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  1. Hope that line works as well for you as our Airflo 11 wt. cold saltwater intermediate lines work for us. Having a problem understanding why Airflo has made their cold SW intermediate lines unavailable - "discontinued"?? If so, why? So many flyfishers loved this line. Why so hard to find? Is Airflo out of business? Rajeff no longer carrying Airflo lines? Rajeff, no longer even carrying Airflo lines who was the "source" for them?
  2. OMG! Don't we all have the DEC phone number in our phones to report this greed? I'm just asking why you posted but, did you call your DEC number? Hopefully, all of us SOL members would have called the DEC number. I would have. Understand your "rant" BUT, why, if, did you not call the DEC number we all have to report this? Maybe I haven't read the conclusion of your post so maybe you did call the DEC. If not, why not? Posting this let's us all know this is going on but, when we're in the fishing situation, I feel, it's up to us to call the DEC and let them handle this.Did you?
  3. Hook1...have no idea. I fish from shore always.
  4. Slip n Slide's "crease fly" squid is just an amazing tie. But, large & bulky for my use although I did tie several and, on the proper occasion, I'd not hesitate to use his amazing tie. If I were fishing Chatham in June, that is, to say, S&S, kudos to you! Capt. Castafly's pink squid shown here is much easier to throw on a flyline and really does catch stripers even tho' they might not be feeding on squid. Stripers, I've found, just love squid flies. If planning to fish the Cape, now that the Chatham "bathtub" has vanished due to erosion, I'd def. tie up some of the pink squids w/C.Castafly's pattern available here or elsewhere. They do work. Also, this pattern seems to work wherever I fish here, even tho' I've mentioned, stripers may not see squid bait in the area? They'll still be interested in a squid fly.
  5. I just realized that I did replace the original tying head with a saltwater head in order to tie on larger hooks. Probably have had the vice for 25 years. Still perfect.
  6. Thanks for clarifying, MainelySmallies.
  7. It's true....Duct tape, Shoe Goo, etc. When we've had a crack(s) in our breathable waders/ wading boots from Orvis/LLBean on vacation, desperate for repair/replacement in time frame, Shoe Goo, usually a great product and then, ShoeGoo +duct tape to hold the sole to the boot or the crack to the top rubber would work for maybe an hour wading. Then, water poured in and waders had to go back to the supplier. Shoe Goo is a great product but to repair the boot when leaking, a temporary fix. Send those leaking waders back.
  8. Free Kindle on Prime on this book?
  9. I've found Tenacious Tape + use of the above E6000 or Goop applied over the TTape works very well with FLAT SURFACES in repairing waterproof garments, tents, flat leg surfaces of breathable waders. If using an application like the above, repairing a curved boot surface, you take your chances if it will hold due to air spaces with the tape as you apply it. A good suggestion, though and worth a try.
  10. PLUS? Ouch....looks like it hurts, bigtime? Prednisone, to alleviate the inflammation and itch?
  11. saltfisherman? What do you do when you get these bites? What is the remedy? I know when fishing in the Siesta Key area years ago, fire ants were a problem with our family + those moldy black fuzzy fur balls dropping from those FL trees all the time did create bronchial problems with two members of our family.
  12. Those are the same tying instructions I've followed. I prefer the Gamakatsu hook for its wider gap. On the regular Mustad 34011 #2 hook, I had more bass that became quickly "unhooked".
  13. When fishing the Vineyard, Coop/ Coop's B&T told us early on to always use a floating flyline after dark on the Vineyard. He was totally correct so, with Page's black & white foam sandeel, we always used our floating lines after dark. Coop's advice was right on. When the sun went down, we'd walk back on the beach, change from our intermediate lines to a floating line, put on a floating sand eel fly and "perfection"!
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