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  1. 3 Beard, Wrapping sounds like the answer...I can make that look ok...and I can see the perils of stripping even soft epoxy. Thanks a lot for the advice...when I get it done I'll post a picture.
  2. Rob...If you love fly fishing and casting consider going to a fly shop. With the proper gear suited to you, you might be in for a big surprise on up to date gear. Look for quality used gear if you don't want to go new...lots out there. Old adage: Buy once...cry'll never remember the price of something you really l like... but buy something cheap and you'll remember that price forever.
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I have a couple of fly rods that are inscribed with my name from the rod manufacturer that I would like to give away as gifts. I've built a few rods so I'm familiar with materials...flex coat, thread etc. Should I try to remove the flex coat over the print, erase the name and flex coat over that spot and how would I do that. Or should I wrap thread over the name and flex coat that area. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Paul
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  9. A good source for repair, parts, schematics and general information is Mike's Reel Repair... they are in Canada but have a toll free number...check the internet. Parts for this reel are probably available but if you don't want to work on it yourself you might want to give it to Alan Tani (Alan is in the South Bay). Any way you go it can be turned into a "new" reel. Paul
  10. Look up Ross Reels on internet and call them. They are great to deal with! Paul
  11. From what they say everybody learns from different methods...right/left brain stuff I suppose. When I started tying (before videos) I had books and magazines that took to me to a certain level. But I got really going by working with other tyers that were in my area. I saw examples of dubbing loops, whip finishers, how to keep side hackles from turning etc. but the pictures only got me so far. Almost every fly tyer I've ever met has been more than willing to sit down at a vice with a novice and play around with the feathers and fur. Some of these guys have years of experience and love to give away their knowledge to guys that want to learn. Just start asking around, maybe check out a fly club, check around with a fly shop about lessons... the people you meet are great! Good luck! Paul
  12. KJS, The latter part of September can be some of the best weather of the year in the San Francisco Bay Area. About 2 minutes in Alameda oughta give you your fill there (sorry Paladin). I know I'll take flack for this (especially from DD, put_em_back and Paladin but then again you don't have to go the Castro District... unless you want to see those three guys... and maybe Fixter too) but San Francisco is a great city to visit. The City of San Francisco offers more in 47 square miles than the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area of the world's truely great cities.
  13. Tiger Boy, put_em back, Paladin and Fixter wear waders!
  14. Paladin, Put it this way... the "ninja hoodie guy" does feel left out! If not a nice bag like Fixter's how bout a nice butterfly hoodie? santacruzer
  15. DD, Can I take this to mean that you don't think every guy from Santa Cruz is "a little light in the loafers..." santacruzer