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    Fly and spin fishing: Fl. Keys (1955-1980), Lake Ontario and Salmon River (1983-now), Wells Me stripers, sea run browns fly fishing surf (1990-now)SWFL (2017-now)
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    retired, floor covering distributor 50 yrs

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  1. Depends where you are and response time day or nite. Still both/ less beer or cigars
  2. When you don't have a winder this I saw on youtube. Place spool in line coming of the top. Sure beats between feet. Of course keep tension on during process
  3. Wow, thought I was watching Bill Nye or Mr. Wizard explain stuff.
  4. I really have found little difference in hook ups, If I do anything its remove a set of trebles or single rear hook a step up in sizes
  5. Still have, looking for good home
  6. Both , never too much safety precautions. Crap happens quick, There's never an ideal situation to be in.
  7. Awesome! Sunny's are fun on topwater micro poppers
  8. Been out a few times , nada. even lobster boats not marking anything. 20 fresh cigars waiting!
  9. It's been downhill over 15 yrs here. Just seems quite in many places. Thought maybe some you were holding them back
  10. Normally there are some schoolies here by now, Tired of 8" trout. Are they coming ?
  11. Life is short, but when you get old these normal things have advantages, Less hair, more fishing time! bad eyes is the reason I'm not catching fish, and loss of teeth give great cigar holders. One thing for sure, sometimes you only have 1 choice and time to get it right.
  12. Simms, over 20 yrs, great service, repairs and awesome Goretex , guide pants, jacket, all have been back for repairs, Spend a little more an own them for life.
  13. At least my good cigars arrived and I can watch the "Trout getting eaten frenzy"
  14. This is great! Playing to potential
  15. Go to Ma. General and get a second opinion, no way should anyone, any age with one blocked should wait. Its only natural to be nervous, If you are as bad as you said there's no way they would tell you wait unless: They want you to lose weight,or there is another conflict with medications