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  1. So, what j hook do you recommend?
  2. That is very true! I've even had the line whip out of my basket and hook onto my jacket zipper or sleeve snap. I've seen the line loop around a friend's neck in the first few seconds. Scary. You've got to be on top of your line every single second after hookup.
  3. I construct my braided loops like Oakman does, also using Pliobond, and haven't noticed any hinging. And, like he said, I don't trust the pre made loops.
  4. That's exactly why I' m switching out the trebles.
  5. good advice. thx.
  6. Thank you. So, who is the mfr. of your bonito hooks?
  7. As of now? No, I haven't dressed them with bucktail. Do you think I should?
  8. Yes, Brian, you'd need a more "muscular" reel. Bob Popovics, fly fishing guru, advocated at our flyfishing meeting years ago trying for a cow nose with a fly reel. They're known as fly reel busters so I never did. Even for the "thrill" using a flyreel, I wasn't into "busting" my expensive reel for a cow nose. However, I did foul hook one using a bucktail several years ago in the Robert Moses surfline during the noon hour. Hadn't a clue WHAT I could have hooked based on the tenacity of this fish!!! It was summer. Beachgoers gathered around, much to my embarrassment, watching, waiting, more beachgoers, waiting, waiting. Eventually, some of the crowd dispersed (lost interest, I guess), and I continued trying to bring this fish in. Seemed like maybe 20 minutes? Probably 10! Line is actually "humming" from the stretch! My buddy, enjoying a beach day, down the beach, noticed what I was going through (probably due to the crowds surrounding me!), and came nearby; we discussed, and decided to cut the line. The fish was obviously a cow-nose ray. It was flapping in the surfline where we could see it, tail whipping around, and no way, we decided, did we need to deal with this thing other than cut the line, which he did. Happy with that but, after that experience, while exciting, I don't want to deal with a cow nose ray ever again.
  9. Yes, have used the siwash after deciding to replace the trebles, for the past few years. Economical and efficient. Like the wide gap. However, I've found the siwash rusts quickly. Can't remember if, when I replaced with the siwash, was the hook point on top of the lure, like shown here, or pointing downwards, below the lure? Does it matter, do you think? Thanks.
  10. The one and only!
  11. Based on your experience fishing for albies with lures, DD's, Hogy's, epoxy jigs, etc., what are the best single hooks to use to replace the trebles that come installed on the DD's, etc? I'm thinking inline hooks, of what size, I'm not sure. With inline hooks, would the installed hook point face upwards or downwards? Does it make a difference? I've been pretty much satisfied with my shore albie catch rate when switching to a single hook. However, while not a major issue, I realize, when utilizing the single hook and seeing the bumps/splashes/hits of the albie to the single hook and then misses when I could have hooked that albie with the treble, could it be the style of the chosen style hook? I'm pretty much determined to give the albies a break and remove trebles from my lures from now on seeing the damage the trebles do to these fish we look forward to catching in the fall. I'm used to flyfishing for albies using a single 1 or 2 hook, hooking them in the lip, no bleeding and releasing them. Trebles, as I see when using them, can do a lot of damage and I'm not comfortable doing that. So, back to the original question: which brand/style/size single hook would you choose to replace those trebles?
  12. Mike Oliver's the one to ask what to wear over your wetsuit. It has to be yellow, though, so you'll look like the bumblebee Mike looks like Hey, Mike! Join in here.......Your wetsuit attire has been known to keep you safe for a loooong time!
  13. Same here. I eventually sent it back to Penn when the reel handle locked up while trying to fight an albie. Was told water prob. got into the reel but don't see how that could happen considering I fish from shore and reel has never been dunked. Maybe it was the rain you experienced? I've fished in the rain, too, so maybe that's the cause? Seems to me a saltwater reel should be able to withstand fishing on a rainy day. At any rate, got Penn's excellent customer service quick return of the reel and haven't had a problem since.
  14. All great albie line prep advice, Capt. Thanks. What line lubricant do you advise?
  15. I use Pickle Crisp from Ball - 1/4t. per quart. The pickles are crispy enough using it. Also, be sure to slice off the blossom end of the cucumber before fermenting. It contains an enzyme that softens the pickle, I've read. The blossom end is the lighter in color end.