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  1. You get a 20 slot fly box for the year, how do you stock it? Scenario A) Any pattern Scenario B) 5 patterns only Scenario C) 3 colors only
  2. Thanks for the link, love TED Talks. I will reference this one for sure.
  3. That's why my friend left apps. Why did you move from electrical engineer to RT? The only time I got to use cellulose film was in school, but it only takes once to see how far imaging has come.
  4. Thinking about taking night classes after work, or maybe shadowing.
  5. Thanks a ton, my friend was in apps for a while. Was this something you tried?
  6. Would never say that to anyone, especially those willing to help.
  7. Will do, trying to stay on topic in here. Just looking for positive feedback.
  8. Not a doctor, and that would technically be against the Hippocratic Oath. As a medical professional, to joke about that is quite insensitive.
  9. I was at work, got busy with patients. I thought New Years weekend was gonna be slow but apparently not. I read your guys comments. Thanks for the positive responses.
  10. I don’t play video games! The only time I’m on the computer is to watch meat eater, or SOL! Alaska sounds good, I’ll look. a charter boat actually sounds cool.
  11. Thank you for the very useful info!
  12. I paid/still paying. As noted I left after a semester of grad school which was an expensive mistake! Yikes
  13. 4 years, I did a semester of grad school hoping to move up, but couldn’t make the grade unfortunately. I met some exceedingly bright individuals in school, I’ve never felt worse about being around anyone, so I think it’s still stinging a bit. I wouldn’t say I’m lazy, just finding it hard to stay motivated or make a change.
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