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  1. Do not know about fish oil in WD 40, but trolling Lake Ontario for 30 years Captains used it on spoons, flashers and any terminal tackle. We sprayed all electronics that went in the water. Any metal gets a funky metallic smell. It covered gas residue, my cigars . Many Captains ran cameras of the downrigger to watch fish. Yes there is a difference. Its like wearing cologne on a date!!!!
  2. Why would a little WD 40 be bad for the environment when virtually every boat that goes out leaves much more pollutants. Ever think of all the soft baits left? Do crustaceans eat the plastics? certainly birds
  3. Call it a pig!, a toad, whatever, just call it friggin awesome
  4. WD 40, works on plugs, trolling flies, spoons, it leaves a slick. All fish that eat out of attraction will take it. Buy pocket size spray
  5. With all the discussions on paints and colorings, this reminds me of the 1950's when smoking a motorcycle tank was popular. A neighbor in Hollywood fl. had a Triumph T 110, He painted his tank white gloss and when paint was wet he would burn and oily rag under the tank and turn the tank to create a "smoked" look that he clear coated. It was quite popular in south Florida. I was 12 and had beat up Harley Hummer that he smoked, Back then airports had runways that were motorcycle drag strips on Sunday. Vincent Black Shadows were the fastest. just a lit FYI
  6. No, had one like it, 6 car heated, collected, restored for fun. I would buy and sell 3-4 a year. Wife and sons always drove something cool.
  7. Hard finding photos, I never had any. Today they call it flames painted in layers, The old techniques were white with soot from a candle or rag. Images posted are done with acetylene
  8. In Western Ma. there are many, sometimes referred to as German carp. All I have seen were in the Ct. river in Ma. . Biggest was 24 lbs.. Still lots around but kept quite. In Oswego Ny in July/August up to Varick dam water is very very low and they lay on grass edges. were water dumps in river. Monsters
  9. Does anyone get many mirror carp ? I did hook in the mouth on a willow leaf when fishing a shad run, probably accidental.
  10. Just another pretty face
  11. Stay home , there here mid May
  12. Got used to that in the Keys, 60's low profile shallow water
  13. I call it sling shotting. Less wind, great on the flats
  14. Most all water front restaurants in the Keys have same scenario, They wait for tidbits, do not move when when you wave your arms, but get them on a flat and they spook from 30-40', There is one mid key bridge when gulf shrimp are moving on outgoing tide at nite there are thousands of Mr Poon! Bring your long handle net, hanging lantern, dip a bucket of 5' shrimp and cast a few on spinning gear. 1 minute or less to fish on.
  15. I know nothing!!! Just send samples
  16. Its like flip flop painting a car
  17. I really like Cortland lines, I use a Trident Skagit 6' add on . There's where I do need more distance, then I add.
  18. Great photos, and fish that gets little respect
  19. I always used soft baits in motor oil for smallies
  20. Awesome! Too often we do not as a whole to see what's in front of us. Take time to smell the roses.
  21. white river, skeleton type 3-4 $25-50 I use a 7-8 wt for stripers.
  22. In front of my house the pogy net boats 3 at a time and 4 small boats harvest the pogies when they school up. They do the beach area from Drakes Island to Ogunquit, This is a sandy stretch avg. 15-28' depth . Its home for right whales and porpoise at these times. The Marine Fisheries Stewardship says their net DO NOT TOUCH bottom and have than 1% -8% by catch. They do this for 3 days. The next day the complete 1.5 miles of beach is covered with weeds, bottom vegetation and anything foreign that fell to the bottom, When the large trawlers circle you can see the sand plumes. The junk coming onto beach has a different bottom smell. There will be many stripers and flounder found shortly after with gill rip problems. I've called harbormaster and he answer was the nets are NOT supposed to drag bottom, 3 straight years. The small net tender boats go around the net pulling fish out. I help a Capt . pull his traps and then we fish. Nobody talks about lobster or crabs. They seem to not net the larger stripers, but the schooled fish are corralled. To the commercial boats its just business, There are many locals who will drive to New Brunswick and buy lobster pot fish and by product in bulk. That's my 2 cents as a conservationist, as a fishermen, not bait no stripers, after the boat harvest there is a big drop off of fish, With my binoculars I can see everything, they are less than 800' from beach. I have read everything on nets ,floats (FADS to reduce by catch) never used here. Purse seine nets do drag bottom!. As the Capt. said, they cull on their way back to port culling, No inspections when in the netting process.
  23. With it hard to get supplies for tying flies during Covid , I reverted to this, I can't hold them without squashing
  24. Try to when I get in the car, New a guy who recorded on tiny pocket unit. It was basically a conditions report. Don't know if it worked, but a daily log to me is very nice to have. Fishing here the wind makes a difference.
  25. Good, keep us posted.