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  1. Only wood they will swing is the slivers their lazy arse from their non prepared physical condition, At least McGuire, Canseco and Bonds entertained us. NEED MORE ADDERAL to get focused, Platers need to play to win the game even if its a single to opposite field, bring back Jeter and Didi Gregorious. Boy do we sucked in! even the announcers have been told to not say to much. When is .500 team a challenger even if they get there. DA BUMS
  2. GO to Bokeelia !!!!!!!!!!!!, just take a car ride, your in protected open clean water
  3. Friend hooked a big snook on the trail, It ran right in an alligators mouth
  4. Not as abrasion resistant
  5. I use 6/0 circles for everything, less bite offs and gill cuts from snook, 40-60 lb mono( not flouro)
  6. Good luck, I had catherization from groin, and numerous procedures, just got defib 4 weeks ago. Insurance and Medicare says I have punched 3 tickets, all good so far,
  7. Shrimp is candy, but easily lots, The area from Tarpon Lodge and Bokeelia has 100's of mangrove cuts loaded with snapper and snook, popping cork. Top water earl am or after 4 , less than 20' from mangroves.
  8. If you can get to the other end of the island, 13 miles, Fish around all the piers and over by Tarpon Lodge , That end has cleaner water, less wind. PM me if need further help
  9. 51 ford flat head 2dr, $20, insurance was $42 (1959) ,nosed and decked it, reversed shackles for a rake, all from Hot Rod magazines. lots of bondo.
  10. Another proud day!. Whose the pride of the yankees? Murders row? pukes and woeful pampered babies. And I still glance in to see "da bums", Fish please come quick, I don't care about size! Even a 13" would have more fight.
  11. My goof, Who's tin?
  12. Heart, attitude to the game, appreciation of making millions and not be responsible. All sports, But the Yankees have gone to muscle heads and size and forgotten about basics, There will never be the Bash brothers again, today I can fail 7.5, I can't advance runners, NOT IN MY PAY CHECK is their answer. If you fail in life you fail! not sports, Too many do not care ,because of the money we stupid old guys still believe. Its probably the 25-30% on Adderall and other illegal substances that makes them think that running is necessary anymore. Games going more to you tube?, Is there really any un-announced drug testing? We've made hero's out of juiced keg league players. Stanton, Ellsbury and on. And now cable tv is raising rates.,
  13. They are really embarrassing/ starting with Stanton, everything about the grand old game is gone, should be no guaranteed contracts. you be a stiff, mow lawns. Its every sport and lots of it in every new last 2 yrs. People getting paid to be a jerk, because you can't say anything. We are he suckers!!!!!!!!!!! I 'll watch high school or little leaque.
  14. Yeah, first Maui's were won in tournament placing 20 years ago. Now I have them make prescription, perfect optically correct, expensive, but your only as good as your eyes.
  15. About 10 years ago during the King of the Lake Salmon Derby in Oswego NY. Costa, Maui and a Norway company provided 4 pairs of glasses from each company. You needed to field test all 12 over a 3 day period. Your comments went into a box for reviews. The conditions on Lake Ontario went from bright sun to early morning fog. The Norway company for skiers were good for about an hour. Maui dark gray was voted number one for color, optic glare, and side viewing. Now most all copy each other, Just like the wrap around styles. Saltwater certainly gray tones, freshwater yellow ambers. Make sure you do not get glare when sun behind you.Since I use Maui's Dark Grass I find no need for mirrors.
  16. You guys are killing me! I grilled everything , so now everything is low sodium, dftdcdbyedfdxc that's what it tastes like . **** synthetic salt, same stuff they put on roads
  17. Video's get you cranked, thanks
  18. had 3 back procedures last 5 yrs, , None are fun. Stopped getting cut and went injections and a hard brace for 4 months and bones regrew straight with little other than soreness from dampness, It took an old Ortho Dr. to tell me different options,,, sending you best wishes an karma, don't be afraid to ask questions, 75 now
  19. Prints were $140 in 1967 , last call, too much art /auction time
  20. Things that are free or cheap cost your more in the end. Use an accountant or CPA.
  21. 3rd down
  22. Funny how a large amount of responses were attaching something for holding yhe hook, Fly rods have had hook keepers for over 100 yrs.
  23. NO Government will ever have enough money! There is little accountability in the way they spend, create accounts to be paid later, of course with added fees. If you want a good headache go to a town meeting and listen to the reasoning in how they justify things. OPM never bothers them.