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  1. Block island

    Post your result when your back. Have always wanted to do a fall trip to BI.
  2. Block island

    Read the book then read it again. I've been fishing block a few years now in July so not sure of the October bite but suppose to be good of course. I can seaweed doesn't move much unless a good storm passes trough. However, I've caught lots of fish in seaweed areas using top water. If you don't like paying in the weeks just move always clear some where. Easy access point at the Transfer station and you can walk out to the rip. No need for spikes its all sand beaches same for town beach to Mansion. If you hit these two areas no rock hopping to be done. If you are looking for Rocks go to the bluffs and choose the direction with less weeds or clear water. Scout it that day from the top of the stairs but be warned you generally have to cast past the rocks in lower tides to hit the fish. High tide is sweet if you know where the holes are which change all the time. Read the book so much info that is still accurate all these years later.
  3. Suggestions for a waterproof neck light. Done with the headlamp would rather have around my next and hold with my mouth when needed. Light will get dunked and submerged for sure. Suggestions welcome.
  4. Suggestions for a waterproof neck light. Done with the headlamp would rather have around my next and hold with my mouth when needed. Light will get dunked and submerged for sure. Suggestions welcome.
  5. Throwing 1 1/2 Oz to 2 3/4 ounce lures is what I cast the most. Really enjoy top water poppers. After watching some videos I’m wondering if the EH Airwave puts enough action on it.
  6. I'm going to all braid no mono backing. Do you tie the braid onto the reel, wrap it a few times, then tape it down ? Then spool the reel ? How exactly do you tape it down it the question please.
  7. Whats wrong with a sealed reel ? The Cabo 40 has lasted a long time.
  8. Hi, Reel suggestions I have a Tsunami 11'4" Air Wave EH. I have been using a Quantum Cab 40 and it's about shot have over 100 days on it keep greasing up but making lots of noise. Like to surf fish rocks in Block Island and South Shore. Gets splashed a lot never dunked and distance is the key to my success. Suggestions on a Reel ? Van Stall to much for me looking at Penn, Diawa, Shimano....size ?
  9. Deet works best. I've stopped using it after a friend got cancer. Been using the Repel like someone mention in this thread. It works but need to reapply frequently. Another good thing about Repel it doesn't stain your close and has a pleasant order. I apply just before walking though the weed areas and always have it on me. So a few draw backs but deet has a big draw back.
  10. Heading to block in July for my 4th year of surf fishing BI. I got my first Striper at Dories Cove and it's where I got hooked on surf fishing. It's always had a ton of seaweed and casting past the milk weed has been productive. Current seems pretty slow and mellow compared to other spots. All that being said, I don't think Dories is drying up the fish are still there but not aggressive in my opinion. Fish top water at that location because of all the weed. What a place BI is for surf casting and how much opportunity is out there is a life time of exploring can't wait for Dennis to put out the new book so we all can hear some new stories and hear the differences of then and now on fish stocks.
  11. wow FlukeM great stuff here yes, you nailed it will be heading out way early to fish and back to room by 9am. It will take me a while to digest everything you said and rally up the gear. I do think a half day guided trip will happen with the wife as she has done some trout fly fishing and is interested. I started looking for guided trips and they were a little south of the Grand Park Hotel like less then a mile. You mention North of Cancun for guided trips what area are you talking about ? I like you idea of doing the guide trip early on the vacation and pumping them for info on how and where to fish by the resort.....nice thanks again all !
  12. Blue fish spitted out a few of these during yesterdays catch. What are these ?
  13. My first spring season fishing south shore LI. Like lots of us been doing well with the blues in the inlets and back bays. Is it time to hit the beaches and start surf casting or stay in the bays / inlets? No spot burning.
  14. wow awesome info Killiefish ! Yes, will bring both spin and fly gear and most likely walk the beach and cast the spinning gear surf rod set up. If I can sneak out of the resort one day will go with a guide service to fly fish. I got 30lb braid and interesting you said skip the other terminal tackle and go direct. I usually go 30lb braid to swivel to 50 lb fluo about 4 feet to tactical clip but that's my Striper set up. You are saying skip all that and tie braid to mono to fluro? If that is is how much of each? Guess I'm going after fast fish like Snook and Pelagic type which I have never targeted but I know set up has to be minimal and fast retrieve to get them interested. You've got me pumped to at least walk the beach will most likely get out there pre dawn and fish for a few hours each day.