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  1. Along with waterproof, you should want "breathable". When the temperatures turn hot, you need "breathable".
  2. Permethrin is said to be safe for clothing if sprayed on and left to air dry. We have sprayed our waders twice now and see no damage. They are still waterproof and breathable and fabric looks the same.
  3. Just sprayed all our jackets/waders, etc. with Permethrin, as I do every spring. Going to the Cape to fish in a couple of weeks and know, the ticks are all over. Permethrin kills as soon as the tick lands on what we're wearing. All good. Sawyer is the brand name.
  4. A little less color, like beige, better?
  5. Closing this down.
  6. So good that it went so positively! Thx to TimS and others.
  7. Hopefully, Tim will make the exception, and we know he will. This is such a good gesture for a new SOL poster!
  8. Yes, TimS would be able to help you out.
  9. Why do you find that interesting?
  10. Agreed, numbskull: Yes, more likely fishing off the shore of Nantucket than the Vineyard. Seals on the surfline of Nantucket every 10' waiting for your albie hookup. And, not just Great Point. All along the shoreline leading from Wauwinet driveon. Haven't heard much about seals actually taking hooked albies on the vineyard although the seals are there, more offshore.
  11. John, just a walk down Main Street in Edgartown will find you many spots to stop and enjoy a brew, sandwich or dinner. And, the Sea Shanty at the harbor is always a great spot to be whether for lunch with a friend or drinks at night, with music, overlooking the harbor. We always stayed in Edgartown so don't know a lot about Vineyard Haven but I'm sure you'd have no problem enjoying a brew there as well, any time of day or night. VH is a bit less formal than Edgartown with lots of young people enjoying what the vineyard has to offer. As for the fishing, please check your pms. Good luck!
  12. Sorry, forgot to mention, also have size Medium to sell @ $25,shipped.
  13. Warm weather's a'coming.....This is a nice Bimini Bay mesh/fabric/multi pocketed fishing vest, khaki in color, large mesh pocket in back for a rain jacket, etc. if you need it. Size XL but fits me a size L. $25, shipped to you, Paypal.
  14. A really beautiful big fat striper caught on the fly! Excellent, and, yes, it, can be done! On a flyrod. I don't know how many fishermen I've encountered while fishing a popular striper beach or, really, many, beaches where we travel, using a flyrod and they ask, "Do you ever catch anything big on "that thing"? Hate the words, "that thing". This SOL member, "hipkvw" has shown all beach fishermen, surf or fly, that, yes, it can get done with a flyrod,. Kudos to you, hipkvw, for your most excellent landing of a quality flyrod caught striper! On a beautiful pink/chartreuse weakfish fly to boot! Plus, extra points for your good handling of the fish while your wife made the photo shots and then you released it with a quick "sendaway". You are a flyfisherman that all of us flyfishermen hope to be A memory of a lifetime and, so good for you!
  15. This sounds good, getting the crispy pork and using the rendered fat for sauteeing the onions for the soup. Even tho' I shared my preferences above, am going to try your suggestion. Thanks.