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  1. Had stripers to 29” and a 31” drum. All caught on 1oz Geye jigs with different Zmans.
  2. Evening bite has been much more productive compared to the morning. Sunday evening had fish up to 28” under birds. G-eye 1 oz limetreuse with Zman pearl paddle tail.
  3. Fished the Rock the Choptank tournament Saturday. It was good fishing to say the least.
  4. Got my old man on his first red. 45-1/2”
  5. Maybe I’ll see you there. Pink and white seems to be the hotness…
  6. 50-1/2” on the jig
  7. Found my first ever slot reds today. Scrappy little dudes were caught on 1/4oz Geye jig heads and 3.5 Zman paddle tails.
  8. Blues and macks throwing G Eye jigs rain minnow in the middle bay.
  9. To combat the April shut down blues, I booked a kayak guide in Galveston for reds.
  10. Minnows are obviously hitting but if you like throwing artificial, white swim baits with an under spinner or the Anglers snakehead spinner with the blade up front are good choices right now. Slow roll on the swim baits down the reed edge.
  11. Fished yesterday with not much luck but it turned on hard today.
  12. The winter grind is tough but I finally got on a few.
  13. Fish were further north than I thought they’d be. No giants but lots of mid 20s fun.
  14. 01/05/21.... PLO is dead. Ran a 115 mile circle without a bird show or decent stack of fish on the finder.
  15. Couldn’t find any working birds but I noticed a few bigger birds sitting close to a ledge. I set myself up to drift through them and found plenty of fun in the mid 20”s