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  1. The nets are set and awaiting the $2000 a pound bounty, not all the time. Very interesting, and the rights needed to harvest.
  2. yes, and homeowners will have no problem with their wells???? is what they said
  3. These are unused except for 1 that worked always. These are duplicates ,from small to the larger these worked awesome on schoolies, rabbit streamers. Thinks theres 12 cork type, 2 foam and 10 eel like, sand eel.$35 Not junk ebay bought ,, shipping $5
  4. I think most any fishy scented OIL will help draw strikes, keep them interested till he bites or another hits. Used herring oil I bought in quarts , but messy, and car stunk. WD 40, clean, quick
  5. Having fished 30+ years for steelhead on a fly rod, I learned a lot. With 12 over 15 lbs and the 17.6 pictured all on a 9.6 6wt.Always pressure to the bank side, never lift your rod,I usually keep my drag a little loose and palm to feel the fish. Sometimes on a run drop your tip and they will slow with only a straight line coming off the spool. I se only 6lb tippett. That keep me from forcing the fish. Lastlly there are many spots where there's little chance of success, After awhile you find the spots that allow the chromer to run up river and you can them where you started.. Indicators and globugs!!!
  6. The seals and sea gulls have been found with the softbait and hook deep in the gullet
  7. sorry, my Maui Jims are gray prescription, I use over the counter polaroids in yellow or brown as distance is not a factor, Yellow and light brown define river bottom, rocks, colors, structure. Its then much easier to spot fish. In bright saltwater the dk. gray allows seeing fish you never thought were there, Stripers, tarpon, snook etc. Big difference and does not strain eyes and prevents eye issues
  8. I wear gray for saltwater, yellow or light brown for rivers, creeks. Wrap around do prevent a lot of glare, or there slide on sides for blocking sunlight back glaring in eyes.
  9. Maui Jim's, expensive, but with warranty they are worth it. I buy wrap arounds, and store glasses correctly. My glasses are prescription, 8 yrs old, Been wearing Maui's since 1999, 4 new glasses or repairs for free( shipping +)
  10. Retired 62, if no fishing I hit flea markets for fishing stuff to flip, besides sell some stuff we had to have
  11. Go to youtube and google southern Fl. sugar cane, and some the others will also pop up.
  12. From what was said it came from high level of radon? I know what it is, but high levels? we may never know. We I used to live in Western Ma, that that the radon does not go away and its a lot to stop the cellar penetration.
  13. Amazing how the initial reports talk about fertilizer products not being harmful! It said they are dumping a million gallons a day in Tampa Bay. Is phosphorus an Okeechobee problem?. The north shore of Lake Michigan on the Canadian side is pretty much void of any decent fish due to farm runoffs of fertilizer. Lake Ontario southern basin had a disaster of Steelhead kill off. It destroyed countless years of prime steelhead rearing. This was 6-8 years ago and for years they officials said it was an anomaly. There were many biologist reports that the supposed organic compound which is in fertilizer for cleaning turbines in Nuke plant was the problem. This will be a real spin zone.
  14. They reported radioactive materials/ extra high radon levels, not likely this will go away, Already ear marked 200 million, and company gone
  15. Last nite Tampa News live was very disturbing watching the green slime being dumped. What goes in ground will not hurt your well, said officials, just drink the kool aid
  16. posted' just do no know if any value to ASF fisherman
  17. Anyone out there tell me what value 2 signed McPhail flies in folders with cards from ASF drawing is worth plus a few from another Margaree guide. Want to sell
  18. "Probably a hungry Vol who ate the hole"
  19. A Tampa Bay Fl. tv station last nite showed the green discharge into Tampa bay. They said officials said it will increase red tide. Some of the water is going into drilled mines, but said the locals with wells should not worry. The storage pit was 50% above ground and plainly visible when driving buy> This stuff really bothers me. I feel sorry for the people who bought there.
  20. Nice, any doggie bags?
  21. You can google urea and its use in Power Plants, The claim is its 100% safe IF MIXED CORRECTLY. If you have some DEF fluid pour it on metals and plastic. Hopefully we can get a biologist to respond. The way for the steelhead problem was from Nine Mile Oswego NY. . There were other happening on Lake Erie , Politics just wore out getting correct answer. Same with other fishery issues.
  22. Carp and egg sacks for Steelhead
  23. There are many reports on the cleaning of Nuke plants using urea, or carbamide which is fertilizer or pesticide for crops, But its also used in the cleaning of diesel exhausts, Urea hydrochloride is a cleaning agent reported as used in these plants.I followed these reports as I watched tens of thousands of Steelhead floating down the rivers with gills swollen and they could not breathe.Any massive amounts of nitrogen is deadly.
  24. Didn't mean it that way,