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  1. The issue I believe is absentee landlords turning properties in residential neighborhoods to income property rentals.
  2. Well said,I guess its how they do final draft. People who own summer properties for their own use should not be grouped in with absentee landlords.
  3. Supposedly B& B's need to be approved or zoned. campgrounds and seasonal resorts go thru regulations. Fine, some properties are being bought up by low interest rates and the high rental returns, those should need local gov. approval. Putting the seasonal group in this is just an easy out.
  4. No, blame the officials that had no plan for the situation,
  5. Just look at the area around the Portland Sea Dogs and convention center. Refugees from Somalia, Nigeria and Lewiston where thay don't want to live anymore. They are waiting for new housing, needy seniors are not getting what they get. But there bleeding hearts with other people money across the country coming out as cancel culture needs to be funded.
  6. I'm in Wells, Not surprised that a rep, from Kennebunk would like to see this, Kennebunk is one of the lower percentage coastal areas with single rental homes. How about taxing a room rented in Kennebunk by the fancy Hotels? All hell would break loose. They continually try to close there beaches. Me. has a rooming tax of 9% plus sales tax. I spent years going to town meetings to understand what they were changing. Decisions on budget, expenses are an after thought. I could go for ever .. Maine theory is spend it, we will find it, here, we as a tourist state wants to work 7 months only, close to get tax rebates and stifle others from opening up One of the reasons kids under 25 ALL leave. one of the most purposefully dysfunction states anywhere. Amen, done, pissed off with rocks for brains
  7. Not been traveling much. About 1/2 from Hampton Beach. Between Ogunquit and Kennebunk
  8. Here's a side bar to worker shortages now, free money, many home owners can't mow their own yard, fix a faucet or even try. Change a tire, What's that. Where's the old thought, show me once then I can do it. Famous old saying, " The only failure is not trying" .. Today and forward will be the new new!, impatience, no attempts to do simple jobs. Good for independent contractors!!!!! At least big GOV. can't with in reason control. If you want to close and fishing for a week/work a little harder for 2 weeks.
  9. As i said before, RV blow out plug, rubber hose, rubber glove and do it yourself car wash. Virtually on every corner, then rinse boat.
  10. The one frame is antique with original float glass, Todays shipping condition are terrible. Yes they can be insured but its not about the money. The frames and matting etc. cost more than the price. Just looking for good home. Way too much stuff..
  11. Over a 30 yr. time frame I bought,sold and collected bamboo rods. I had a Vietnam buddy who came back from the service in rough shape from agent orange. He worked in the Leonard bamboo shop and then that got difficult , He was a master rod restorer, but anyways I bought rods from auctions and Ebay that he would restore, and I would sell so he could make a living. Fast forward 10 yrs. I just sold my best rods to a collector over the years who bought a dozen or so rods. Sold all to him for a lot less than value, but it went to someone who appreciated cane. All good karma
  12. A neat thing was done on the Salmon River NY was the LOTAC steelhead one day derby. Heaviest fish measured and witnessed and heaviest bag of junk. About 40 boats, $50 buy in. win 2 types of guided trips and tons of tackle manufacturer freebies, worth more than entry fee. This was just line, lead, plastic ,Styrofoam, and lures. The overhanging trees look like Xmas at times. WE pick up chairs, propane tanks etc. 2 pickup trucks got filled.
  13. Was in flooring business 50 yrs, sons now own company. Every time someone applied for a job, how$. I don't like weekends etc. Most trades people up make huge bucks, but cry the blues and report 1/3 to the Gov.. Maybe the words work and labor should be "cancelled" then they would love it.
  14. Awesome, and there close by for all to catch
  15. Right off Pine Island, I'll swim over, neat place
  16. Was a great place to fish, and see. Of the locals are truly different to their lifes approach.
  17. Won a ASF drawing for these signed 2013 and 2 others from local Margaree guide $35
  18. Glad your enjoying the fish, super stealthy and sometimes just a looker. Steelhead are awesome, they do have certain traits as you are learning. All my fish are landed on a 9.6 6wt rod and 4-5 lb. tippett. Tight lines
  19. Yes, 1 of favorite spots I can let them upriver 300' of needed. Once he stops, a little pressure and they drop back. I slide into soft water and keep bank side pressure, rod tip low. The fish in my photo laid in slow gravel. L actually walked around behind and scooped him up for quick photos. Release and stayed with him till fully ready
  20. I hate fish laying in rocks/leaves or jaws distorted.
  21. Nice presentations for your pics!
  22. Do not remember exctly, but saw a guy with boat at a self spray car wash in SWFL. he had a bag? that attached to flush, then squeezed nozzle slowly
  23. 7/8 wt. bought bought 3 years ago, White River, not expensive but works great, nice drag. always well lubed, few minor paint flakes inside spool. 2 level floating lines wt. forward. 5 wt. and 7 wt. used once. Skagit 6' 60 grain & 50 + $5 shipping ,Used for schoolies and poppers,