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  1. "Surfcaster," Ordered everything and extras from Doug on 3-18-2021 , all in stock and del. today, Shipped priority with a freebie. 1st class, my new supplier, Thanks guys
  2. I'm in !!! pass the karma
  3. Awesome, luv big boy toys. I think you will find your liking to that drive, Make sure you have an over run couple for bush hog if not built in.
  4. They are a large investment company and a very large accounting firm. Not just a CPA. For average working individual or families the monthly or by yearly contact , You have choices of conservative or aggressive. My best investments were and are commercial properties but that wasn't question
  5. I have been burned in buying stock tooooo many times, For the last 30 yrs. I have used a CPA office that deal in mutual funds. Because he does my business and personal he had much more imput into options that would work. Diversified was key, some years they flip flopped Mutual funds are in most times slower but not volatile. To me now is the time look, but stay away, Best advice is to have money deducted for your investment before you ever see it. !!!!!!!!!
  6. Above water strictly for your visibility, fluoro for leader if light refraction is an issue. I use Ande green or Pink in all saltwater situations 60 yrs, no lack of fish lips
  7. Nice photos of what might be one of the last close pristine places. Thanks ,
  8. the colors maybe different quality cork rings or the glue ,Try what you can, if the lines are glueI doubt linseed will help or your ability to smooth.
  9. with a backhoe , I guess $29000 ? Business write off helps big time
  10. Fish Whisperer ! If you say so they ill come. Tight lines
  11. Probably not varnish, hardly used. I have always washed cork with soap(dawn) ,let dry. I prefer to use sandpaper very lightly-400-600 grit for a few times around, not up and down. You can use cork sealer, I used clear linseed oil which keep cork moist, It does seem to prevent in denting. Learned from a friend who worked at the Leonard rod company . He had a restoration bus. for antique bamboo rods. If that does help, youtube fly rod reel seat replacement video. You go do just slide bands or up locking type
  12. Bonefish Tarpon Trust magazine.(gorgeous, well written) The red tide, algae bloom goes back to 1980., The same problem happening on the great lakes, just no top water bloom, all underwater situation, glad you like it there. Heading to anywheres in South Fl. in March you are subject to winds.
  13. sanding and filling cork was and is normal on bamboo rods, Today most cork if rings are varying grades. At worst , sand down an add a slide band metal seat.
  14. Thanks, kinda jumped to a conclusion early.
  15. Didn't know if it had wound like mono. Thanks for replies
  16. Putting on 30 lb Pro V 2 on Penn 5500 SS reel , Have always had looseness after 15-20 casts ?
  17. Thanks for offer. Up here S. Maine. I think my fly shop might do it.
  18. The 9 N I put a plow on with canadian chains,It sat under shed. with a 6 volt battery, a few shots of ether and it chugged half over, 2nd try always fired up. 800' dirt drive and 1200 foot road it let nothing stop it. Not pretty, but dependable.
  19. Owned both 8n and 9m . most difference was tranny. "Rubber wheel bulldozer"
  20. In 1980 I bought bought my Yanmar 3cyl diesel turf tie unit with, a bush hog,5' belly mower and a york rake for $7800 from a dealer. Got $6500, Craigslist 2 yrs ago, guys fighting for it. Almost 50 year old tractor and equipment.
  21. Patience which is not my norm. Bought everything else where plus much more. Actually was a better pricing ,shipping. I just prefer Pay Pal. Everything in stock and be here 7-10 days. Win some lose some, hate wasting time for replies, when your older there's lots of flickering to the candle ,LOL
  22. Western Ma had a lot of dealers, It was Yanmar heaven. I personally would not be afraid of used from a dealer.
  23. Like anything else. maintenance, oil is cheap, greasy hands are productive.
  24. Read it and it is very disturbing. Just recently the money for SWFL was diverted to Miami. I have only owned and been involved in the Pine Island Bokeelia end as it was somewhat immune to the water flow from the Caloosahatchee. Prior to this reply I called a few fishing buddies there and this was theirs comments. The winds last fall - now were very heavy out of the west and still are. Many times there was very little current flowing out to the bay thru Boca Grande pass. Lots of times last yr. I could not use floats to drift away from the pier or boat wherever I was. From Cayo Costa to Bokeelia the water was always clean and algae free. The new bldg. boom will only make things worse. Fish now, we know not how long we will have such a great resource. Tight Lines
  25. Truly Old Florida