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  1. These are examples of holographic tapes I used on trolling flashers for salmon. With Kastmasters and other metal lures getting pricey or not same quality I started redoing, new hooks and rings and filing metal smooth , Tapes can be turned in different directions to create scale looks, The silver is my best producer and much more reflective than a new one, certainly your beat up ones.
  2. Tackle Craft on ebay, lots of stuff even for plugs and rods
  3. google salmon flasher tape, trolling spoon tape
  4. bobber stays on, balloon pops and creates little drag
  5. Most of the beach areas near me were very difficult to access parking, Any outflow was loaded with tubers, But most were fair weather fishermen; come at 9 with 3 coolers,2 dogs, 3 kids, 2 tents, 3-4 rod holders etc. . and stayed till dark leaving their junk. Covid rules never obeyed. (kids were OK) this was a summer of people paid to stay home and go fishing. Went to NY to fish steelhead after Xmas and saw very very few guys. The fair weather guys don't go fishing in 20-30- degrees. So yes it will be crowded all over.75(easily irritated old guy)
  6. Used balloons for drifting crabs to permit or tarpon, If I can get back to SWFL this spring I will drift them for snook.
  7. with wind not far enough most times
  8. I'm in
  9. We have become such a sorry ass society led by social media. To me the most 2 faced type people are politicians! Both parties get that feel good when they give away billions to things un AMERICAN,. There is no turning back, I your 60 and over you'll get thru it. Can you imagine if ever there was a world conflict! Your leaders will be first in the bunker hoping nothing lands on them todays , college kids will think soft correct words is going to solve problems. We can no longer fix a flat, wash our car, reason out a simple repair. We know nothing about about finances and preparing for your golden years. The younger generation thinks us oldies got everything easy! Many of us served our COUNTRY!!!!! we know sacrifice. Its hard today to find anything that's not negative, so now many believe if they read it, its the truth. So now all history is bad, next with be math, some will say(the machine at checkout will tell me)Half of all tv commercials today are fear based. Yet we suck it up. My worst commercial is Liberty Mutual where a boy gets a new bike for Xmas and kicks it. If your older you understand, if not you will suffer!.
  10. Trying to refine my trout plug fishing, Using a good quality 6.6 rod, with mono,. Thinking braid might work better? Throwing Yozuri 2.5" pin minnows
  11. Most any team would benefit from his abilities. He could become a top quarterback if he learns recognize defenses, Most all new mobile quarterback today because of their athleticism and foot speed they are to be reckoned with. In alibiing, I meant for passing situations. Brady and Manning are tops being great with seeing defenses change before play so they could find the weak link. Just my 2 cents
  12. For me, I went to a 9.6 6wt with 5wt floating running line. Glass does give more of a parabolic bend.
  13. Many commentators have made comments about his ability to read situations quickly and some have said he can't communicate an adlib play. A gifted athlete he is but few athlete achieve great success in any sport without game awareness.
  14. Not quite, The profile is different. I will try to create what looks correct and post
  15. no ,concave like a spoon
  16. Starting May 15 in Maine to Nov. I wet wade with a sunscreen shirt.
  17. great read, Thanks
  18. Here's a picture of this hot rig, with a change needed. The head needs to be shaped like a tablespoon ,same curves and weighted 2-3 oz. same connectors, my tubes used are longer 8-10" and rigged double hook.
  19. A friend that I fish with doesn't weigh more than 140 lbs or stand taller than 5.6.Yet he can thru heavy or light flies in the surf 100' easily, He uses 10.6 2 handlers but more importantly is his superior technique. We tried a test on the beach sand, no wind any direction and he chucked 122'. He owns at least 10 2 handers and probably 40 lines and continually is tweaking. Certainly the excellence in creating and understanding graphite's and compositions its a new evolution
  20. I'm still digging, even called guy who made these, no reply yet, The idea of a heavy rounded bottom spoon look is that is does not dig!, it slides over most everything and you keep it on the sand/ bottom. For me, running and eel , not talking sand eels, talking about local eels in the 10-14" lengths it needs to be tight to bottom. The other thing is if the eel tube with hooks is attached so it moves freely, it becomes much more effective. I know some of you jig makers could easily mimic it.
  21. nice sand eel pattern.
  22. getting closer, eyelet at front another eyelet on back so tube rigged 1 or 2 hook swings loosely.SURGICAL TUBBING IS FAR MORE FLEXIBLE THAN VINYL/PLASTIC, lawnmower GAS LINE ALSO WORKS
  23. The Mitchell 300 was pretty tough, don't forget the Alcedo