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  1. I just never understand how people can be so adamant on something if they don’t really know all much about it. You said ‘don’t spray your plants’ with anything. Nothing against you it’s just you’re saying something that is 100% wrong and I wanted to know why you recommend it but you can’t say why.. that’s all.
  2. How is it solid advice if you can’t explain why? Some of the best herb I’ve ever seen was fed nothing by.. you guessed it - foliar feeding.. there’s many ways to growing good clean herb and your way isn’t the only way, that’s all.
  3. That means nothing lol. I’d love to know what you know about foliar feeding before making such a statement, mr. canibus industry. Please enlighten me.
  4. Not sure if the chemical part is towards me but what I’m recommending is chemical free.. there isn’t anything wrong with a chemical FREE foliar spray.. many people feed their plants only this way. Predators don’t always work either.
  5. This is an old post.. unfortunately seller ended up flaking on me and never sold me it.
  6. There are a lot of good plant-safe organic IPMs you can use that will deal with mites and even gnats.. I’d stick away from anything bottled in my garden.
  7. If this means it’s me, PM me your PayPal info BT specialist. I’ll take it.
  8. Think I’ve got what I was looking for. Closing this. Thank you SOL!
  9. I can do that. Shoot me a PM with your PayPal.
  10. I’d be interested in the 2 circled + the other purple. How much shipped?
  11. Works for me. Send me a PM with your PayPal. Thanks
  12. How much for that middle white one + previous 3?
  13. If max doesn’t take this, I will for the $28 PayPal.
  14. I’m going to pass on the larger orange one, but I am interested in more if you’d like to post some up.. trying to bundle as many as possible to save on shipping. Thanks!
  15. In your photo it looked like there was a belt loop on the back, their photo didn’t so was just wondering if that was the case.