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  1. agree, just pathetic hitter approaches
  2. shouldn't with a plan of bringing in recruits, at least half a chance, this is not going to be pretty
  3. This not going to be an easy fix, thinking years. When the big timber is healthy they pound the ball. After 3 months we have dead branches , Today and forward I will not sit for another game unless WS which is a fairy tale. Radio only if I get it or , puzzles, origami, do dishes, look at the stars what ever.
  4. The playoffs will be short and quick and painfull
  5. Your older guys like me have the same outlook on today's game! its a game and too many. Glad we remember the exciting days when homeruns were 400' on avg., A good batter comes up and you brush him back. Nope pitch to Devers who I think is awesome competitor of course Fenway's wall of shame makes mistakes look good. If I were in Florida Id be fishing snook on the pier at night.
  6. I love clothes lines of weeds!!! Glutton for punishment, or just a stupid ass. Good luck with your motor
  7. What’s worse is a team doing the field position thing and yet batters don’t expect outside pitches and adjust. Donaldson looked atrocious along with with the rest
  8. When us old guys over 3/4 century we do not want to waste 3 hours watching a keg league. Some swings were 2-3’ from ball
  9. Rocco’s! Are you releasing fish or keeping them in livewell for another day?too easy for you
  10. Judge will not hit 55 , I could care less, nobody front and back of him except older tired, lack of desire retreads. They suck brutually, Hope Judge sails away for his own self worth. Boogie starting his fast humming chewing post leaning quizzical self.land of old falling remember when players. Yes some will say good game only one run loss,
  11. They have no clue when to act and bring in new talent.! Farm team supposedly the best ! Maybe 1 every 3-4 yrs.
  12. They really look like crap !. Like I said, you just can’t turn it on when the whole team looks slow. Wait until next year
  13. Here we go again! 1 hit in 5 innings, painful
  14. Don’t let Sox win a series! not that one game against O’s.
  15. Yankees wake up today/ need to keep Devers in limbo
  16. you won't only on a SE or E wind.
  17. From yesterday: Wells harbor closed yto swimming , fishing and harvesting! Yet a charter boat came in and anchored to fish and another also came. Pictured I’d a charter boat, 2nd boat pic didn’t come out, a bigger boat.
  18. Shad are a blast on a fly rod. Ct. River Holyoke Ma . Just awesome!
  19. Been 2 weeks and the bite on the beach in 1 st wave chunking has very good compared to last 3-5 years. The SE blow and has brought some seaweed and seems to be keeping fish here. Guys even fishing midday are digging sandworms and hooking up quick. Biggest so far 29" , most are 18-21" fat and healthy. Last night son, grandson fished incoming change 6;30 to 8, every 3-4 casts and light weed removal produced fish until 3 seals moved in. A new bowl has been created in about 2-3' of water on low tide and created a rip.! Supposedly there were blues just a litle south in 40' of water. Some shad have returned and are working the sand eels. Great start for August!
  20. What are lobstermen doing to hold their lobsters inside harbor? We have new Shellfish bldg. to show clam and lobster raising pumping that water
  21. Looking out window. shame, great place, even beach stinks oceanside.
  22. Webhanet Tackle, center of Wells on the harbor. everything