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  1. Good for the officer, I dislike the word cop!For everyone of them he ticketed 100’s of creeps, perps, gangbangers and anyone last years could comit any crime and skate. Service taught me shoot fist or die! Ma. Does love to be feel good about crime, !
  2. I don’t like blueberry buckle it cinnamon and a wedge and all that other flavored crap. That is my porch beer, Schlitz is the best
  3. A tribute to our great country, stay safe , don’t drink and drive , but a beer fishing is ok
  4. no feelings at all for a player who will not adjust, biggest chance in his life. and if needed help he was let down, aka Fraiser , Joey has enough money anyway. just what if?
  5. 5am fished in front of house, the weeds were never ending, even on the change.Threw some chunks to seagulls/ Nope they wanted clams, not even a crab, There was a dead crab so we talked, no response! That was the morning
  6. Hit the water at 5:30 and first was rewarded with this really fat 28” , nothing after , but a good start, Others picked a few here and there
  7. Got there at 5:15 and other guys were there, my teacher is always first and got a few, I got a fat 18” fish and we spent lots of time talking fishing
  8. None last 3 days or last 2 weeks. Not my normal spot.
  9. Saw him many times at the Miami Met tournament awards banquets, first class
  10. Many easily 30 lbs. make a salmon look small. All the canal and barge canals are great habit for them
  11. In the 60s -85 Carp fishing on the Ct river was awesome, fish in the 30 lb range on 6 lb test. In West Spfld when the power plant dumped hot water out of what was called the bubbler!. Groups of guys would be there 3-4 am around a burning barrel in winter awaiting the discharge which made these monster come right up to it . You could use any gear you wanted, guys make secret dough balls with flavors. But simple whole kernel corn was the equal. The bite was not a bite but just maybe a slow swim away. It could be zero out but this unbelievable fishing. A stick or sand spike to put your rod on with a bell, you would listen if dark as you stood by the great "barrel of fire". (It was a given you brought some wood) When that plant stopped its discharge I fished what was called Dorman,s or Mt Tom Junction in Northampton, There was a sewer overflow discharge that would percolate all kinds of crap! Carp waited anxiously for the sound and in they came. You needed a little heavier tackle as the water was deep and they would just sit if you could not put enough pressure on. In West Spfld. the was only 2-3 deep in the winter out 500 '. I've heard there are still spots for those in the know.
  12. Here’s a few pics from pier fishing, over a 100 snook and redfish over 32”, a few pictured are close to 40” and weighed 27lbs, The bull red was 38” and weighed over 30. Another 100 or more under 32 “ were all landed , everything over 40” beat me . Big bait, cigars , 30 lb line sight fishing free spooling, You gotta go IMG_2357.MOV IMG_0807.MOV
  13. Some monster carp have been spotted at the Varrick Dam in Oswego Ny.
  14. If you fish Thursday dockmaster is Tommy , a NY guy. Say hello,
  15. I’m jealous!
  16. Really like the Devon court, mild and smooth
  17. Ive seen it go into September, storms, wind direction and some outflows are getting dead sea grass and other plants from low water.
  18. Every morning is always gorgeous, fishing / catching has slowed. That’s why I tried bait! Ugh, too much to carry for me. The fish are waiting for you
  19. 5am fished in front of house, the weeds were never ending, even on the change.Threw some chunks to seagulls/ Nope they wanted clams, not even a crab, There was a dead crab so we talked, no response! That was the morning
  20. I stayed at tv park on Myakka river threw popping corks and shrimp. Caught everything you could imagine . 10 lb gear.
  21. Wife’s has 3 siblings with serious health issues, 5 sisters who really don’t help each other, except my wife of 57 years so she wants to be there and do what she can, I understand that time is short. So be it
  22. There's a few outflows I fish that have had them for 30 yrs. Last year the most I have seen ever. When standing on a flat and they launch out of the water it's scary if close, especially at night. A few years ago with all the shark talk here in Maine the "Old Guys " were on the water under moonlight at 2am, gorgeous with sand eels glistening all around in 2' of water. We saw 2 sets of fins coming our way, As we backed up the sturgeon cruised by and dropped into the channel. They do have a shark like tail. I've numerous hooked, few landed. One I pictured for 78 yr old buddy was about 40" and amazing up close. Most that launch out out the water are about 3' long. Never seen one actually hooked in the mouth, most are foul hooked on soft baits.?
  23. For now I’ve to day a procedure called MILD, it’s not surgery but removal of debris and growth to straighten spinal nerve. About an hour, interesting! It doesn’t fix structure, but hopefully will eliminate pain. Fishing in a back brace sucks