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  1. “0h mortality “ parity is coming!
  2. Holy crap, they never say exactly. About 3 weeks ago 3 excavators were in the marsh and water on Drakes island sides, possible guess is they crushed the pipes? We’ll see
  3. The leak is from Drakes island to Atlantic Ave. parking lot. Report said sewer pipe is floating and being hit by boats. This can be very serious
  4. We need Bill Murray the pool cleaner
  5. It’s a popular swimming and fishing area. Also paddle board people,void/ empty. What kind of sewer pipe floats? What deputy do dredges never hit. . Maybe by October? Town left it to police before telling situation. Here in Wells if a street light is out you call police.
  6. I do not change line wt..40-50 mono with 6” of wire . 1 end of wire affixed to mono and the the end with a small ring for hook , the hook moves freely and wire is easily straightened to keep fishing. Bluefish, barracuda , snapper, grouper. 60 years. No loss of action on top.
  7. Read about BirminghAM RESURFACING, far less invasive,parts are far less in weight and far less bone removal . Dr. Daniel Snyder in Boston, at least read the differences. Tightlines, old bones and fish lips
  8. Awesome, lots to look forward to , your choice of to do or not
  9. Too bad, their unique
  10. Awesome, dedicated to create and build her future and maybe help people.
  11. Used 9/0 to 12/0 for sharks in the keys for a long time with no issues , that was pre braid years when I used Irish linen line in 120 lb. From US Line Co.
  12. Went to sit and have coffee and view the eastuary.the stench has arrived. Dogs were excited , another week of this. Still no town comments.
  13. yikes, surprising no one was hurt or go overboard.
  14. Early and late are magic!
  15. No, they are just pumping it out. Really no official details other than 3 rd closure. Photo for effect
  16. As typical other than police closing everything, the Town doesn’t comment.so when tide goes out with the crap then comes to beaches on high tide it’s cleaned? Yes so tourists pay to swim in crap contaminated water 500-700’ apart! If I call tomorrow how excuses will there be?
  17. In the 60s -85 Carp fishing on the Ct river was awesome, fish in the 30 lb range on 6 lb test. In West Spfld when the power plant dumped hot water out of what was called the bubbler!. Groups of guys would be there 3-4 am around a burning barrel in winter awaiting the discharge which made these monster come right up to it . You could use any gear you wanted, guys make secret dough balls with flavors. But simple whole kernel corn was the equal. The bite was not a bite but just maybe a slow swim away. It could be zero out but this unbelievable fishing. A stick or sand spike to put your rod on with a bell, you would listen if dark as you stood by the great "barrel of fire". (It was a given you brought some wood) When that plant stopped its discharge I fished what was called Dorman,s or Mt Tom Junction in Northampton, There was a sewer overflow discharge that would percolate all kinds of crap! Carp waited anxiously for the sound and in they came. You needed a little heavier tackle as the water was deep and they would just sit if you could not put enough pressure on. In West Spfld. the was only 2-3 deep in the winter out 500 '. I've heard there are still spots for those in the know.
  18. Doubt there’s any more Orioles gifts with their personnel now.Pride and hunger are big motivation factors.
  19. When you lose, you get the brunt, beat them bad or shut up. What’s the record this against each other.
  20. Caught many atlantic salmon in Cape Breton and on Lake Ontario trib..2 totally different fish. Caught sea run browns that vary in color depending on time year and water temps.Most all of the searuns in summer are have less color spots. Don’t know why, maybe that trout thing.Have caught searuns that look silver black spots , circle but no red or Orange. The searuns that I target are coloring up in September And October . But with Atlantics being stocked the jaw, eye and mouth color would have been big clues. But anyways it’s not a Striper
  21. Unbelievable outing, jealous/big time
  22. Looks like a brown to me,Haven't seen an Atlantic caught around here, but many guys wouldn't know. Too hot to fool with in the summer
  23. Went to Dream Park 5 times, fly fished fly creek for bass, and Oak creek for bass, Sussy was roiled up. Fished very early ams as water temps were hot. Oquaga and fly creek PFR map available on SEC site , bass were small,all came on topwater bugs
  24. Next few weeks will be a spotlight of needs asap, So far pretty much injury free for non pitchers. Need to have the ability to create small ball runs. Really want home field!