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  1. I don’t believe the results show backwater habitat. Funny human fecal matter is ok, but dog doo and birds are bad ? Right now 7:07 am it stinks bad
  2. What a bull**** answer. I said they will wait till after tourists go and that’s their money grubbing plan. We built walkways for estuary viewing , but took litghly pollution. If your septic tank leaches or breaches in water your ass is grass. Hope the town boards going swimming after the repairs to show us taxpayers it’s safe.
  3. Buy him a 1 wheel so he can break more and be done, uniforms, tv , bike ! Why not
  4. Sorry, 4-6 months but pitched for 4 yrs of any value for the 140 mil
  5. Competition was really poor! In a direct quote from Ted he said pitchers threw 80-85, pitched 4 innings and hitters could swing logs in his day. (1986 in his lanai in Islamorada Fl. Over looking Florida bay. )
  6. After the the last 3 yrs I’m believing a team of 275 hitters who put the ball in play, go the opposite way are the future. Old big remember when guys are risky, now Judge is great for how long? Next contract? Watched Kansas City dismantle the Soxs ,what a fun team to watch. ALL nobodies now.
  7. Scary stuff, fishing around mangrove can be bad, Bigtime bacteria, All my years , never an issue, Father got infected from crab pinchers we were catching. He used Seagram 7 nips. Half for the cut and the other down the hatch, there are alcohol wipe that take little room. Everyone forgets that crap happens till it does. Glad you got to finish
  8. That was an amazing team! The Amazing Mets
  9. If all wells beaches closed, it would be fixed asap, Revenue loss and being known as a sewer
  10. Today at 2 , same sewer line break, Beach closed to everything!
  11. Blame game is starting. Town said people voted down funds? Never heard about funds needed! I keep tract of everything as best I can. We are getting our 3 town manager in 4 years.Selectman and. Committees do not know how to get bids for projects and with performance bonds! Not their money/Not their problem. Our handling of the hotel/motel crisis was disgusting. Google salaries of town employees!!!!
  12. Agree 100%, Tv and owners making huge bucks , then whittle down talent, it’s their right. A rating report on Sox was that Ellen and Pep Pa Pig? Had beer tv ratings
  13. He sucks big time, everything over his head, throws barely make 2 nd! Any further and it’s slurve, Is he related to Roberto Duran? No mas no mas And looks so surprised
  14. I heard Yankee management bought a magic switch to turn on in Sept.? Season is really too long and boring, Many players can’t last or do not work at being prepared. At least the 50-60s guys could go out and pound the bars and still play, Find myself turning off games early. It is what it is , just a TV spectacle!
  15. Woeful and futile at best is the team. Let’s not forget what was to be a great starting rotation? When you see the athleticism of younger players on ther teams you have to question scouting!
  16. But we have a big lead? But if you play this way continually?
  17. Not pretty, never seen a top prospect lacking all tools except speed, Sox are saying it was the sun? So Sucks have lost close to a dozen plays from by the pitcher to first base and the outfield. It’s so pathetic to hear and see Redsox announcers make so many excuses, good thing Eck isn’t in there.
  18. A loss is a loss, woulda coulda means chit. Are they playing today??????
  19. Sandworms make a big difference, fish take a chunk and come back. Dig your own
  20. The guys working tube and worm here are doing good. Atlantic salmon once were called a fish of a thousand casts! Stripers for me is really close, Is therapy for my body or am I just being a glutton for punishment?
  21. Diehard Sox’s fan till 1995, then jumped ship to the Bronx’s bombers, professional players, soxs were cry babies with an excuse for everything.They got lucky with HOF player that purposefully was left out being reported a stimulant user. So in our house are 2 tvs, Sox and yanks! Wife swearing big time at her triple a time!
  22. SOLD AT ALL MY TED WILLIAMS AND REDSOX signed stuff. team balls, bats from Ted,100'of photos from 1958 . Team signed balls from 1946 -1968. Personal letters about fishing and his helping son with baseball. Mostly that he and Capt Jack Brothers were in the guide boat lineup for both parents who were cremated and spreads at our favorite bonefish spot.The sports auction house did great, money went into 529 funds years ago. Each of 2 grandsons have 2/3 colleges paid.
  23. What a jargon of crap. Last place, minus runs in offense, Duran throws like a girl, Bogarts value gone and should bat 5-6 . The triple AAA guys are never going to make it. But NESN keeps bringing in babbling guys to hype up things! Remember when he? Boy! Just missed !, Right on it. But mostly all teams they need to catch are winning more than this bag of hockey pucks
  24. As a former Masshole do I see another
  25. Bloom will never get another job after this, any and all players need respect! The Vasquez trade was outright nasty. I believe many players feel the same.Sooo, go where the money is!