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  1. Nice going Mal! , Alan was always a fish magnet , besides “Chicks”
  2. In watching morning news videos of this and other beaches to say no damage with all the police expense and inability to cover other things is disgusting. Another example of the last 2 years logo: “Do the crime you’ll get no time”!
  3. Here’s another idea, use 130 braid and with a longer rod you could use 9-10’ of 100 lb steelon leader. Fished hammerheads and lemons for years using a 12’ rod and this set up never failed. After a large shark is fought the leader is trash, but holds . Largest was a 10.6 hammerhead pushing 400 . I did use a convential 6/0 but you could get same results swing casting instead of overhand
  4. Having grown up there , yes lots of unknown precious streams of every type, most all still have natives,In most of the trickle rock bottom ones you can just sit down and watch them in 90 degree weather, or a light rain. Most mushroom hunters know many . We, I never fished them, more as how amazingly they still survive. Some of the best drinking water anywhere along with extreme difficulty to access these sanctuaries.
  5. Having too much fun
  6. Ok, heard of Moon Pies, Moon over Miami music . What’s a moon jellyfish?pics?
  7. Useless talking talking old players. now the team is hot, not likely to continue. We’ve been discussing Hicks for years, 500 days too many! He probably has zero value elsewhere. Most AAA players will offer a better defense, speed and can’t be worse on offense. More upside, don’t wait till Hicks goes down for 50 reasons. . I would not be opposed to just releasing him. Someone will pick him and share your financial loss. He’s like an old leaky hose, holes all over
  8. It’s a long season and a backup hitting catcher as a pinch hitters?
  9. How much would they make working ? Duds, Hicks is an injury lurking so he can be done for the year. Gallo was overhyped like Story for the Red Sox . Very bad scouting? Or computer glitch
  10. There was a company called US Line Westfield, Ma .that sold 130-180 Irish linen/ braided Dacron. A longtime tuna and marlin line. Think they moved to NJ. Maybe you can locate them. I bought for shark fishing in Florida, Years ago diameter was never a thought , but the US one in 130lb. Was same dia. As 50 lb. Mono
  11. Thanks for that info, All of us fully respect and care about catch and release carefully. Yes These are special
  12. Now those are fish, landhugger fisherman rarely get those ! Kudos
  13. Almost all caught last 3 days look like that and bigger, no dinks
  14. Hit the spot at 5 am first cast using a Mylar strip blue black paddle tail produced again. Fished till tide change about 1.5 hours and got 6 nicer fish. Such a great sight seeing bigger fish early. All in back waters. A fly rodder got 7 smaller using a deceiver and barely casting 30’ and never stripped. 2 cigars and lots of action. Could this be a good sign of this years fish? That would be awesome
  15. It’s all over , even walk into to small creeks and it’s there, on the beach and a totally disgusting spot is road junction up here with no light. The stuff you see flying out the passenger window is brutal. Almost everything is McDonalds and Cumberland farms trays, wrappers and cups. If a car has to wait out comes the trash. Most all perps are tradesmen