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  1. A "twist and lock" (tension) shower curtain rod available online as well as in bath stores have what you want. Once you lengthen the rod to the tightest position on the opposite walls, twist the rod & it will lock into that position and not move. Hope this helps.
  2. Drew, you just posted yesterday "Yesterday, I touch two places and blew up there. i used pheasant, deer hair (haven’t used that in a while) and some dubbing along with us stuff. " As a long time eczema sufferer, your very specific comments above are key to me. "Two places you touched, pheasant and deer hair and "blew up". These are two of your allergens so don't touch them for a month and see how you do. Also, record everything you're going to touch from now on (after not touching pheasant/deer hair) so you'll know what it is that's causing your allergy. Keep specific notes. If you're itching in those spots, Sarna, the anti itch cream pump will really help you. If you need further advice, which I personally have followed from my newest dermatologist successfully, finally, after at least 10 yrs. of eczema treatment from various dermatologists, his weekly "formula", not including steroids, did work for my years' long eczema patches. His treatment cured my eczema for 9 years to date. I'd suggest, first, to stop tying with the materials you suspect are causing your problems. Allergies can come at any age, even if you were never allergic to them in earlier years at a younger age. Please LMK if you'd like to consider my dermatologist's solution which did work for me when I was so discouraged. PM, OK? We don't need to go on and on about this on the forum regarding what my dermatologist recommended) Of course, that's not to mean your forum query shouldn't be answered by our other fly tyers. We all appreciate their comments as well.
  3. Just announced this morning by Huntington Town Supervisor: All Huntington Town beach parking lots closed along with playgrounds, etc.
  4. Nigel, the striper fishing you experienced on your last trip here to USA/Chatham was not the same in the month of June 2019, and was not the same, to us, anyway, in June 2018. Topography has changed due to storms, "tub" is no longer there and in recent years, fish from shore have been, disappointingly, small compared to what we've caught in 2016. Big seals, 10' from shore at Ministers at "first light", following us all along the shoreline, left to right, right to left. Most importantly, Nigel, you should remember the saying: "It's just a fish!" Is catching those stripers that we all remember during our Chatham vaca and, now, so much smaller, worth a big money trip from UK, with the big question mark? IMO, don't think so and we're not going/booking and not taking the risk of having to cancel due to Covid. And, of course, taking the risk of catching Covid while on our fishing vaca! Covid is forecasted to be here among US residents through the early summer months, not in the extreme forecast as is now but in the descending curve, and, in your case, if I were you, I wouldn't count on fishing being good and I wouldn't count on Covid not being around if you should decide to fish in Chatham. So, Nigel, I guess you can see what I'm recommending to you. Postpone Chatham for another year. BUT, if the Boston Marathon goes through in the fall, we wish you good luck on your hopeful finishing time!
  5. animalbarrie: I see, from your avatar, that you fish from a boat. That's most likely why you haven't experienced the BG reel problems I've experienced fishing from shore. The B&T shop owner, who touted my BG reel, said it was the best. But, he fishes & guides from a boat and still feels this BG reel is the best, reporting no problems as you have. Fishing from shore is an entirely different story re reels as proven in reel required repairs from all brands, not just Daiwa BG but Penn, Shimano, etc. We get sand into the reels just because water contains sand. So, fishing from shore, reeling in, line covered in salt water plus powdery sand, creates problems for the shore fisherman's reel. I think that's really what the problem is. Boat fishermen love some reels and shore fishermen hate them. Sand is the issue.
  6. gooner, initial asking price was typed in error. Price of each book is $25 but I've decided to keep the books so no longer available.
  7. I have both to offer you. $50 for both books, excellent condition. Can ship media mail but need to check with my PO to see if same media mail shipping cost applies to shipment to Greece. If interested, please post your further interest and I'll check with my PO.
  8. Staying at home, as directed, by Cuomo. We all need to stay at home.
  9. Just replying re my problems with the highly touted Daiwa BG reels? My reel has now been fixed, second time, by my authorized Daiwa shop, so he says.Will not be using this reel until next fall as I'm a flyfisher and use the reel for albies. He also said he's sold many of the BG reels with no problems reported to him and he advised if I have a further problem, I should return the reel to Daiwa and ask for a refund, in his words, quoting. I will do so. And, next time if I need to purchase a spin reel, I'm sticking with Penn.
  10. Very true, Herb. Have read the same about RJ's info being circulated throughout the internet and then debunked by meds. Not to suggest RJ was the originator, as I, also, passed this info from another website, to family members & felt it was all something we should know. Just that, now, most of that info is not true.
  11. The old Marias aren't the only jigs that can produce. We need to get over the fact that they've been discontinued and move on. Lots of other lures are catching albies.
  12. Prices are $7.99 for 5/8 oz. and $8.99 for 7/8 oz., which isn't far at all from Hogy pricing. I ordered Madd Mantis epoxy jigs from Mantis' website last year after John Skinner had his YouTube using them successfully. Cost was $3.99 each with no split ring or treble, easily attached or I attached a single hook. Look, cast and work great on the albies. Also, Daddy Mac Albie/Bonito lures, 1.4 oz. sold at Kittery Trading Post for $6.59 cast well and hold up. 25% sale going on right now. Lots out there besides the more expensive and less durable Hogys.
  13. I feel an 8 wt. bonefish line would be your best bet in your location. Not a lot of wind there so no need for a 9 wt. line. Fishing there a couple of years ago from shore,I used an 8 wt. line and caught bonefish.
  14. . Deleted. Double post.
  15. Great reel until, fishing from the shore, it fails, and, so, read about service problems above.