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    Fly and spin fishing: Fl. Keys (1955-1980), Lake Ontario and Salmon River (1983-now), Wells Me stripers, sea run browns fly fishing surf (1990-now)SWFL (2017-now)
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    retired, floor covering distributor 50 yrs

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  1. Good for the officer, I dislike the word cop!For everyone of them he ticketed 100’s of creeps, perps, gangbangers and anyone last years could comit any crime and skate. Service taught me shoot fist or die! Ma. Does love to be feel good about crime, !
  2. I don’t like blueberry buckle it cinnamon and a wedge and all that other flavored crap. That is my porch beer, Schlitz is the best
  3. A tribute to our great country, stay safe , don’t drink and drive , but a beer fishing is ok
  4. no feelings at all for a player who will not adjust, biggest chance in his life. and if needed help he was let down, aka Fraiser , Joey has enough money anyway. just what if?
  5. None last 3 days or last 2 weeks. Not my normal spot.
  6. Got there at 5:15 and other guys were there, my teacher is always first and got a few, I got a fat 18” fish and we spent lots of time talking fishing
  7. Saw him many times at the Miami Met tournament awards banquets, first class
  8. Hit the water at 5:30 and first was rewarded with this really fat 28” , nothing after , but a good start, Others picked a few here and there
  9. Many easily 30 lbs. make a salmon look small. All the canal and barge canals are great habit for them
  10. Some monster carp have been spotted at the Varrick Dam in Oswego Ny.
  11. If you fish Thursday dockmaster is Tommy , a NY guy. Say hello,
  12. I’m jealous!
  13. Really like the Devon court, mild and smooth
  14. Ive seen it go into September, storms, wind direction and some outflows are getting dead sea grass and other plants from low water.