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  1. After applying I let brush dry by mistake, water would not loosen the product. I had to peel off with difficulty, where it penetrated the bristles It could not be pulled off. Compared to the Simms repair it looks far more durable, not a pretty, but inside it doesn’t matter and it feels comfortable on neck, 22 yr old jacket, just Did Simms waist high guide pants one the bootie seam to goretex ,, Will post a revue after giving it a good workout
  2. You’re consistent, “People who fish catch fish”. It’s called time in and not out
  3. From ugh to great! . With my 78 th birthday just a few days away I got presents yesterday. Fresh mackeral and a coffee flavored cigar on the falling tide 2n cast a 36” fatty hit as it hit water, after on a long fight on light tackle I lit another cigar and yes both were on mackeral heads! This one again as it hit water a 38” beauty was a challenge.After measuring it was a happy release as this was my biggest ever.Got into another in the same size and it was a quick release as line frayed and didn’t check. So 100” of stripers on less than 10 casts. The fish were hanging out on the edge of a clam/ mussel flat that dropped off to about 5’ . Today no love as tide was slow with wind and the flat never drained. I also have not seen this many boats since August. The 47 degrees with wind was not nice.
  4. No more Fl. Sons and grandson go to NY for steelhead starting around Nov 1st thru April , I thought about it decided I’m past those type days of fishing . So all equipment being brought to them in Western Ma, . Waders , jackets, studded boots, korkers, wading staffs, and all various rods and reels and shoreside cooler etc. , I do fly fish trout here October- April
  5. I’ve used aquaseal and Cottel , just didn’t have or anyone close by . Will see, it’s that time year to bundle and fish in snow and ice
  6. On other jackets some other products got soft when wet or rolled off. The pictured jacket was redone by Simms and last 1 fall. Gear aid products are basically the same and the price comes out to be 4-5 times more. I wasn't price. Its identical in ingredients. Some, I have 2 sets of waders, a backpack and a tent. The brush when dried had the sealant on I could not remove, Will see.
  7. I had posted somewhere and got a response on resealing the seams on my Simms jacket. A member mentioned Fabric Fusion it’s fantastic, inexpensive and came out smooth, Ended up doing ll bean raincoats, waders etc. 8 ounces with brush less than $12 at Walmart, still have 80% left. Tent seams, thanks to whom set me on this stuff
  8. Amazing how players just check out and management just does nothing when play becomes pathetic
  9. RAW

    What is it?

    Nicest finish that I’ve seen in a really long time
  10. RAW

    What is it?

    That’s dating them. Not sure the metal? , not lead
  11. RAW

    What is it?

    Thanks guys, I don’t think it will see the water, have a glass face Cohiba box for it
  12. Given to me and I’ve never seen one before , awesome quality in every way,?
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