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  1. Fish are still here dinks to 28 all inside water. Most are fat about 20” , bigger ones are off jetty sides sporadically. Hit and miss , schoolies are great on 6wt
  2. Yesterday 5;30 pm. Old favorite red/ whites and a thin orange snook stick bait, both top water . Black at night like tonite moon offers great silhouette. Even fly fishing black unless a popper
  3. Bottom looks like a Del's merkin take off( Permit and Bonefish candy) Yes it would work on flats and estuaries, very very slow roll
  4. Acme Kastmasters 3" are awesome, all of August and still now after 30 yrs. You can drag in sand or keep up higher with speed. (Not a diamond jig) but effective
  5. After storms the shrimp get moving around, If some these top water or eel types don't work, try crab patterns. Nights I like poppers and gurglers
  6. white bucktail jigs tipped with mullet strip bounced on bottom anywhere on bridge and seawall at ends. Live shrimp live lined outgoing tides from bay side evenings is deadly. Certainly chunking mullet on bottom, FRESH mullet is 10xs better!. Like anything else take a walk and observe.
  7. Bridges, some very goods one there, channels and seawalls. There are some beaches oceanside early evenings to consider with sun at your back
  8. Great report and pics, looks like you tried most everything and successfully.! Gotta love snook under the docks.. Jack are kick ass fun, and Mr. Red can surprise.. Be there shortly
  9. Fished the estuary from 4:45 till 7 am. Wind and still dirty water shut things off, tried everything. No life or activity of any kind., even people. The strong tide didn't help either. So I did enjoy a Macanudo Duke, talked with Captains exiting the harbor and watch the seals sun bath. Chunkers have been doing well around the rock piles just north.
  10. The later you go, the slower it gets. If you want bottom fish don’t worry, been a banner year for hogfish. Tarpon start to move, Great time for permit till early Nov. when they head to the reefs. Bonefish will be subject to cold fronts. Worst time of year for the keys are late December through March . Don’t believe guides!!!!!!! For an expensive trip they’ll put on barracuda and sharks. No gamefish. To more if I had to go fish from Marathon to Islamorada.
  11. Go paddle around Lake Onota, you will be in for a ride
  12. Glad you guys are enjoying the fall run, today’s blow will push fish up on beach
  13. It does on my tackle, boat trailer 1-2 months . That stuff is now used to spray undercarriages of vehicles
  14. If you have a battery in your boat you will get electrolysis, That’s why there are anodes on motors . Doubled up on zinc on my 28’ Penn Yan , all perfect in regards to corrosion, all electronics worked excellent longer. Connectors on 150’ probe stayed clean
  15. It works on anything subject to corrosion, I do fishing reels in early season and fresh water rinse everyday. Penn spinfisher 4500 and 5500 over 20 yrs old, boat trailer rollers. No lousy smell and nice on hands.