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  1. It all started with toilet paper/supply and demand craze. Even if the missing in action workers go back to work after extra weekly bonuses stop, prices will probably never roll back much. So we need to adjust our priorities on large purchases or projects. Ex. Gas station at 4 way intersection $2.97-3.15 . 1 mile either way its $2.69- $2.74 Hit home depot this morning, lumber way up, Paints no big change along with other items. Also notice prices on fishing tackle coming down and more readily available
  2. Always used good quality polaroid glasses wrap around style. Now have had 2 pairs of prescription glasses, Maui Jims were very expensive at close to $800 but warranty is great. Have a second pair made up by local shop for $400 with wraparound and polarization that is excellent. A tip. I learned 40 yrs ago was to always to beneath the water surface, look at the bottom. Just changing your approach as to what you are targeting from streams to 20' of water makes a huge difference. "Look into water not at."
  3. My 33' of water front is $1,000 a month. $12,000 a year from the $2800 when we bought, not easy to plan for when you retire./ Florida shortly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. There's a distinct difference in legal and illegal, There a difference in who pays. Maine funds should be for Mainers, not for bleeding hearts choosing to fund it with out approval. Amazing how someone said its because of election results, Case closed.
  5. I asked you if you feel persons should come in legally? yes or no. No there are not a lot here now, but it has started and will only grow
  6. So do you work and save to help kids attend college,? or let them roll the dice and have Government pay/or forgive. Crazy? but I do hear people talking the later.
  7. Is there a reason you do not mention doing things legally for immigration????
  8. Amazing how the feel goods love illegals!. Churches are a big part of the" Humanitarian" efforts, And remember The Govinator Mills said "God has blessed us with these people" . When you see the persons, committees that are doing these things , most are government employees or able to push these freebie scenarios.
  9. Nothing in any sport any longer surprises me. Steroids, Adderall and notices of up coming tests.Younger players are sent down or to physical rehab to avoid being tested and labeled.
  10. Let me tell you about fences!!!!! Neighbor a summer rental owner has a fence that continually falls in my yard. For many of the 30 yrs. I just push it back.. After many years and confrontations with little resolve, I made the city finally pull up its boot straps and wear a pair of balls!. I filed a lawsuit against the neighbor on the basis of it being not correctly spaced from property line, wrong facia facing me, illegal ground restoration for projects continuing changes. (Friend is lawyer). I applied for a town permit to put up a shed(required), 3.5'x 6' for snowblower. The city said I do not have enough footage from his fence, I asked the city to mark according their maps the correct property line, They paid a civil engineering company did survey and (I new he was on my land) that city then needed to act. His fence was 1.8' on my land. His fence needed to be 1' from property line, He was required to remove and install with fascia facing me. When they took down the fence the town found he was filling property in a coastal area with everything, all needed to be removed, grade changed back. To do new fence he had to remove his illegal shed,, He also was never registered as a rental. His life changed, I paid nothing ,but got payback beyond money. I got my shed approved. He can't use house as rental unless he meets codes. Gotta luv the legal system.
  11. An everything bagel toasted with enough butter to drip on your shirt!
  12. We go mostly to Fort Myers, Sox's and Twins, Yankee's a little further North. Sea Dogs, Red Sox up here and Sanford Mainers NECBL
  13. If you look at pics of him since he started he is a standup batter, little leg approach to outside pitches, and always too much hips preventing him covering. You lucky wife follows the DA Bums, My wife is a DIE HARD redsox fan. Yes she has and excuse for eveything. We sit 40' apart
  14. When I hear that the player has an undisclosed issue it can be because they are in a long slump, Look at Judge's strikeouts, The issues usually are mental; failure to adjust. Hit can"t hit away pitches as he did before and low and in has been his dead zone. Most free swingers can only hit pitches that they can read, a slightly erratic pitcher owns them. I like him, but he now has become very vulnerable as he stays so upright on all pitches and counts. On many of his swings he doessn't cover even the outside strike zone edge.
  15. Poor Robinson Cano banned this year for steroids, We watch the show, barely. Give me a cigar, a beer on a sunny day listening to Mel Allen!
  16. Lets not get excited with Stanton"s blip. Could you imagine that your pay was based on performance and no guarantee's!!!!!!. Is Ellsbury still lurking somewhere? Aaron Hick's future?
  17. I call it sling shot casting. Learned long ago in the keys tarpon fishing as the day you go/the wind blows
  18. I have friends who canoe grassy edges that time of year, very very large spinner baits, All I can tell you, tight lines and toothy mouths
  19. Find the pike spots!
  20. Have you beads for 20+ years, The original term I believe was Moffit system. I rarely hook a fish anywhere but upper frontal fave. Try It ,it works on small streams with micro beads and smaller indicators on light tackle
  21. 8 wt. 9.6 Scott , Atlantics, Steelhead, Stripers, Snook, all conditions
  22. Yes, always very good numbers, timing is important, but I prefer late Nov.-December chrome hottie's