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  1. Feel bad for players who are big league players. This is not even close to Tampa program. Playoffs? But gonna be years to rebuild
  2. Rock salt works great, not only rips things apart it burns like hell
  3. Awesome, nothing like it
  4. With the shark increases they are very vulnerable
  5. Simms has always been a quality company, They stood behind their products and had programs for guides or field testers, they also were fussy early on about the retailers. Getting your product being marketed at discount prices is not good. But Warren Buffett took the majority of his hard surface manufacturing to China, quality sucks, but he wants to control market. Which he does. So Simms new owners will certainly be raising prices! The guys buying $500-800 waders is dying.
  6. I just put down my meatballs and spaghetti
  7. Yanks seem to score early, then dead 3-4 innings, been some late heroics, but, just a blip,. Cole? When he’s hit 1-2 inning he’s not going long. It’s August dog days, we run out dogs and get flea’s after 4
  8. Dan do you tie them in bucktail? or is that fully dressed? Thanks
  9. Always liked this style fishing the Fl. Keys around bridges and on flats, It has some wobble when working it. Great!
  10. Shorts and neoprene top, or shorts and frogg togg jacket. All the way to Nov.
  11. Its like fishing! the good, bad and ugly. I would like to see them reduce innings in games that are in control. I know 5 innings is the starter number thats wanted, but in 100 degrees, trips and things! August is the time to think about closers pitching 2 1/2 , make 4-5 outs, next, next, next
  12. If the area you going to holds walleye's in the summer you can by boat troll with and electric motor, I used to row a drift boat in 8 to`10' of water flat lining around structure
  13. The slow retrieve of crab flies is deadly in some areas. When I fished fly rod only, your ability to slow the presentation down or speed up has an advantage. Albie snack free drifted is very good. The small crabs here are plentiful and we see stripers pick them off when we retrieve whatever
  14. Yankee big bodies are tired, good thing they have a big lead! Remember Roger Maris was never a big hitter after his record. Summer months are for younger athletes.
  15. nice photo, your guess as good as mine. ( lobster kind of shreds)
  16. To fly fishermen , where there’s crabs is heaven as they throw crab patterns last 15-20 yrs. Buddy has epic days , avg 12 or more 19, 50 yes those guys finger roll the fly pattern and are magical with results. I done some, usually a half dollar size. But not in their league! Permit another story, Yes stripers eat crabs
  17. friends are doing great on snook, redfish, small tarpon around my spot.
  18. Maybe one might check your equipment while your getting ready, but doubt it.
  19. My opinion, no one cares game warden wise or others.
  20. Fished Oswego area from boat and north jetty. Cooler weather (spring /fall) and low light. plugs, spoons in frog color and buzz baits,
  21. I move my funds in and out, went cash at fund, not great 1.03% but I’ll sit for awhile
  22. Vasquez was a consistent player, a gamer who was more clutch than all but Devers? Yankee fan not understanding that move.
  23. Bag of donuts! , good for Double AA