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  1. Your older guys like me have the same outlook on today's game! its a game and  too many. Glad we remember the exciting days when homeruns were 400' on avg., A good batter comes up and you brush him back. Nope pitch to Devers who I think is awesome competitor of course Fenway's wall of shame makes mistakes look good. If I were in Florida Id be fishing snook on the pier at night.

  2. Just now, Roccus7 said:

    At least I don't soak bait or drag lures.  Way too AD/HD for that!!


    It's full contact fishing, and nobody who's ever fished with me talk about a having relaxing experience, LOL!!

    I love clothes lines of weeds!!!  Glutton for punishment, or just a stupid ass.    Good luck with your motor

  3. They looked totally unwilling as batters to win a 1 run game. The pitches get the yips playing the Sox, Mentally melt as closers last 10 yrs. lost of runners LOB, was there Yankee batter that hit to opposite fields We had the game! Too many players didn’t show up, Royal Suck when it was statement time. Win tonite means nothing as the Red Sox own / even sub .500.    I had to listen to wife. Should have fished!

  4. 2 hours ago, jjdbike said:

    Great thread!

     Thanks for posting. RAW, I’d have never thought of tipping a Bucktail w/ a mackerel strip. Great idea!

    I’m gonna give it a shot from the beach over the next couple days. Hope getting a couple days past the full moon will help. 3 days on either side has always been my preference. I’m gonna try both lures & bait. Any good bait & tackle shops in the Scarborough area? I hope that sewage spill doesn’t mess things up too badly.

    Best regards.



    Use a strip of mackeral1x 3” , cast, let stand 4-5 seconds , reel in dragging 2-3 feet repeat . The jig I use is white  /white bucktail. In August this always work for any age person. I only work 30-40 feet in 2-3 ‘ water in the waves. Grandsons got 13 last nite in 1.5 hours incoming tide.