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  1. Wow, add $200 to the cost of this beautiful Barbour jacket and you've still got a deal! Beautiful jacket.
  2. wow! Like $50 under asking price, such a deal! This is a really great book for anyone fishing for false albacore. Covers everything you'd want to know. High end printing, quality book. Sold mine years ago for top dollar.
  3. So generous of you, Drew. Thanks from all of us for the opportunity to enter your giveaway!
  4. Nope, Drew, no cheating. Just tried to post 3x until it finally posted. Thus, my reason for deleting two of the posts.
  5. So? Just catching up here. Did the buoy foam poppers work? Fishing first two wks of June in Chatham in past 4 years, haven't used buoy foam flies, unless 1/4" foam cut from those buoys. How did they work if you care to let us know? For night fishing, 1/4" foam black/white Page Rogers floating sand eel fly pattern worked best both in Chatham, Martha's Vineyard @ night deep/dark. ALWAYS using a floating fly line on the Vineyard as recommended to us by Coop (owner of Coop's Fly Bait/Tackle on the Vineyard). He steered us right! Daylight fishing.....squid flies in any color worked for us, esp. pink in color. We used them at night, white color, and whether or not squid were around, it seems stripers will take a squid fly, regardless. We stick with squid flies at night + floating 1/4" foam flies. ON a floating line! It works or, at least, has worked for us for many years in the dark of night! All flyfishers, in our opinion, should really really consider using a floating fly line for night fishing, especially in spring, just my opinion based on 25 yrs. night flyfishing.
  6. I'm in. Thank you, Drew!
  7. I'm in and thank you. Beautiful ties!
  8. I'm in. Thank you. Beautiful flies!
  9. Awesome....I'm in...thank you.
  10. Sudsy, 007's w/chartreuse tubes are difficult to find on Nantucket and if blues are around, it was our go to lure. Guys were amazed at how many big blues we caught and they couldn't hook up and, as I said, no one seemed to have any 007's on Nantucket. Bring a couple along.
  11. Alcohol wipes. Give them a try.
  12. Penn Battle is better just because it is a better reel + Penn's customer service for parts and repair surpasses meager, and, sometimes, non existent, Daiwa customer service in my opinion . I say this after waiting 3 whole months to have my Daiwa BG serviced at my authorized service repair center for just a small part, which Daiwa just hadn't made yet. After two Daiwa repairs on my BG reel, am sticking with Penn from now on.
  13. Didn't know that beautiful over slot redfish is also known as a "channel bass"? It's a prize redfish catch but.....hopefully, you didn't keep it as we've seen flyfishing in SW Florida where over slot reds were caught by a knowledgeable fisherman fishing to his special spot @ the end of a sand spit and actually handing over his over slot redfish to his girlfriend to run it to the trunk of his car and then he actually continued to fish for his second over slot redfish and, which he also directed his girlfriend to put in the trunk. When we questioned him, he said he had " a friend" who wanted a redfish to grill." Over slot, sad to see it being run to his car trunk. And, then, he continued to fish for another, a big one, and, caught another over slot size and kept it, in his trunk? Girlfriend had a lot to do that day to please her fisherman friend . Didn't want to confront him further so let the situation die. Sad that the FWC and deputies don't watch the Bonita Beach, Lover's Keys' areas, on the other side of the highway, flats area at all? Really sad what we've witnessed fishing in SW Florida. Aren't redfish, as of lately, in SW Florida, catch & release only, according to the FWC?