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  1. All our big striper on the Chesapeake have headed north so we made the trip up to the Raritan yesterday. We were not disappointed with fish 30” to 48” on topwater. All released.
  2. Closed out the striper season with 2 more over 40.
  3. Plenty of jig action still to be had out there. The crew and I went 20 for 23 on bigs this weekend. Lots of action in the 30s too.
  4. Handful over 40 on the jig yesterday. 1.5oz jigs paired to chartreuse 7” Zmans
  5. The yellow run is definitely not over. I caught around 50 this morning.
  6. It got wild this week in Southern MD. Put a 48, 44.5, 42 and 41.5 in the boat. Jigging Zman paddle tails on JLS Custom Rods. IMG_7523.MOV
  7. Middle bay was pretty productive yesterday. Lots of fish 20-25” and one 33”. All on the jig, 3/4oz G-eye, with Zman 5” paddle tail.
  8. My Chessie Vika and I out hunting for points this morning.
  9. Morning bite has been fire. Stripers to 30” on top water and specs to 23.5”. Caught on JLS rods throwing Stillwater smack’its and G-Eye jigs paired with Zmans. All released.
  10. No, but isn’t that what a robot would say. I mentioned the training program just like I mention what I catch on in my fishing reports.
  11. Because I mentioned the training program I’m using?
  12. Our first week together was a blast. Really worked on socialization, sights and sounds. I took her to a beach and she explored the water a bit. We sat at the local boat ramp and took in all the qualified captain sights and sounds. She met my nieces, few friends and went to AA with me. I’m using the Cornerstone Gundog Academy 52 Plus for her training.
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