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  1. Best time for sight fishing
  2. not really, theres a few pull offs, but between too shallow water or boats its difficult. Maybe some one else has some info
  3. The bridges are as good as ever, The bridge abutments evenings are great for snook. A lot depends on what you want.
  4. Gotta love it! I preferred August - Nov. , of course I love permit
  5. It never did, some just have bad weather etc.
  6. Macanudo , good suds and look for birds busting
  7. Gotta love the shad for power acrobats and just keeping smacking. * some days with fly rod and a gold willow leaf you could hook a 100. Caught many in 7.5 range. Again times have changed but its still great, wife, kids, whomever can have a thrilling day. Water flows have a problem (too much) to fish. Last yr with covid issues it seemed like people lived there. Son takes grandsons at 5am then to school a hair late. They use 9' 4-8 lb category rods with 8 lb. and chrome darts Shhhhh!. *
  8. Its May in Holyoke Ma
  9. I always considered Tibor reels and Billy Pates to be an awesome reel with jewelry quality yet performed. I own an older Gulfstream and gave sons the Everglades and Salmon, A reels most important factor is the drag, In going the way of being open reel to be open to me has lost the character,(my 2 cts.)Its like putting plastic decals on a fine German ,Italian car because its trending. I do not like fish flashed pictures, crazy colors. My 66 GTO will never get tape or wagon wheels!
  10. With the news of catching the flats trio of the Grey Ghost, Silver King and elusive Permit everyone was becoming a guide, their sons included. Who wouldn't !!!!! get paid to fish in cash, meals, booze and tips in Paradise was a dream. Along came the marijuana business and alcohol, So the name called it the "Keys Disease". The legendary guides had to compete with the new I know everything. Especially the phrases We're hammering them when you book, Boy yesterday was on fire, don't know what happened. The newbies followed and fished close by. Learned the spots around the bridges and reefs and took all fish to slap on a spike picture board. Piles of everything for photos, then discarded. Every bar had 10 guys who were guides,(yeah I got a boat).Many became vey good, but a trip with them was always booked. Some guides dreams were finding the brown grouper which were prevalent ,but guarded closely by the Coast Guard. Slowly certain species were getting harvested so they moved elsewhere. Finally the guides association and the State of Fl. started restrictions on species, plus no kill, do not take out out of the water. A big culprit were the gulf net boats that killed permit by the hundreds daily and sold as ground fish or pompano while shrimping. The Purple Isle sunsets, trade winds never changed and are awesome today. Wife and I bought a conch house there, but sold in a few years as it was not a healthy place for kids. Yes I miss it, but bought here in Maine which was only 3 hours from my business. My next write will be the very good, great guides, fishing just as good for somethings. Some FYI if going
  11. If so OK, those areas 80 yrs. published ,just want people to enjoy something easy. Thanks for heads up
  12. I new many that busted for picking the bales, most stuff was confiscated with a warning. Guys had to watch for bow lights peeping out from mangrove island.
  13. Early 70s we showed Coast Guard channels in back country to chase illegal shipments
  14. We started fishing Islamorada in the Fl. Keys, originally for snapper. We could stay at a Motel (Golden Key) for $38 a week. Shrimp was $.35 a dozen, fresh dead was 5 dozen for $1, just as good. We fished Indian Key and mangrove and hog snapper were easy and ran 4-8 lbs. While fishing I saw an older guy using a crab and heavy rod and catching permit every so often. That did it. Hooked for 50 yrs. Dad and I picked crabs on lower matecumbe oceanside. We could get about 2 dozen fini /sand crab. Blue claw cross. ( had chance to buy ocean front lot in crabbing picture for $595. $10 a month. Dad said not worth it!!!!) We got so good at hooking and landing permit that could be traded for gas, food, or meals it was amazing. Always drove back to Hollywood with a full tank of gas. There's a picture again of record holder mom with a 29 lb permit. She was a gamer. She in picture with Ted Williams would always tell him! I have landed a bigger bonefish and permit than you ever did. LOL,I got know Ted Williams when seeing him in Boston playing. A guy who would say little!, After game he was going to his car, I yelled to no avail. Dad said say this. Mr Williams if you sign my program I will tell you were the biggest bonefish is. He whirled around and said what do I know? The guy opened the gate and he said to Dad do you know where I live? Yes we said. He said stop in when your down. Wow. Next trip we went to his house on Carrol st. and talked in his garage. I was so excited that when he asked if I wanted a bat or something, I guess I said not. Hurricane Donna came and took away his house and contents. He drove the Keys in a beat station wagon, white stained T shirt and shorts. He favorite restaurant as Manny and Isa's ,very few knew him, had his own table. Don't talk baseball and you get an ear full. Bigger than life character with a side very few got to see. Many years later he worked with son, teaching him his methods. My son ended up be the top baseball prospect in Ma. in 1993 ,was not drafted but got.4 yrs of college, 1st yr in college he blew out shoulder. We all remained friends till his death. All started with parents that moved back and forth from Ma. to Florida about every 6 months. ( I still ended up a A+ student) Heres a few more pics. If its not boring I can give sequels in fishing there
  15. That's correct, Met Andy and he's best caster I have ever seen!!!! Ted Williams did pool video of same. Tried with stand up rod. Got pulled backwards
  16. Surprised he didn't say Elmer Fudd
  17. besides the tide is where is the bait. Most of my best outings is last outgoing and 1-2 hours incoming. pay attention corners and curves where water will be deeper and good striper ambush points. Late April -mid May here for schoolies
  18. There are many times a year for me that flies out fish softbaits. Now I'm about fish in 15-22" size. Some mornings the flies will do 20 fish or so in a few hours. Next day only the spinning rod and softbaits produce same numbers, same place and size. Guessing the zone or speed? Asking as I 'm about to go all spinning.
  19. In most cases stamina is short lived as the time on is short. If you get a good hook set you can land them faster on a fly rod if they are allowed to jump. You need to be quick, limber to drop rod tip and pick up slack. To me in a boat a line management container is bigtime important, looking down to see where line is hung up is costly; feet, shoes, sandals
  20. Loaded question, big and tuff, sturgeon; Fast and acrobatic Steelhead; Bluegill !!!
  21. Fight good to, they love buoys, markers etc
  22. To me the best bottom fish are in the Islamorada to Marathon, There's the Cheeca reef, caloosa rocks by channel 5. If you looking for grouper then go to back country and get a guide to take you to the rubble spots. Grouper, Jewfish, Permit and Cobia .. Good luck, take pictures
  23. FANTASTIC!!!! in all my years I had never seen them like that. I fished Nine mile and Buchanan banks where 10-20 boats lined up. Absolutely nothing to critique. Thank You for bringing us on the trip!