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  1. Crab patterns on bottom
  2. I also get a few fly fishing the jetty edges, nothing big
  3. We have El Salvador, Somali's driving drunk, no license, reg. running over people walking to beach, or in crosswalks. ALL RELEASED
  4. Isn't it the players union?
  5. If you can’t play, no pay. Things should change with all the guaranteed money . Players union has too much power.
  6. Lots of whiffs by the usual!
  7. You guys are killing me with big fish. Lately it’s been 15-20” skinny fish. What started for me with fish avg. 22” and up have moved to deeper water? A few boaters here have said even with pogies and mackeral around, big fish are few.
  8. To clarify, 80 lb single strand wire coffee colored is 1/3 the thickness of mono, the haywire/ twist knot is far smaller. Not talking about coated or monel wire. To each his own, guys are just not used to the line connection or the winding to hook or ring.
  9. Whether spinning,convential or fly rod when the blues are around I use the same wire section. When chasing stripers afoot , straight mono . I understand the thinking you talk about, but the wire is way thinner, not reflective and a lighter line is also less visible. If I thought I was not getting hookups from it I would think differently, but again depends on targeted specie
  10. Depends on the lineup, he is valuable slotted anywhere to move guys along
  11. Louis Armstrong It’s a wonderful world! Yes I’m old
  12. Yes there are places that reguire a different approach
  13. Agree, he just can’t hit consistently, and when needed to put in play. But many today can’t shorten up when needed. Change is better sometimes, Gardy was a far better option platooning
  14. I differ to that, I find no problem with the striper bite being with topwater, bait, eels, certainly no one uses 80 lb for soft / plastics. To use lighter lines is so much easier. A piece of stained wire tied tight and clean is also more invisible than than 80-100 lb. I’m trolling for toothy fish the short wire has little change in action. Yes it’s more work, but far cleaner looking and stealthy. My opinion
  15. It’s like fishing, time to cut bait!
  16. Simms everything for 25 years. Same guide pants repaired 4 times. Just got back guide jacket 18 yrs old. 2 repair , this time they redid all seams. Never had a fee , just shipping. Said it many times, talk nice, same as Maui Jim , tell someone live what a great product, get a reference number . Ande, free line and shirts,
  17. Why are guys afraid of lighter line and wire?
  18. Benny is a good outfielder who puts the ball in play and can be an equal for Gardner fundamentals. He’s good till starts trying hit home runs,Now peddle Gallo, he has zero value
  19. Best things I ever did was hips,up and around in 3 days, no walker or cane, Completely flexible. Cross legs, tie shoes, climb things and zero pain. Now other things
  20. I passed on nerve stimulator, injections and clean ups only. Sometimes shots work fast or at all
  21. “0h mortality “ parity is coming!