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  1. SWE pushed their ETA on them from "mid/late april" to "late may" on their website.
  2. Got my first top water fish yesterday evening on a guppy pencil.. was about 23-24 inches.
  3. Just wondering if this play in the main gear is ok... I have another 250 and a 150 that don’t have this play so I’m a little worried somethings wrong. Turning the handle I don’t feel anything bad just this side to side play... thanks in advance.
  4. I’m going to pass at $500.. My offer still stands if you change your mind. Either way, nice rod and GLWS.
  5. Went out to throw some bigger plugs to see how they swam and ended up throwing this on after seeing a few splashes and caught a few schoolies. 5inch Lunker city fin-s shad
  6. let me sleep on it and I will let you know.. are the grips like the ODM genesis style?
  7. Respectfully offer $450. I’m not sure if I’ll be going to the event but I’m local to the venue and could meet there(SWLCC).Thanks.
  8. not the one for sale but they are all the same.
  9. Well this thread is certainly derailing now... I wasn’t trying to have this turn into a bashing of any kind.. just wondering how their turnaround times have been for others.
  10. I was intending on sending them to the SWE when they supposedly became a service center this year but found out back in February it wasn’t looking like it was happening so I had to find an alternative. I’m just more concerned on being told something and it not being true. Looks like it’s the usual so I’m not too alone.. I’ll get em when I get em.
  11. Any idea how long they had them? Was banking on SWE becoming a service center this year and that didn’t work out so got to sending mines out later than I want.
  12. Looking to see if anyone has recently sent/received a VS and what the turnaround time is/was for you. I've been waiting for my reels for 7 weeks now and was originally told 2-4 on 3/2... they received my reels on 3/4. I called 4/1 to check up on them because it was 4 weeks since they got them and was told that they were about 5 days behind the day they received my reels (2/27) and would be getting to them within a week or two. Another two weeks go by and I call on 4/14 to check and make sure there wasn't an issue with the reels as I figured they'd have been looked at by then(lefty reels so I know parts could be an issue if needed any). I think I spoke to Mike at this time and was told they'd be looked at within the next day or two. Called again this Monday (4/19) and was told my box was on the "bosses desk" with a few in front of mines. 3 days later now and I still don't have a charge on my card or a phone call about my reels.. Not trying to bash them in anyway here as every time I've called they're always super respectful and helpful but I feel like I'm possibly getting the run around here. I understand that they're most likely stupid busy so instead of constantly calling them I figured I'd ask here and see what others have had for experiences lately. Was hoping to get my reels back by now (which is why I called before I shipped them) and not sure how much longer I'm willing to go before I make the 4 hr drive and just pick them up.
  13. +1 for hockey grip tape
  14. Flatlander 2 tube... could hold a plug or two more in the tubes but I hate dealing with tangled hooks on a rock.
  15. He can tuxedo it.. black one for a 150l on the bay