Bonefish Bitters Gotcha Shrimp 3 bonefish Bunny- 1 bonefish Special 2 Shrimp - several patterns Pfleuger Special - 5 each, pink &/or blue- doesn't everyone know about the Charlie Pfleuger Special? Numerous other patterns-can't remember names Most flies are unused - tied on quality Gamakatsu hooks #4,6,8 + a couple of #2 clousers for the big ones! Since each box includes 75 flies, am asking a very fair price of $1/fly or $75 per box, shipped to you.
  8. LL Bean has another 25% code out there. Code: DEAL25 Don't know its expiration date.
  9. 4 books SOLD to LI Striper. Thanks
  10. Both bonefish fly lines SOLD.
  11. Second bonefish flyline sold to huanglia2000. Please check your pm. Thank you. Ron
  12. LI Striper: I'm in the Huntington area. Can meet FTF w/you this week. 4 books @ $40. An agreeable deal? Thanks for considering. Ron
  13. LI Striper: I'd prefer to sell the set at $40 via Media Mail shipping, taking $9 off the per book prices and I would absorb the Media Mail shipping cost. If you're in the North Shore area, we could meet up and I think $40 for the 4 books is a very fair price as, I think, you would agree. Let me know if interested. BTW, what is a FTF exchange? Ron
  14. Second bonefish flyline sold to huanglia2000. Please check your pm. Thank you. Ron