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  1. Shock boots just hold in moisture/dirt/sand. I'd toss em. FWIW, it looks like they make 4600s for your truck which "should" be softer than a 5100.
  2. No. Goldy made a post in the main forum asking if there was any kind of thread started discussing the gen 2 VSX. Just tagging him here because this is the only post I’ve seen here talking anything gen2.
  3. @Goldy This might be what you're looking for
  4. That really depends on what shock you get. I had 5100s in my taco and I upgraded to some fox 2.5s.. night and day difference lol. Fox are soft. Also tuned to my truck so she rides nice
  5. going to order myself some now. thanks fellas
  6. My vote goes to a good old hand wash... Two bucket system with dirt traps and some good soap, nothing better. Only time I go to a carwash is to blast off mud or heavy grime because I don't own a pressure washer or if it's winter and my garden hose is frozen but even then i'm just rinsing. I don't trust car wash brushes.
  7. I'm assuming I want the "Aquaseal+FD"? Looks like they make a few different ones.
  8. I've got some stocking foot waders that I'm trying to repair where the stocking foot attaches to the waders themselves. One side is leaking at the seam so I'm trying to figure out what would be the best to fix it even if temporarily. I'm not sure if some kind of wetsuit repair would work or if I'm just SOL. Repair doesn't need to last forever, just looking to get through the spring til it's time for the wetsuit. I have some of that iron-on wet suit repair stuff I used to fix the leaky seems on the feet themselves but I don't think it'll stick to the actual wader material all that well.
  9. In the right states you can find a good deal on them.. MA has one of the biggest markups on used cars for states throughout the country right now so prices here are stupid
  10. It really is. I have yet to have an issue with my truck. At 111k now and I haven’t had to do anything aside from maintenance. I was never a Toyota guy (hence the name) but really can’t go wrong with their vehicles.
  11. I love my Tacoma and will never sell it considering the work I’ve put into it. Trucks still old enough to be easy to work on. Don’t ever see myself buying a 3rd gen or newer.
  12. Which is why I feel sorry for those spending close to MSRP for used trucks with 20-30k on em.
  13. That’s a big maybe. That all works if the economy doesn’t crash. If it crashes and new car sales stop and dealers now have new inventory not selling how/why would anyone overpay for a used car? I’m not an expert so my logic could and prob is bad lol
  14. I paid 27k for my 2015 taco in dec 17 with 25k on it. I work at a dealership and we just sold a 2015 taco (same model trd sport) with 32k for 32.5k. INSANE. edit - just want to add that the truck MSRP in 2015 was roughly 35-36k
  15. yup. I don't see it getting any better unless/until the economy crashes, or the chip factory we plan building here in the states is up and running. It's not easy getting new vehicles so the used market is on fire. Good for sellers, horrible for buyers. I feel sorry for the people spending basically MSRP prices for used trucks with 20-30k on em right now. Throwing away money basically lol