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  1. They looked totally unwilling as batters to win a 1 run game. The pitches get the yips playing the Sox, Mentally melt as closers last 10 yrs. lost of runners LOB, was there Yankee batter that hit to opposite fields We had the game! Too many players didn’t show up, Royal Suck when it was statement time. Win tonite means nothing as the Red Sox own / even sub .500. I had to listen to wife. Should have fished!
  2. Use a strip of mackeral1x 3” , cast, let stand 4-5 seconds , reel in dragging 2-3 feet repeat . The jig I use is white /white bucktail. In August this always work for any age person. I only work 30-40 feet in 2-3 ‘ water in the waves. Grandsons got 13 last nite in 1.5 hours incoming tide.
  3. yikes. not even in my good days!
  4. They did another repair today to get tourist money on weekend, Final repairs Sept. -Oct. maybe. Forgot to mention, water still stinks in harbor!
  5. I’ve said earlier a good accountant who handles your funds are top priority, He advised and moved funds that were going to probably dive 25% due economics and Gov. Policy . Went to cash in same Fund group and have moved in an out 2 times in last 2 years.Hard for most people to understand the trend path up or down. Patience can hurt/ but panic is worse depending on age.
  6. few on white bomber, kastmasters, best lure white bucktail tipped with 3" mackeral strip
  7. Yes, he was awesome!great voice, hearing the games back then was exciting, no hoop-la . Names like Mick, Moose, Yogi
  8. the weeds are spotty, keeping rod high really helps, plus they are always in close 30-40 from beach edge, 2-3' of water
  9. Does neat and manicured win today. If we posted the best players few would be high and tight!
  10. stink is worse, now smelling on beachfront on incoming tide and se wind
  11. He breaks wrist, now out 4 years. Bloom, says he’ll be back. Did he fall trying to punch something, Oh what year for Sucking Soxs, attendance is down, rating, and I think any player up for contract should prune the “Bloom crap show”
  12. Virtually every part of the Maine coastal flats have many closed to harvesting.Only after the town Wells 4 time closure its becoming apparent its statewide. I clam with a friend for fun! I called the DMR yesterday and the only one to answer said problem is rain????.I said it’s been dry. He then said Wells is different ? Their pages show many closed due to sewage, He said they are investigating and waiting for grant money!Amazing
  13. this nuts, the fact that they funding to investigate. Now and only now because many are asking are we seeing Supposedly. Portland WGME tv will be done here.
  14. Wells, Scarborough to Old Orchard , no harvesting of any shellfish. Remember yesterday Wells said no problem. Something stinks
  15. The beach has been good, sandworms, chunk bait. Early and late. They in flurries, here, gone , back
  16. Babe Ruth no different, politics abound in NE.
  17. Never again to Fenway, not baseball any more
  18. Went to pick up fresh mackeral as the nite bite in front me is great. Went to tackle shop at the harbor and thought I was at the dump. The stench is really really bad. 100 of people come to use restrooms, pavilion , swim(great swimming for kids) and the gas passing town is in hiding. This a safety and emergency situation. It’s all over internet and publications about this! 4 times, Are they waiting for tourists to leave. Shameful
  19. The 1st hour of photos on tv showed truck wide turning into road with trailer across the complete road. The plea bargains to keep information from the public is everyday by crooked attorneys and DAs.
  20. It’s the new age of all baseball. Radio from now on, if I miss something it’s OK. Wife now listen Sox game on radio Joe Castig, no memory lane BS